32 Party hairstyles for Indian girls

“Be back home by 12 PM!” “Beta, khayaal rakhna.” “Please message me and let me know you’re okay. Every 15 minutes.” Yes, party time in India is often a night of distress thanks to our loving parents. I love you ma, but please take a chill pill. Anyway, here are some fabulous party hairstyles that will camouflage any signs of curfew-stress. We’ve got it all: long party hairpuff hairstyles, poof hairstyles, braids, ponytails, messy buns and more.

Party hairstyles come in all sizes so if you are going out dancing but need some simple but quick hairstyles then look no further!

32 party hairstyles to get down and boogey

#1: Face framing messy bun

Ah the messy loose bun makes a reappearance. Why is this look on every hairstyle list? Cos it’s as easy as just stepping out with messy hair but pretending you care about it. Just kidding, although that would still work. I’m sure Selena Gomez’s hairstylist spent hours making her hair look the right level of messy.

Just ensure your bangs are blow dried and arranged perfectly around your face.

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#2: Ponytail with puff

This is such a cool hairstyle for partying out, clubbing and lounging. Having hair off your face gives you all the freedom you need to dance your heart out.

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#3: Updo party braid

For close neck and Chinese-collared outfits, try this beautiful updo with French-braided sides.

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 #4: Rani party style

A side messy bun.

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#5: Intricate Indian party updo

This juda has the most perfect curling loops at the back

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Intricate Indian party updo

#6: Open party hairstyle with locks

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Open party hairstyle with locks

#7: The sleek ponytail party hairstyle

Look classy in this sleek ponytail and deep red lip look. Iron out your hair or get a blow dry. Use an anti frizz serum all over your hair. Get a middle parting, tie up your pony low and swing it over to one side. Most suitable for girls with medium length hair.

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#8: Layered balayage for celebrating


#9: Cheat asymmetrical

The reason I call this a cheat’s asymmetrical is because you can actually cheat your hair into looking asymmetrically cut using your regular layers! Look at Bey!

Straighten out your hair and spray on anti-frizz if your hair is frizzy. Then get a side partition and sweep all your longer hair on one side leaving one side with only the shorter layers. Don’t tuck your hair behind your ear for full effect. Maybe pair with smoky eyes like Queen B. (Don’t you just love her?)

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#10: Color-up your party hairstyles

Wild at heart? When is a better time than at a party to sport some funky temporary hair color on your locks? Try hair chalks or hair mascara in any color. Works on any hair length!

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