14 Epic Tamanna Hairstyles That Take Chic to Another Level

Whenever I think if Tamanna’s hairstyles two themes come to mind: fashionable side partings and enviable bouncy locks. Tamanna will invariably side part her hair often with a diagonal front fringe covering part of the forehead. She also has some amazingly wavy hair that would make any woman jealous. It has just the right amount of bounce and volume to create stunning looks. Apart from open hairstyles Tamanna can also show us the ropes on how to pull of some stylish ponytails as well as some chic hair buns. Her open hairstyles serve as great ideas for when you plant to wear a gown or dress. I hope you find something of interest to you in the selection below.

14 Epically chic Tammana Hairstyles

#1: Boat neck maxi dress open hairstyle

Tamanna looks gorgeous in this blue gown. The side parted open hairstyle suits the occasion perfectly. To achieve this look you might want to first straighten your hair and then use a curling iron to get those beautiful waves.

#2: Half updo claw clip hairstyle

This hairstyle should be pretty easy to copy. Tamanna looks stunning in it and so will you. Just middle-part you hair,  comb the bangs backwards and clasp them with a claw clip (also known as a butterfly clip) at the back.

#3:Tamanna’s plaited updo

Tamanna’s hairstyle in the pic below is a real stunner. The plaited bun sends out those ancient Greek goddess vibes and the wavy mid parted bangs just add the appropriate layer of oomph.

#4: Puff ponytail

A signature hairstyle of any South Indian actress is the ponytail in combination with a puff. Wear this hairstyle with any type of clothing. Especially suitable for relaxed attire such as jeans. Tamanna pulls it off with a pair of blue pants and maxi top.

#5: Tamanna’s signature side parted open hairstyle

This is a hairstyle we will see other variations of further down too. The side parted hair with a diagonal fringe at the front covering part of the forehead is one of Tamanna’s favorite hairstyles. I really love this hairstyle because of the curly tips that have been brought forward over the shoulders. Also take note of the almost feather cut style of the strands framing the face on the left.

#6: With curly medium hairstyle

Perfect for medium length hair Tamanna’s open hairstyle is composed of a side parting and curly locks. I love how those locks just bounce on the shoulders. A perfect example of how you don’t really need very long hair to get that layered effect.

#7: Tamanna Bhatia sporting simple ponytail

Sometime keeping it simple is the best way. This look would make for a perfect office day. Super easy to do and classy at the same time!

#8: Tamanna’s pony hairstyle for gowns

Tamanna has made her favorite site parting in this hairstyle. The tight ponytail will create that fashion model / Bollywood actress look.

#9: With a low tight hair bun

The best thing about hair bun such as this is that they clear the face to show off a necklace or pair of earrings. Also consider a balayage or other form of dying your hair to create that streaked and interesting effect.

#10: Tamanna’s classy side swept hairstyle

I love the bold look this hairstyle creates for Tamanna. It’s head turner full of confidence and perfect for party occasions. Wear it with any kind of attire wether it be a long skirt or a traditional saree. You might need some hairspray to keep things in place as well as the heat of a curling iron to get those big curly locks.

#11: With stylish side swept bun

Another stunning look! Tamanna looks smashing in this maxi dress gown. The hair is side parted once again causing the loose hair bun to swerve to one side. Combine with a simple necklace and steal the show!

#12: With braided hair bun

This braided hair bun is pretty simple to do. Hair buns suit all sorts of attire. You could attend a wedding reception or go to the office and this hairstyle would be equally appropriate. It’s also super simple and easy to do.

#13: With side parting and ponytail

Another version of the Tamanna ponytail. The side fringe frames the face beautiful. A beautiful hairstyle for lazy days!

#14: Side parted and open hairstyle

I just love the bounce and curls in all the open hairstyles that Tamanna sports. Try this for a sophisticated look when wearing a maxi dress.


Tamanna’s hairstyles are classy and chic. Her signature is the side parted open hairstyle. She has a strong preference for parting her hair on one side and has enviable wavy hair. I love the bounce that her locks have but these should not be difficult to copy with the right hair accessories. If you enjoyed this post you might also want to check out the hairstyles of some other Bollywood actresses.