10 Breathtaking Hairstyles for Ghagra Choli Outfits

Come the festival season or the wedding season, we all go shopping for that perfect dress (or dresses!) for the event! While there is a range of ethnic wear to select from, the uber-stylish Ghagra Choli, also known as Lacha dress,  is a preferred outfit for many a girls! And why not? It is a perfect combination of sensual and traditional!

But once the dress is decided the rest of the look is still to be taken care of. Especially the hair! How you wear your hair is what completes the ensemble. Keeping in mind what part of the dress you want to play up can help you decide how you tie your hair. So want some inspiration? Here is how you can pull off the Ghagra Choli look with a panache.

10 fab hairstyles for Ghagra Choli

#1 : Long Glossy Curls

Channel your inner diva via this Priyanka Chopra inspired look. Not only is it stylish, it is one of the easiest looks to create. If you have anything longer than shoulder length hair, you can easily twist them into long glossy curls that fall on your shoulders and frame your face.


#2 : Rope Braid Hairstyle

If you are not the girl for complicated hairstyles, the rope braid is the perfect solution. Case in point, this Rani Mukherjee inspired shabby chic hairdo.  It is what little girls try, when they first try tying a braid. But when elegantly done, it looks just as classy.  When in a rush, just twist this rope braid this way, combine it with a statement jewelry like a chunky nose ring or an ethnic ear piece, and you are ready for the party!


#3 : The Intricate Low Bun

If you haven’t combined a fancy low bun with the Ghagra Choli, you must give it a try. Long tresses tend to hide the back and shoulders but an intricate low bun can complement your  beautifully embellished neckline.  This low bun frames your face nicely and you will be free to do your social rounds without being bothered about constantly brushing it up.


#4 : Side swept ponytail with Middle Parted Bangs

This is a hairdo that Bollywood divas have worn forever. However, the way Shruti Hassan wears it in a loose casual style gives it a modern twist. The middle parted bangs will highlight your facial features and the loose pony will fall well on the shoulders!


#5 : Wavy open hairstyle

The wavy open hair is a very feminine look that is seen everywhere on any red carpet. While it looks gorgeous it is also easy to get it right. Moreover, this is a hairstyle for hair of any length. Just secure those flirty waves with a glossy hairspray and you are sure to look great all evening!


#6 : One Side Sweep hairstyle

The one side sweep hairdo is a classic that many a Hollywood actresses have worn. This simple yet chic hairdo is easy to tie and also has a great scope for accessorizing the Indian way. Style the loose side into waves or curls and accessorize the tied up side in delicate hair pieces and you are golden!


#7 : High bun with Dupatta

Go traditional! If you have gorgeous veil to go with your Ghagra Choli, this hairstyle is a must-try. Many beautiful dupattas are left wrapped around the neck when we wish we could flaunt the gorgeous handiwork on it. One way to achieve this is to tie your hair in a high bun and hold up your dupatta with it. Not only does the dupatta become a statement piece, it will also save you from thinking about the hairdo altogether.


#8 : Up do with back puff

This updo looks as glamorous as it is easy to create. Give a fun twist to the simple bun! If you have lovely earpieces to complement, this hairdo certainly does justice with it. Pin up the bangs on the sides and roll up the bun in a bouffant-style puff for a hair-do that is sure to turn the heads of the onlookers!


#9 : Side Fishbone plait with puff

The Fishbone Plait, this modern twist on the humble braid is quite the rage these days. This intricate hairstyle looks good by itself but you can puff it up to give it volume. The puff will help avoid a flat look. Just accessorize the plait with delicate accents and carry the Fishbone Plait on the shoulders to show it off!


#10 : Bouffant and maang tikka

Bring back the retro big time! This is a hairstyle that is as elegant as it is glamourous. This Bollywood chic look goes well with a bright colo red Ghagra Choli! It allows you to combine a modern look with the traditional. Just finish it off with a chunky maang tikka and your Ghagra Choli look is done!

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