25 Front Hairstyles

Front hairstyles and  front cut bangs are a great hairstyle for several reasons – they hide large foreheads, they add volume (believe it or not) and are a good break from your regular hairstyles! Front hairstyles on Indian girls are particularly attractive as they are not all that common and you will definitely get the boys attention while being discrete at the same time. Here’s a list to check out to see how versatile they actually can be.

25 simple front hairstyles that will suit any type of hair

#1: Front bangs on short hair

See how the bangs work on both lengths? These side bangs are easy to cut yourself but if you feel uncertain you could always go to a hairdresser to get it done more evenly. In this example we see almost the same front bangs and how they suit both medium length hair as well as the shorter chin length bob cut.