30 Curly Hairstyles for Women

Curly hairstyles can look beautiful on women with long hair. It is ironic that most girls with curly hair often wish they had straight shiny hair whereas those with thin straight hair are usually hoping for some curls in their life. I guess the grass will always be greener on the other side. That is until you read this post. Because there is so much to do with curly hair and Indian curly hairstyles can look particularly nice especially when it comes to hairstyles for South Indian hair where women tend to have thicker and curlier hair.

30 Curly hairstyles suited to flaunt those locks

#1: Curly hairstyle for long hair

This is an uber cool messy hairstyle for an out-of-bed look. Go all natural with your spiral curls, frizz et al. This style truly calls for some uber doses of confidence to carry it off. Will heads turn? Yes they will.

#2: Updo with graduating curly locks

This is a cool curly hairstyle because it goes from tight curls on the right to loosely curled hair on the left. The three levels of curliness is what make this style unique. The puff on top makes it more interesting. Do try it out the next time you have your curling iron out and have some time on hand.


 #3: Curly locks let loose

This shiny and curly hairstyle consists of neatly curled hair that have been set with setting spray. Having your hair colored in highlights or in an ombre style will add to this look. It goes well on step cut hair as well as layered hair or just a simple U cut hairstyle.

#4: Short hair ringlets

Twist your hair up at night into tight coils. Sleep on it and voila! You should wake up with these ghungroo type of curls. Wear them with a halter neck top to accentuate the volume.


 #5: Multilayered curly beach locks

This ombre hair has been curled on multiple levels. Start with the lower layers first and arrange the upper layers carefully so as to not hide the curly layers below. Flaunt.

#6: Messy curly down-do

This down-do is a cool way for girls with curly hair in layers to try something different without trying too hard. Just grab your lower layers and braid them – regularly, French or fishtail – all work well. Forget about doing anything to the top half.


 #7: Princess style curls

This style calls for a sleek top half and pretty, defined curls at the lower end. Another hairstyle that works well for dyed hair that is growing out or ombre hair.


 #8: Volumized curls

This lovely hairstyle just needs some curling cream or mousse and a lot of oomph to carry off. Pair with a pair of big hoop earrings or a poncho top. Or both.



 #9: Twist on curls

Give your curly hair a twist by literally twisting some of it into a band on either side and holding them back up at the back of your head. You can cover the twist with hair from your crown or show it off.

#10: Wavy long locks

These uniform waves are an alternative way to wearing your curls. Just curl them all the same way and finish with a setting spray.

 #11: Cascading locks

Try these cascading locks with a slightly larger curling iron barrel. A medium sized one would work perfectly. Pick some locks to curl from higher up – right after your crown – to show off each individual curl.

#12: Bob cut highlighted for curly hair

This is a super cute hairstyle for girls with short curly hair. To add more definition to your highlighted curls, roll them around a small curling iron and set with spray. Add a pop of color to your lips and there you are.

 #13: Pixie cut with curls

Most pixie cuts you see are worn on short, straight hair. There’s no rule that says no curls, so go ahead and flaunt them. You can straight iron a section of hair on the sides to enhance the look.

#14: All down hairstyle for natural curly hair

This is another one of those hairstyles that flaunts curly hair beautifully. This natural curly hair looks relaxed and the more importantly, the girl is confident! I find a lot of us Indian girls tend to shy away from flaunting our naturally big and curly hair. There’s no reason not to.


 #15: Half up half down mixed with braids

If you want to try out a little hatke hairstyle for curly hair – find someone to help you create cornrows. They can be in a designer mosaic like above or just straight. The cornrows keep hair off your face so it’s a cool hairstyle for stepping out to exercise out on a windy day, riding a bike or playing a sport.

#16: High ponytail for kids with curly hair

Kids with curly hair often find it the bane of their existence. Tell them not to worry. Curly hair works in selfies too. And they’re unique! Just grab all your hair and tie it up high into a ponytail with a good elastic. Keeps the hair off the face, off the neck and hopefully off the mind too.

#17: Side-swept curly Taylor Swift hairstyle

Try this curly side-swept style for an evening event. This is a nice and elegant hairstyle to wear with a gown. Pair up with a diamante headband and sparkly earrings.

 #18: Cascading curls for bride with long curly hair

This is indeed a beautiful way to flaunt both hair and backless dress. This bridal hairstyle looks elegant and almost casual. Keeping it in place is a must so fill-up on that setting spray. Add a dainty little hair accessory to top up the elegance.


#19: Tight low bun for curly South Indian hair 

If you are from certain states in South India (shout out to all ye Malayalis!), then you may have been born with kinks in your hair. For those of you who have such hair, gel it and tie it up in a neat small bun at the nape of your neck. Take a deep side parting for added oomph.

#20: Blunt cut for short curly hair

For girls with short hair, try getting a blunt cut and adding volume to the top by blow drying outwards. The side burn like bit of hair adds an interesting twist to this hairstyle.


 #21: Open hairstyle for very long curly hair

If you have extremely long and thick hair, it gets hard to style sometimes. For the days you want to try something different, spray on some shine spray and curl a few parts of your long hair with a curling iron.

#22: Twisted bun curly hairstyle

This hair bun style  calls for two twists from one side of the head to be joined in with the back bun. The top doesn’t need much work. Though messy, this hairstyle can work for a formal setting or evening occasion.


 #23: Messy half bun for curly hair

This hairstyle is a personal favorite when I’m out walking around with jeans or other casual outfits. Just grad half of our hair as you would to make a half ponytail, and using an elastic, pull your hair through but not all the way. Let your bangs frame your face.


 #24: Short curly Lara Dutta hairstyle

Bollywood star Lara Dutta looks cute and classy here with this short curly hairstyle. The curls are more obvious on the top and from of her head for most curly impact. The back looks more natural. Try this old hairstyle with a halter neck top.

#25: Beach waves a la Beyoncé

Try out big beach waves a la the queen herself. This bronze hair color adds to her bronze skin tone and dull gold jewelry.


 #26: Spiraled hairstyle 

Try these tightly coiled spring-like hair sometime. Use a lot of shine spray to make your hair stand out under the lights! This works best for short hair although medium can try it too.


 #27: Big wispy curls hairstyle

For an evening hairstyle, try out big wispy curls to frame your face. The rest of your hair can be put up in an up-do or loose bun.



 #28: Crimped and crinkled hairstyle

When I bought my first hair iron, I wondered what to do with the crinkle plated I received. If you have the same questions about it, try this style out sometime. This is a great option for walking the ramp or an even when the spotlight is going to be on you.


#29: Braided curly updo hairstyle 

This hairstyle requires some creativity and correct placement of the bobby pin, waterfall braid and other strands of hair. It’s a cute updo for casual and formal occasions for dresses and other Western outfits.



 #30: Katrina Kaif baby doll hairstyle

Side parting and tight, shiny curls along with a side pin give Katrina Kaif a very bubble baby doll look. Try it out yourself!


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