16 simple Pony hairstyles that are easy to do

Pony hairstyles are fun and simple  for girls with medium to long hair. If you have a lot of layers, you can try to keep them sort of tamed with hairspray. The longer your hair the better for the style. Your hair doesn’t necessarily have to be straight though. Wavy and big hair has its own charm when put into a ponytail. But if you prefer the neat look, then go ahead and get a blow dry or straighten your hair with a hair iron before beginning. Comb your hair neatly and gather it tightly into a ponytail – high or low or medium. Tying your hair high makes it a more fun and casual look. Taking a side parting and tying it low can be a very elegant, simple hairstyle. Learning how to make the perfect ponytail can be quite a skill but here we’ll show you the simplest and easiest ways to do it.

Pony hairstyles in 16 easy variations

#1: Pony hairstyle for silky hair

This pony hairstyle suits long silky Indian hair. To get this precise look you might have to iron out your hair if it’s curly or wavy. But if walking on the catwalk is not your thing then you take a look at some of the other hairstyles below. This pony hairstyle is for those who want to look like a glamorous fashion model.



#2: Wear it to the side

A cool way to sport a ponytail is to wear it to the side. This will make it look cute and playful. To achieve the side swept look above you need three things:

  1. Side parted front bangs
  2. A low poof at the back which you can achieve by slightly backcombing your hair
  3. A clip to tie you hair up on the side

Now let those curls do their job and cascade beautifully down to you shoulders.



#3: Go for that wet look

By putting some oil in your hair you can achieve the wet look above. The trick here is to comb back and tie up tightly so that you get that sleek trendy look. A super fast hairstyle that looks uber cool!


#4: Ponytail with bangs and pouf

This ponytail is cute and make all your friends envious. At the same time it’s very easy to to. It works well with front bangs.

  1. Keep you front bangs separates and either let them drop straight down or side part them.
  2. Make a high poof by using a hair piece or backcombing your hair
  3. Make your hair into a ponytail
  4. Split the ponytail in the middle and twist the ponytail through

And voila there you have it! For added effect you can dye your hair halfway through to a different color.


#5: Let those wispy bangs hang loose

There are two things happening here:

  1. Firstly, the raised poof at the back is making this hairstyle look extremely mature and graceful
  2. The loose strands of hair are spicing up the hairstyle giving it a sexy dimension.

If you are going out and want to look grown up then this is a perfect pony hairstyle to do. Another alternative is to make your hair into a loose bun.


#6: Side fringe ponytail

If you are looking for a cute ponytail then having a fringe is a must. These side bangs just make the hairstyle much more interesting and add take it to cuteness level.

#7: Do it like Jennifer Lopez with a high ponytail

High pony hairstyles are always worn at hollywood and bollywood events. These so called red carpet pony hairstyles have a lot going for them. They keep the face clean and will make you stand out from a crowd. Choose this hairstyle if you are going out to an Indian formal function such as a wedding reception or party.


#8: Or go Japanese animation style

Here we have a high ponytail that has been created with straightened hair. The front bangs have been cut at straight angles giving that characteristic Japanese cartoon feel to them. If you like Korean type of hairstyles or want to follow some of the latest trending emo hairstyles then this is the pony hairstyle for you.


#9: Use a hair extension

If you don’t have long enough hair but really want a ponytail you could always use a hair extension. Hair extensions are a nice accessory to have in our cupboards in a time of need. Combine with an exaggerated puff to wear this hairstyles with a gown or maxi dress.


#10: Double braided ponytail

This pony hairstyle is simple and easy to do. The  double side braid starts at the top of the head and leads to the side ponytail which drops to the left shoulder. Braided ponytails are really cute and super easy to do!


#11: Double braided ponytail

This hairstyle is one of the more adventurous ponytail hairstyles we have seen. And it is super cute! Separate your hair into two locks and then combine them into one single ponytail.



#12: Go for Deepika Ponytail with front buff

Deepika knows her pony hairstyles so you could definitely learn a thing or two from here. Whether she decides to do her hair straight or curly her trademark characteristic when it comes to pony hairstyles is to puff the front. You can see how cool the hairstyle is no matter what your hair type is. And it is really simple as well!


#13: Loose side bangs for that business meeting

Ponytails can look super professional in a suit. Here we have a beautiful hairstyle to wear at that important office meeting. The look is stylish and modern and matches the outfit and sunglasses perfectly.



#14: Braided ponytail for long hair

This braided ponytail starts in the middle of the back fo the head. You can choose to have a clean braid or you could go for the cutting edge messy braid that the model in pic above uses. In any case you are sure to get heads turning with this hairstyle. It goes well with makeup too!


#15: Double ponytail

This double ponytail consists a high ponytail passing through the same elastic hair band as the low ponytail. Try this contemporary hairstyle to become a trendsetter amongst your friends!


#16: Bubble pony hairstyle

To get the bubble ponytail tie it up again every 2 or 3 inches with a tight elastic. Proceed this way until you have the entire length of your hair covered in tight elastics at every 3 inch interval. Once you’re done, loosen out the ‘bubbles’ a little bit my pulling them apart gently with your fingers. Hey presto, your Alia Bhatt hairstyle is ready


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