12 Beautiful Hairstyles for Oval Faces

You have an oval face if you have wide cheekbones, a narrow forehead and a narrow jawline. Lucky for you, your face is suited to most hairstyles.  Some celebrities with oval faces are Genilia D’Souza, Anushka Sharma, Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Aniston. Below are some hairstyles for oval faces that you can use as inspiration to get a haircut or style.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces

#1: Angled Bob

This particular Keira Knightley look is an angled blunt cut bob where the front is longer than the back portions. This hairstyle works well on both straight as well as wavy hair.


#2: Lehenga oval hairstyle

All jewelry for the hair looks good on oval faces, so wear something the next time you wear a lehenga. Don’t think twice and don’t shy away.




#3: Vintage waves

Watch this video to learn how to create vintage waves that is one of the most glam hairstyles for oval faces.


#4: Beyonce curl love

The Queen B looks good no matter what. Here her hair has been curled messily and used to frame her lovely, golden, oval face.If you’re having a bad hair day, just use your curling tong, spray on some shine spray, ensure your make up is on dot and just carry it all off with a huge dollop of confidence! For just plain inspiration and fan-girl-ing, check out this post with some of Beyonce’s best hairstyles


#5: Chin length with side parting

If you are a woman who just prefers keeping things simple, then chin length with side parting is ideal for you. While the style is best for the office lady, it is also ideal for the casual type; so you will no longer need to keep changing your hairstyle for different occasions. As well, the cost of maintaining this style is low because you need a little time to wash, and it requires a small amount of spray or shampoo.Because in most instances women run out of ideas when deciding which short hairstyle to wear, I guess this is good news for you! With only a small amount of money, you will get a hairstyle that will improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

#6: Braided crown

The braided crown is a suitable hairstyle if you have long hair, otherwise, you will have to grow your hair long before wearing it. This is a pretty simple hairstyle to wear that gives a unique look. It is more of a casual style, but luckily you can remove the crown at any time to wear a new style. The good news is that you don’t always have to visit your salon to get the crown done or removed. Provided you have enough big size mirrors in your home this is something that you can do. You must spend more time and resources to maintain it, just like with any other long hair.

 #7: Short bob with side fringe

This hairstyle is suitable for women that want a simple pretty look. It is cheap to wear and requires minimal maintenance; a few minutes of washing and application of a little shampoo and spray. You can wear the hairstyle while attending both formal and informal functions/events. By the way, this is one of the best hairstyles for a busy woman. If you run out of ideas for wearing short hair, I guess you will find this to be good news for you.

#8: Messy and tousled short hair

If you want to wear a short hairstyle, why not try out this style? If you wear messy and tousled hair you won’t need a hair band or clip to hold it together. As you may already know, short hair is easier to clean than long hair, so wearing this style means hygiene will be a problem of little concern to you. To keep it messy and tousled, you will have to wash and regularly apply hair products.

#9: Curly locks

If you want a unique style for medium length hair and have the time and resources for maintaining it, try this curly hairstyle for short hair. This style needs skills of the expertise to wear and maintain, so be prepared to spend a little more time and cash to keep it in good condition. But since a woman’s looks matter to her a lot, these should not deter you from wearing your dream hairstyle.

#10: Straight and middle parted

If you like wearing short or mid-length hair, this is another simple and pretty hairstyle that you need to try out. The cost of maintenance is low; you only need a few hours to clean and apply a couple of hair products. This style testifies that indeed simplicity is a beauty!

#11: Layered and loose

If you like wearing simple and all natural long hair, then try out this style. As you may already know long hair requires more attention than short hair, so be ready to take extra measures to maintain it. In any case, a woman’s confidence in her looks is very important in her life, so the costs are not significant compared to the benefits you will get. You won’t need a hair clip or band to hold the hair because it is completely loose, but you must spend several minutes cleaning and applying hair products.

#12: Thick and wavy

This is a hairstyle for long haired women who would like to get an extremely unique and classy appearance. If you want to wear it and have short hair, you must let it grow much longer. Maintaining long and thick hair can be quite demanding, so if you wear this style you must take extra measures and steps to keep it in good condition. This style will definitely make you proud of your looks, which is every woman’s dream.


Overall we see that there are load of hairstyles that will suit an oval face. If you liked reading this post you might also enjoy our post on hairstyle for round faces. Happy browsing!