19 Unique Topsy Tail Hairstyles You Will Look Beautiful in

Topsy tail hairstyles are perfect if you running out of ideas for doing your long hair. I would like to suggest a very simple 1990s tool for styling it – the topsy tail.  We’ve all used butterfly clips, banana clips and other various accessories for our hairstyles. The topsy tail is one of those curious accessories that doesn’t actually stay in your hair when you are done. Rather it let’s you loop and twist your hair so that it can take one some pretty unique designs and stay in place on it own.  You may wear the topsy style at home if you have some skills or visit a salon to get it done. Read through the following hairstyles and choose one that fits your hair.

Topsy tail hairstyles to get creative with unique hair designs

#1: Bridal updo with flowers

Topsy tail hairstyles are great for weddings! Wear a bridal updo with flowers for your great occasion! Just take your topsy tail, make your hair and attach your favorite flowers to it, and you are ready for the event. This not only saves time but also the costs of visiting the salon to make your hair.

#2: Faux Dutch braid

Did you know that a topsy tail can help you wear many hairstyles including the faux Dutch braid? If you have run of new ideas for your hairstyle, get the topsy tail and do this braid, I guarantee that you will be pleased by your new look. You can undo the braid any time to wear a new hairstyle.

#3: Hipster braid

If you need a new unique braid, do this hipster braid. One good thing with the topsy tail is it helps to get your hair done in a couple minutes, and you don’t necessarily have to visit your salon to get it done – just do it right at home if you have enough large sized mirrors!

#4: Indian juda hairdo

If you would like to wear a new simple hairstyle but have run out of ideas, consider using a topsy tail to wear an a juda hairdo. This is a simple hairstyle that will give you great looks at little cost. You can also change the hairstyle any time hassle free.

#5: Low chignon bun

You can get an attractive hairstyle by wearing a low chignon bun using topsy tail. This is a very simple style that will give you great looks at low cost. The good thing is you can wear and remove the style on your own, thus saving your time and money.

#6: Mini curtain braids

If you would like to wear a more sophisticated hairstyle, try wearing the mini topsy tail curtain braids.  These are suitable for women with fine and long hair, and that like having their hair spread all over their head.

#7: Simple topsy tail hairstyle for long curly hair

If you like growing long hair, you are not forgotten – try wearing this great topsy hairstyle for long hair. It is very simple style that you can wear right at home provided you have large sized mirrors in your dressing room.

#8: Step by step looped updo using topsy tail

If you have long hair and would like to try a new style, follow the steps in this photo to get a looped updo using topsy tail. Since this is something you can do on your own, enjoy the comfort of doing your hair and giving yourself a perfect look.

#9: Cute bow on ponytail

Are you a fan of ponytails? If yes, we have good news for you with the topsy tail bow ponytail style. With this style you get your hair tied together in a unique style, to give you great looks. You can go to any occasion without having to redo your hair because this is an all-occasion style.

#10: Topsy tail braid for Indian hair

If you are wearing Indian hair, consider a topsy braid for your hair. It is amazing that this simple style will greatly improve your looks – no salon, cosmetics or extra cost. Remember beauty is not about the amount of resources that you use to improve it, but choosing a style that goes well with you.

#11: Down do with wide clip

Are you a fan of hair clips? Then try the topsy tail down do with wide clip. It is so simple to wear that you can do it on your own any time provided you have enough large size mirrors. You can wear this style to both the formal and informal occasions.

#12: Simple juda with puff

If you would like a more sophisticated style, try this juda and puff hairstyle. This one is much harder to do and will require more time and expertise than the ordinary topsy tail hairstyle, but this is nothing compared to the beauty and confidence it will give you.

#13: Messy mermaid braid

If you prefer keeping your hair extraordinarily long, then this messy mermaid braid is perfect for you. You will need more time to wear this style compared to the ordinary tail, but if you are used to wearing other simple styles by yourself, you may also wear this one in your dressing room.

#14: Topsy tail ponytail

If your head does not grow plenty of hair and you would like something simple to give you a unique look, try the topsy tail ponytail. You will need some small bands or clips to hold your hair in this style. The good news is you don’t need any special skills to wear the style by yourself, so you don’t need to visit your salon to get it done.

#15: Triple looped topsy tail hairstyle

If you would like to wear a unique topsy tail hairstyle then try the triple looped topsy tail hairstyle. While this is something you can wear without any help, you will need some pro skills to get it done correctly. You won’t need any hair bands of clips to hold the hair in place.

#16: Triple pony hair style

Another unique of the topsy tail hairstyles is the triple topsy tail pony hair style. You need to grow long hair to wear this style. With this style the twists and ties will hold your hair in one place without a need for hair clips or bands, giving you the confidence you need in your looks.

#17: Twisted ponytail with poof and head chain

For ladies that like simple topsy tail hairstyles, you can try this ponytail with poof and head chain. This is a very minimalist style to wear and you don’t necessarily need to visit a salon to get it done of removed.

#18: Twisted bubble ponytail

If you have long hair and would like to wear a cool style try the twisted topsy tail bubble ponytail. Note that you will need some hair bands to hold the hair in place, otherwise, it will untwist and you start all over again.

#19: Twisted hairstyle for long hair

If you have grown long hair and would like to try a new hairstyle, wear the twisted topsy tail hairstyle for long hair. The style can be worn by both the office and casual lady and does not require any hair band or clip to hold in place.

Feel free to try any of these topsy tail hairstyles, I am sure a couple will be great for you. For more hairstyles for Indian women follow Hairstyle Monkey!