46 Best Hairstyles for Evening Gowns

I’ve just bought a new evening gown and I am wondering what hairstyle will go with it. Do I go with a neat and tidy hairstyle that is appropriate for an Indian function  or do I decide to go for a Greek goddess open hairstyle showing everyone what I have got. I guess it really depends on the event and context. I may not want to look like a sexy lioness with a long hair don’t care look  if all my aunties are going to be around at that wedding reception. However if I am heading out to party well then girls that sure is a different story. (and you must leave this post immediately to check out our party hairstyles for long hair). Anyway enough blabbering! Let’s get to the point. Here’s a long list of Indian hairstyles that are appropriate for evening gowns and dresses and that will suit all types of celebrations and gala events.

Here are the trendiest hairstyles for evening gowns

#1: Short wavy hairstyle for gowns

This one is a great voluminous, tousled look for girls with short, layered hair. It goes well with halter necks and sleeveless gowns – leaving the attention on the arms and shoulders instead of taking away from them.

 #2: High bun hairstyle for gown

For more traditional looking gowns and functions try a high bun hairstyle with hair jewelry. This type of hairstyle will also suit lehengas and anarkalis.

#3: Athiya Shetty hairstyle with Strapless Evening Gown

If you’re thinking of easy hairstyles for evening gowns that are strapless, this neat side-swept look works well. The hairstyle is both elegant and easy to create. I also really love this curly hairstyle with big locks. I feel that it sends out princess vibes!

#4: Ball gown hairstyle

Match your hair accessory to the embellishments on your ball gown. This hairstyle created with twists and bobby pins is perfect for medium to long hair. It’s a hairdo that works well for girls with oval faces and fine hair too.

#5: Braided updo with bow

This is a cute and neat hairstyle to try for formal evening gowns. It’s semi-formal nature also lends itself to tying up your hair for a special work occasion.

#6: Buff and half updo

Imagine this buff, half-updo hairstyle with a pair of sexy earrings and a short evening dress. Good for girls with medium to long wavy hair.

#7: Bun with headdress for long evening gowns

A hairstyle for a long evening gown and for ball gowns – a donut bun with a piece of jewelry to match.

#8: Detailed chignon for wedding gown

This loopy chignon is a super-cute hairstyle for wedding gowns or if you are the maid of honor and are panicking about a suitable hairstyle to go with your fab dress.

#9: High bun hairstyle with gown

Pulling your hair all up is a wise option for Chinese-collared evening gowns. This messy bun that suits thick Indian hair doesn’t need much work.

 #10: Long hair with long skirt

Part your hair to the side and blow dry it with a voluminous twist to one side. You can choose to leave your hair to the back on over one shoulder. Suits medium to long hair.

#11: Loose side braid

A loose side braid looks great as a hairstyle for girls with narrower oval faces and small frames as it creates volume. It is perfect for adding flowers, fun accessories or role-playing Disney’s Jasmine.

#12: Messy half updo for strapless gown

A messy half updo with a big hair accessory like a flower instantly adds oomph to a plain strapless maxi dress gown.

 #13: Wavy long hair

A voluminous top created through back-combing. Tousled hair created with hot rollers. This dulhan style hairdo will woo the crowds!

#14: Silky long

This hairstyle offsets a bodycon very well.

 #15: 60s buff for night out

A side swept loose braid or ponytail is an option for traditional gowns. This old fashioned hairstyle will take everyone back to the swinging 60s.

#16: Braided updo with traditional gowns

Create a buff with a bumpit. Buy the strap-on braid or another fancy head band to go with it.

#17: Buff for evening dress

Chignon bun with a high front. Neat and great for evening dresses and big earrings or set jewelry.

 #18: Sleek bun for long evening gown

This on is an easy look for wearing your hair up. Good for medium hair of all textures. Especially suited for fine hair.

 #19: Long hairstyle for  floor length chiffon

This is a hairstyle that is surprisingly easy to do. It also looks good and can be done in no time at all!

#20: Pixie look

A fun look for fun evening dresses. This is the kind of hairstyle that Alia Bhatt would go for.

#21: Long wavy strands for evening dress

Wispy strands frame the face. The tousled puff elongates the face and adds gravitas.  Suitable hairstyle for round faces.

 #22: Bridesmaid long locks

The waterfall braid is cute for bridesmaids. Add a daisy or other summer flower on a sunny day!

#23: High updo

Sleek look with a loop-twisty juda for maang tikka. Maang tikka hairstyles look great in gowns.

 #24: Messy flower bun

#25: Oscars red carpet glamour hairstyle

Priyanka Chopra’s hairstyle looks glamorous with straight, sleek hair.

 #26: Chic updo

A different looking bun. Perfect for any woman to look classy and get that celebrity hairstyle look

 #27: Side combed for long column dress

Side combed and curled. Spray held in place. Ok I give it to her! Deepika Padukone’s hair looks great no matter what hairstyle she does it.

#28: Prom night messy braid

If you are going out partying and you want your hair to make heads turn then go for this style.

#29: Cocktail party hairstyle

Outward blow dry for wedding gowns. Easy to do!

#30: Curly locks for wedding gowns

Add slight volume with a bumpit and add a hair accessory for a simple and elegant Christian wedding hair  look.

#31: Curly weave bodycon hairstyle

Keep hair in control with this kind of curly hairstyle.

#32: Bow brunch hairstyle

This is a perfect hairstyle to wear to a lunch or brunch with the girls, cousins or love interest.

#33: Buff hairstyle for long backless dress

#34: Butterfly chignon

 #35: Formal

A loose twisted side for a bun for formal occasions. You could also French braid it.

 #36: Long hair evening dress

A lot of volume and curls for both traditional and Western gowns.

 #37: Layered curls for short dresses

Try this cute hairstyle for wedding gowns or shorter dresses

#38: Long wavy hair

Deep part hair, pick a small strand of hair and twist and pull it to add instant oomph.

#39: Late night party chignon

Another Chinese-collared gown option. This hairstyle can also be worn with sarees.


 #40: Short and wavy

Cute curls for short hair. Hairstyles for evening gowns are usually associated with long hair but don’t worry if you have short hair. Below is an awesome example of how you can get away with it with simple chin length hair.

#41: Elegant bun for Indian gown by Knot Me Pretty

We recently voted one Knot Me Pretty’s hairstyles as one of the top Indian hairstyles for 2017. In this tutorial she walks out through how to a make Sonam Kapoor inspired hair bun that would perfectly match a gown dress. The intricate twisted and tangled locks of hair will look very becoming on any formal party attire.

#42: Low twisted bow bun

Get creative with this folded bow shaped hair bun. This hairstyle is particularly suited to a long face. The slick pulled back hair leaves space for earrings to get some attention.

#43: Kriti Sanon side braid gown hairstyle

Kriti Sanon’s hairstyle looks superb on this avant-garde gown. The side swept hairstyle is let loose and brought forward in front of the shoulder on one side while a side braid captures out attention on the other side.

#44: Loose hair bun with gown dress

This is one of those hairstyles that looks exquisite in dresses with sleeves. All you need is a head band and poof to get that cool loose nonchalant bun hairstyle.

#45: Low Ponytail for Indian gown

#46: Twin braid updo for gown by knot me pretty

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