30 Step by Step Hairstyles for Long Hair: Tutorials You Will Love

These tutorials for hairstyles for long Indian hair will show you how to make each hairstyle step by step. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to do a hairstyle just by looking at a single picture. Being able to see it in instructions makes life much easier.

Here we’ve handpicked the best tutorials for Indian hairstyles for long hair. Moreover, we’ve chosen them to appeal to the Indian sense and aesthetic. We hope you like them!

30 Hairstyles for long hair with step by step instructions

#1: Side braid instructions for long hair

This side braid is super cute and now that you have steps is actually quite easy to do. Start braiding on the side while weaving in separate strands of curly locks. Don’t stop until you reach the other end. And voila you now have a beautiful smooth curly hairstyle that everyone will be asking you about.

#2: Easy twisty bun hairstyle

This simple bun can easily be made at home by making two separate braids and knotting them up into a high bun. It is one of the fastest hairstyles to do especially when you are on the go or running late.

#3: Chignon bun step by step

The Chignon bun comes from the French. The word “chignon” comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck. To make the chignon all you need to do is tie up your hair into a ponytail, separate it in the middles and fold your ponytail through. You keep doing this until you have a little roll that looks like a low bun. And that’s it you’re ready to party! So if you are looking for a really quick hairstyle that is also stylish and elegant you should definitely give this one a go.

#4: Cute high bow and how to do it

If you have long hair and want to go for a really cute hairstyles you should try this one. I needed to try it a few times before I got it right but in the end I managed. Also, if the hair bow is too much of a good thing for you, you can try tying it up into a messy knot and it will look equally nice.

#5: Directions for high bun hairstyle for long hair

This sadhu style high bun looks very fashionable. It’s also works well on a hot summer’s day. Long hairstyles are a significant sign of beauty in India but sometimes open loose hairstyles can get a bit too sticky and hot. Being able to tie it up while staying stylish is a good way to tackle that long hair when you don’t want it framing you face.

#6: Fishtail braid hairstyle for long hair tutorial

This fat fishtail braid looks very hip. For Indian hair it would look particularly nice in a salwar kameez or perhaps some other ethnic clothing. Combine with large round earrings for a stunning entrance.

#7: French roll hairstyle instructions for long hair

French rolls look extremely elegant. As you can see from the picture they aren’t that complicated to do. You will need to do a few test runs though if this is your first timed. Here is a pretty good tutorial video on how to do a French roll if you want to check it out.

#8: Guide for cool updo and puff hairstyle for long hair

This exaggerated puff and updo is perfect for sarees and gowns. To achieve the puff you are going to need to backcomb your hair so that it raises the front part.

#9: Indian bun hairstyle step by step

This high bun can be done by anyone. If you have silky straight hair you will end up with something like in the pic above. If you have slightly frizzier or curlier hair it will still look nice only a little messier. The high bun is a preferred hairstyle by airline stuff.

#10: Indian hairstyle for long hair step by step

This nice side braid has that Dutch feel to it and is hairstyle that is perfectly suited to thick Indian hair. Note that you will need quite a bit of hair to get all those thick plaits going. But given that most Indian girls do have that length or longer I don’t foresee any problems here. If your hair is not that long you might want to think of alternatives for medium hair.

#11: Instructions for side ponytail hairstyle for long hair

Here we have a rather quirky and cool side ponytail. It’s relatively easy to do and puts a spin on things. These kind of hairstyles are particularly popular in South Korea at the moment. Since they are at the forefront of fashion and leading the way we might have a thing or two to learn from them. Watch this space for 2017!

#12: Pic of hairstyles step by step

This nice bun roll is comprised of separate braids that meet at the neck.

#13: Ponytail tutorial

Again an alternative ponytail that will stand out from the crowd.

#14: Puff hairstyles step by step

This side swept hairstyle will go very well with a long face and Indian traditional clothes or saree. Combine with a high ponytail to be the star of the show.

#15: Side braid instructions for long hair

This cute bun braid can be easily made for you daughter to go to school in.

#16: Simple hairstyle for long hair step by step

Sometime messy side buns can look very neat as is the case here.

#17: Simple hairstyle instructions for long hair

The side parting and twirled crown are screaming prom night! Make sure to curl some princess locks with a hair iron if you want that exact look. A classic Alia Bhatt hairdo if you ask me.

#18: Simple hairstyles for girls step by step

This is a very nice hairstyle that plays around a lot with texture. It works extremely well with a balayage or dyed streaks.

#19: Sock bun hairstyles step by step

This one is particularly conducive for exercising.

#20: Step by step braided bun for long hair

This braided bun almost looks like a low chignon.

#21: Step by step braided bun for long hair

This is one of the cutest hairstyles with step by step instructions that we have found out there. We just love that bow and it’s not too over the top!

#22: Cute lace braided updo tutorial

This hairstyle is very original. Note how the braids on either side have been made so that when they join they meet like two pieces of a puzzle.

#23: Step-by-step-ponytail-for-long-hair

This hairstyle requires some backcombing as seen in the image but the result is kind of cool.

#24: Braided ponytail tutorial

This braided ponytail does not require that much effort. It can easily be made in under 5 minutes. It’s a casual hairstyle that can suit many occasions ranging from a day at the office to a lazy Sunday.

#25: Double braids

These double fishtail braids look super cool. This hairstyle will go very nicely with jeans and western clothes or you could try it with something more ethnic like a salwar kameez.

#26: Half down do

This curly down do looks very neat and pretty. It is also an extremely simple hairstyle to do.

#27: High bun tutorial

This high bun is easy to do and looks like a blossoming flower. It is also a perfect hairstyle to hit the gym with and it will hold everything in place.

#28: Indian bun instructions

This high bun is perfect for silky North Indian hair. Get ready to walk on the red carpet after you are finished doing this one.

#29: Instructions for intricate bun

This intricate bun has so many swirls it looks like the inside of a flower. In fact you could try adding a few flowers if you are going to a reception.

#30: Updo hairstyle with patterns

Finally, this beautiful pattern is kind of cool and unique. It’s a hairstyle that should take less than a minute to do but it’s not a hairstyle for running around in if that’s your plan.

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