24 Amazing Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles to Get You Inspired

These Sonam Kapoor hairstyles are a great source of inspiration for trying out new looks. From refined hair buns and to classy updos, Sonam has a full range of Indian hairstyles that will give you some great ideas. This is a treasure trove of sophisticated hairstyles especially for those of you with fine long hair.

Other celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif all have their unique style but none of them matches Sonam’s sense of elegance.

Check out some of the best Sonam Kapoor hairstyles below and get inspired.

24 Best Sonam Kapoor hairstyles you’re going to love

#1: Loop-through half updo

Sonam looks dazzling in this simple Indian hairstyle. To do it you will need a topsy tail that will help you loop the hair through and make the half updo. I really love how Sonam combines the half updo with those half-moon shaped earrings.

Sonam Kapoor looks beautiful in this half updo hairstyle. Source

#2: Low tight hair bun

Ever so elegant Sonam really knows how to do a low hair bun. A classy look with straight fine hair tied back into a low bun and combined with earrings. If you like this hairstyle you might also want to check out our post on air hostess hairstyles.

Low hair buns are minimalist and elegant. Source

#3: Middle parted open hairstyle

For those of you with long hair get inspired with this middle parted open hairstyle. You can probably achieve this look if you have thin hair.

I love this open hairstyle of Sonam Kapoor and how she combines it with a jean jacket. Source

#4: Office hair bun

If you are looking for a stylish look appropriate for work consider this side parted high bun hairstyle. Combine this hairstyle with pants and a suit to look professional and elegant at work.

Sonam’s office look hairstyle Source

#5: Old school updo hairstyle

This hairstyle is for an evening gown and an old retro look. Sonam’s sense of style is incredible. If you are attending a wedding reception and need a mature look then consider this one.

Sonam Kapoor hairstyles are always stylish no matter the occasion. Source

#6: Side twist open hairstyle

This side twisted hairstyle looks amazing. To copy it twist the front parts of your hair and clip them at the back with tic tac pins. The wild look will be great for a gala event or party where you will really stand out.

This simple side twist does wonders. Sonam looks splendid in the this layered dress. Source

#7: Silky straight hairstyle

If you have fine hair you can really show it off by straightening to a silky sheen with a hair iron.

Sonam looks great in silky straight hair. Source

#8: Sonam with a retro updo

This retro Bollywood hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions where you need a touch of class.


Sonam’s classic retro style looks like something from the 1920s. Source


#9: Sonam Kapoor with braided bun hairstyle

This simple hair bun is joined by two side braids that start at the crown of the head. You could repeat the same pattern on the other side or leave it as is.

#10: Sonam’s curly side swept hairstyle

This side swept mermaid hairstyle is perfect for a summer dress or gown.

#11: With hair band and braided updo

Here Sonam has combined a head band with a braid that wraps around the front of the head and then joins a hair bun at the back. A super stylish hairstyle that will bring out the Greek goddess in you.

#12: With sassy ponytail

This sassy ponytail has that Lara Croft aesthetic to it. Comb you hair back tightly and use a banana clip or long clasp to ti the ponytail to the back of your hair.

#13: With seventies fringe haircut

A super glamorous hairstyle that will take everyone back to 1970s New York!

#14: With shoulder length bob haircut

This is one of the rate occasions of catching Sonam Kapoor with medium length hair. This shoulder length bob is perfect for trying something alternative. This one is definitely going down as one of my favourite Sonam Kapoor hairstyles

#15: Wearing a side braid and ponytail

This is one of those classic Sonam Kapoor hairstyles that has been copied by many. Simply make a corn braid along the side of your hair and tie up into a ponytail. You will find my v-loggers and other celebrities have copied this hairstyle. It will look unique in any setting wether you are going out partying or just need something to roam about the house with.


#16: With straight middle parted hairstyle

This middle parted open hairstyle is super smooth and silky! This hairstyle looks supremely elegant. You do need long silky hair to achieve it. However if you take a hair iron to your otherwise curly hair you will manage something similar

#17: With wild half bun hairstyle

Out of all of the Sonam Kapoor hairstyles I have come across this one is probably the most hipster on. The half bun is a perfect hairstyle for those of us with long hair.

#18: Sonam Kapoor’s braided crown with flowers

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will look good in a saree check out this braided crown. Simply adorable!

#19: Sonam with simple updo

This simple updo adds all the glamor one needs when wearing a backless dress.

#20: Top knot hairstyle

Another beautiful way to wear long hair is with a top knot.

#21: Twisted bun hairstyle

This twisted low hair bun is so simple yet so appealing.


#22: Sonam with shoulder length bob

If you are looking for a sassy short hairstyle consider this simple curly bob!


#23: Sonam’s low bridal hair bun

This is one of the more elegantSonam Kapoor hairstyles. Sonam looks fabulous in this simple low hair bun with a veil.  A classy hairstyle that can be worn on any occasion. Consider leaving some side bangs to frame the face.

#24: Sonam’s Vogue Magazine top knot hairstyle

This is Sonam’s latest hairstyle as shown on Vogue. Messy top knot are all the rage right now and Sonam shows us how it’s done!


I hope that by now you agree that Sonam is the queen of beauty and hairstyling.

Her hairstyles are super inspiring for those of us with long thin hair.

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Happy hairstyling!