10 Best South Indian Hairstyles You Can Wear With Sarees

The saree is more common in South Indian that anywhere else in the country. Finding new hairstyles beyond the long traditional South Indian braid you so often see in Tamil and Kerala hairstyles can be a problem. Braids are great for when you want to get that long hair out of the way, e.g. when you have just oiled it for example. However there are many other hairstyles that look great on a saree from simple buns to open hairstyles. Check out the pics below to get inspired!

10 Dazzling South Indian hairstyles to wear with a saree

#1: Braided Bun

The braided bun is super easy to do and can look extremely elegant with a saree. In this pic the hair has been braided on either side from front to back and the bun has been tied up with the braid.

#2: Classic South Indian braid

Any reference to South Indian hairstyles has to include the quintessential South Indian braid. This is the most popular hairstyle to wear with a saree in South India. Interestingly enough it is also the most popular South Indian bridal hairstyle as well.

#3: Poof and bangs hairstyle

This poof at the back ads gravitas to the hairstyle. The bangs at the front have been swept to the side to create a neat and splendid effect.

#4: Open and sassy

Who said South Indian girls always have their hair tied up. If you are heading out to an sangeet event or party you might want to bring out the lioness in you and let your hair loose in an open hairstyle.

#5: Long side bangs

Another option for South Indian girls that looks beautiful is to make a low bun and let your side bangs loose on either side. Use a hair iron to curl and create those stunning ringlets.

#6: Claw clip and poof

This simple hairstyle is useful to show off curly long locks. Add a puff to give you more height. This will also appropriate if you are attending something relatively formal.

#7: Fishtail braid and puff

The fishtail braid is hugely popular in the South of India. It can look awesome especially when worn with a saree. Make sure to puff your hair at the front to create that classic South Indian look.

#8: Poof and updo

This simple poof and updo is easy to do and is  no-nonsense option for any occasion.

#9: Side parted updo

If you have shoulder length hair then this side parted poof is a great option.

#10: Thick side braid

Finally a side braid is supremely becoming on a saree. It is playful and showcases your long thick hair. Highly recommend this if you are bored of wearing braids at the back all the time and want to spice things up.

Wearing a saree in South Indian is an everyday occurrence. It can sometimes be hard to come up with new ideas. Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration to try something new. If you enjoyed this post you might want to check more hairstyles for Indian women on Hairstyle Monkey!