27 Best Hairstyles to Style Your Front Hair…Updated for 2019

Front hairstyles and  front cut bangs are a great hairstyle for several reasons – they hide large foreheads, they add volume (believe it or not) and are a good break from your regular hairstyles! Front hairstyles on Indian girls are particularly attractive as they are not all that common and you will definitely get the boys attention while being discrete at the same time. Here’s a list to check out to see how versatile they actually can be.

27 Front hairstyles that will suit any type of hair

1. Front bangs on short hair

See how the bangs work on both lengths? These side bangs are easy to cut yourself but if you feel uncertain you could always go to a hairdresser to get it done more evenly. In this example we see almost the same front bangs and how they suit both medium length hair as well as the shorter chin length bob cut.

2. Straight bangs front cut hairstyle

Straight hair can look drab if worn the same way. Add bangs and layers for an interesting look. Here the front bangs start at the middle of the head and slide down almost to cover the eyebrows. This is a classic retro look that has recently made a comeback in 2016. It is actually quite popular in Korea at the moment and it has been influenced by the latest trending Korean hairstyles with fringes.

3. Bangs on a choppy front haircut

Whoever said bushy and curly hair can’t handle bangs? This simple front hairstyle show how the fringe can be in inverse proportion to the total volume of hair. Very often we have shiny silky hair and big fringe whereas here we the fringe is actually de volumizing and balancing out the rest of the hair which is actually quite bulky. So here we have the final version of this girl  that your saw above with a front cut hairstyle for long hair.

4. Red to silver ombre hair with bangs

Ombre hair can also be paired with ombre bangs! This front hairstyle has been turned into an emo hairstyle by doing two things.

  1. First, the hair has been dyed and transitions from a deep ombre color to a funky grey.
  2. The front cut is straight and short.

So remember those two rules if you are a goth or emo punk rocker and are looking how to style your front hairstyle.

5. Twisted high bun with bangs

For longer hair that is thin and wispy, get some nice bangs to frame your forehead. Note here how the front cut strands are of slightly varying length with the outer bangs reaching below the eyes. High buns and buns in general are an excellent compliment to front hairstyles for Indian hair because they add a lot of texture and patterns. This makes the whole hairstyle more enticing.

6. Slight uneven bangs on straight hair

This is a great idea for girls with thin hair and broad forehead. The bangs are slightly separated from each other and are extra long creating a playful pattern around the eyes. The hair at the back has been done up in a half ponytail down-do and part of it has been brought forward in front of the left shoulder. If you are going to be going out a lot and want a sexy hairstyle then this one is a winner.

7. Choppy fringes 

Pretty much like the fringe above, this one is stylish and chic. The front cut reaches the eyebrows and the hair at the back has been brought forward over the shoulder.

8. Blue colored fringe for a gothic look

Whether your hair is blue or red, cut it to a short fringe to complete your goth look. Here we have an extravagant neon blue dye and the front hairstyle has been cut short and away from the face. Note how the sides of the fringe and rounded and shorter. The hair at the back has been braided and twisted into two separate buns so you get that Star Wars princess Leia look. All in all this hairstyle will surely get a lot of attention in India so it may be best to be tried when you are studying abroad.

9. Front bangs on burnt orange colored short hair

This is an example of short wavy blunt cut hairstyle with really straight, shiny bangs. The bob is slightly longer at the front and fringe has been cut in a straight line. The orange hair make a nice contract with the color of the model’s face.

10. Front cut hairstyle for round face

Bangs that frame your face are longer on the side. Works on hair of all lengths. If you have a round face then letting the side bangs longer on the sides will elongate your face making it more symmetric. For a sassy look make sure the front part of the fringe reaches just below the eyebrows. You may need to trim these on a weekly basis to make sure no hair get’s in your eyes and causes irritability. This kind of hairstyle would suit an evening gown perfectly.

11. Straight long bangs 

If you don’t mind a little vision obstruction, get your bangs cut to just below eye-level. This is especially pleasing if you have silky long asian type of hair.

12. Eyebrow grazing bangs for short hair

If you don’t like your hair obstructing your vision, get them cut to eyebrow level! Here the bangs have been cut at the same length and in a straight line. The model’s hair is wavy so the fringe is somewhat protruding and that gives a nice rounded effect.

13. Grey blonde ombre hair with bangs on bob cut

A light lowlight kind of ombre effect on bangs on a bob cut. The large sunglasses are very stylish and suit the front hairstyle perfectly.


14. Super short bangs on black hair

Of course this can be a style for any colored hair. Check out that winged eyeliner though. The fringe follows the line of the forehead. What is unique and contrasting about this particular front hairstyle is that the hair is cut uniformly all the way to the ears. This is a bold move as the usual aesthetic requires that the side bangs to be slightly longer.


15. Front braid hairstyle style with side fringes

For long side bangs – add an edge by braiding the portion of hair right behind it.


16. Messy bob with bangs

Messy fringe for short, thick, messy hair. The cool thing about front hairstyles is that they can easily look good on any hair length. This short bob is a perfect example of that.


17. Uneven fringes with ponytail

Pretty sexy huh? Backcomb before gathering your hair into a pony. There is a lot of hair in that fringe and the side have been grown out quite excessively. Yet it still looks very pleasing to the eye! Definitely a bolder way to sport the front cut which would make a super party hairstyle.

18. Black hair blonde bangs

This is a really cool, dual colored, bold hairstyle idea. I love how this hairstyle plays around with contrasts.


19. Short haircuts with bangs

If you get a very short bob you can wear it in a way that it sweeps over most of your face on one side.


20. Tousled hairstyle with cropped bangs

This very close front cut hairstyle may just remind you of your 8 year old nephew, but you know you can rock it. This dinky short fringe hairstyle is perfectly suited for jeans and a simple top if you are going for that hipster look.


21. Layers and angled bang

Shorter front layers can double as bangs and be used to frame your face in different ways.

22. Side swept fringes with ponytails

For when your bangs get long and you haven’t been able to go to the hairdresser’s. This side swept hairstyle is a great option!


23. Side swept bangs feather cut hairstyle

Again, a cool way to use your shortest feathered layers as bangs.


24. Short hairstyle with long fringes

With a short bob, get a longer front cut to serve as cool, longer bangs.


25. Front cut bridal updo hairstyle with bangs

This cute bridal hairdo with bangs looks amazing

26. Stylish front Indian fringe

Talk about style! This simple straight fringe and curly locks will surely get heads turning

27. Front pixie hairstyle

This hairstyle has a short dinky fringe and pixie side bands. Show off your elfish side with this trendy hairstyle!


Front hairstyles with a fringe can look really trendy and can work well with short bob or long wavy hair. If you enjoyed these front hairstyles you might also want to check out our other popular hairstyles or you check out different types of hairstyles for girls.