17 Best Wedding hairstyles for Short Hair: Ideas for Indian Brides

Wedding hairstyles for short hair are easy to do. If you have shoulder length hair then you can easily tie your hair into a low bun. Combine that with some teasing of the hair at the crown and you already have one traditional hairstyle to go with.

There are many Indian women with short hair nowadays. Short hair is easier to maintain and less stifling in hot weather.

When it comes to bridal hairstyles there is an abundance of options to choose from. In the pics below we’ll go over some ideas you might want to try: from traditional looking Indian bun hairstyles to sassier modern open hairstyles.

Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair you will love

#1: Bridal chignon for short hair with braid

If you have short hair then low chignon bun’s can work wonders on your wedding day. The beauty of chignons is that you do not need exceptionally long hair to do them.


  1. To do this hairstyle tie your hair up into a ponytail and loop the pony through the elastic band.
  2. Make a simple French braid on one side and tuck it into the hair bun at the back.
  3. Secure with bobby pins and voila you are good to go.

If you like you can combine the look with a maang tikka or other bridal hair jewelry. In addition you can decorate the hair bun with flowers.

#2: Dulhan hairstyle for short hair

If you have short to medium hair why don’t you try this simple juda hairstyle for your wedding.

The key here is to have enough hair to make the poof at the crown of the head. You can achieve this by teasing or backcombing the hair underneath the poof.

Follow these steps

  1. Tie you hair into a ponytail and part your hair in two sections just above the elastic band.
  2. Loop the pony through one or two times depending on how short your hair is. Use your fingers to spread the chignon bun out into a fan like shape.
  3. Bring the side bangs to join the bun and secure with bobby pins.  To top the hairstyle of add a line of roses like int he pic below.

This hairstyle will go perfectly with a simple maang tikka that runs along the middle parting at the front .

#3: Elegant low bridal bun for short hair

Low bridal buns work wonder on those of your with short hair. This is one of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair. The hair has been puffed at the crown and back and the side band join the bun while some curly ringlets are loft on either side.

#4: Indian bridal hairstyle for short hair

This is a nice alternate take on Indian bridal hairstyles. You will need to take a curling iron to your hair to achieve this look but you don’t really need that much hair to achieve this hairstyle.

#5: Indian bridal hairstyle for shoulder length hair

This beautiful half updo is perfect for those of you with shoulder length hair. Clasp your hair at the back and use flowers to decorate.  A simple maang tikka goes well with the minimalist look. Combine with a lehenga choli, saree or anarkali for an authentic and homely look.

#6: Indian wedding hairstyle for short hair

In this pic the model has made an exaggerated poof at the crown. The side parting then encompasses the poof and joins the hair bun.

#7: Low hair bun for short hair

This simple low twirling bun is perfect for those of you with short hair. I love wedding hairstyles that are simple but if you like there is ample opportunity to add flowers and hair accessories here.

#8: Short bridal hairstyle with side parting

This short bridal hairstyle has something retro about it. The hair has been side parted at the top and combed in a swerving fashion. The curly locks at the back add a lot of pizzazz.

#9: Short side parted hair bun for bride

This look is especially pleasing with short hair. The trick her to make the hair bun on the side and make a side parting at the front of your hair. The result is a chic and stylish  that will look smashing at a wedding.

#10: Short wedding hairstyle with puff

This exaggerated maang tikka hairstyle is beautiful and perfect for your wedding day. The hairstyle works for short to medium length hair. You will need to use some hair spray to keep things in place but the result is stunning.

#11: Short wedding hairstyle with ringlets

This classic Indian bridal hairstyle can work for you if you have curly shoulder length hair. You will need to tease the hair at the crown to poof the hair up. Leave some curly ringlets on either side for added effect and combine with flowers to give it that festive feel.

#12: Shoulder length open shaadi hairstyle

Open hair goes well with wedding hairstyles for short hair. Keep things simple with a free open hairstyle. You can either middle part you hair and take a curling iron to it to create a symmetrical wavy hairstyle or you can straighten your hair and side part it.

#13: Simple bridal updo for short hair

This bridal hairstyle is easy to do. Just bunch up your short hair at the back into a low bun. Tease the hair at the forehead to create that bridal puff.

#14: Simple Indian bridal hairstyle for short hair

If you have short hair you but wish you had longer hair on your special day you can compensate by wearing a long veil. This wild hair bun goes perfectly with flowers and a veil. The large earrings and maang tikka suit the aesthetic perfectly.

#15: Stylish bridal hairstyle for short hair

If you feel like going retro this is a great hairstyle idea. The hair has been styled in looping curls that look marvelous.

#16: Stylish side parted wedding hairstyle for short hair

This wavy hairstyle is a great idea if you have short frizzy hair.

#17: Stylish wedding hairstyle for short hair

I love this open hairstyle that uses a head band accessory to make a poof at the back. The hair has been side parted at the front and the curls sit beautifully on the shoulders. The highlights are also great for added effect.Definitely on the a-list of wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair can look wonderful on Indian women. Most of the looks we have seen are uncomplicated. There is a surprising number of wedding hairstyles you go choose from if you have short hair. I hope you try some of them out.

Happy hairstyling!

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