15 Simple Indian Hairstyles for Effortless Everyday Looks

Simple Indian hairstyles sounds like an oxymoron. Most hairstyles for Indian girls usually involve a large amount of prep work especially if it’s for a formal occasion. Fortunately, Hairstyle Monkey has come to the rescue with some really effortless and unpretentious hairstyles.

First, let’s bust some myths around simple Indian hairstyles

1. Myth number one: “To look decent I need to spend hours prepping”

You really don’t need to spend hours with your hair even when you want to look decent. There are lots of hairstyles where a tweak here and there can make you look gorgeous without exerting hardly any effort.

2. Myth number two: “I need to go to a hair salon to look nice”

That’s not at all true. There are loads of hairstyles where you can look convincingly professional without the help of a hair stylist. You don’t need to go to a hair salon. These DIY can easily be done at home on your own.

Now that we have busted those myths let’s take a look at some of the best simple Indian hairstyles you can try.

14 Simple Indian hairstyles with no complications

#1: Back to basics crown braid

This simple braid by Knot Me Pretty is almost effortless to make. To avoid any fuss you don’t have to use the purple hair extensions.

  • Start by braiding three strands of hair near the front of your forehead.
  • The braiding technique used here is to add hair to the middle braid each time you cross the outer braids over it.
  • Continue doing this until you reach the tip of your ear.
  • From there onwards you can braid normally without adding hair to the middle.
  • Once you reach the back of your head secure the braid with bobby pins or tic tac clips.

You can easily do this braid within seconds and the result is super cute!

#2: Easy and uninhibited double ponytail for Indian gown

There is nothing simpler than this loose double banded ponytail. It is one of the easiest simple Indian hairstyles. If you have long hair let it swoop down over one side of your shoulders and use two elastic bands to keep it in place. I am not too sure, personally, about the headband accessory but you can also add that if you like.

#3: Priyanka’s simple side twist

It doesn’t get simpler than this girls! Side part your hair, make a ponytail and take a curling iron to curl and twist it over your shoulder! You’ll have people wondering how you achieved this awesome hairstyle in no time.

#4: Hina Khan with simple side braid and bun hairstyle

This no-frills hairstyle is perfect for when you need to look good but don’t want to waste time at a hair salon.

  1. Start by braiding on one side to make the lace braid. To do a lace braid take three strands of hair and criss cross over the middle strand. The trick is to add hair to the strand that is closest to the face before you overlap the middle
  2. Tie your hair at the back into any kind of bun and tuck the braid into it.
  3. Secure with bobby pins and hey presto you are done.

You can let the front bangs hang loose in front of the face or you can twist those to the back and tuck them into the bun as well.

#5: Honest boxer braids on Indian hair

Boxer braids have become the rage on Instagram. They are not at all hard to do and they look super cute. You might need some additional time on your hands. Usually works best with day old hair for a better grip.

Start Dutch braiding from the top. Remember to Dutch braid you take three strands of hair and each time you plait you take an outer section of hair and cross it under the middle. The trick is to add hair to the outer strands before you underlap the middle. If you want to see it in action you can watch Justjiha’s video.

The result is an effortless and unpretentious look. Boxer braids are an excellent hairstyle for the gym as they keep the hair out of the way.

#6: Keep it real middle parted and open Indian hairstyle

Sometimes keeping things really simple is what works the best.  An open hairstyle involves hardly any effort. Just middle part you hair and let it hang loose over your shoulders like Priyanka does here

#7: No nonsense reverse braid and top knot Indian hairstyle

This uncomplicated hairstyle is really easy to do.

Start with a reverse French braid at the back and once you reach the crown of your hair tie your hair into a ponytail.  Twist it into a bun and secure with bobby pins and voila!

This hairstyle is perfect for homely looks such a a traditional Indian saree or a simple dress.

#8: Rustic headband braid

This homely look is each to achieve.  You just need to lace braid from the side and across the front of your crown.

A lace braid is basically a half French braid. So you start braiding and criss crossing over the middle strand except each time you add hair to the strand closest to the face.

The result is a carefree summer look that would go well with a skirt and top or summer dress.

#9: Simple and modest low Indian bun hairstyle

As the saying goes “When in a hurry make a hair bun”. I just made that up but it’s true.

To do this bun make a simple twisted bun at the back. Then bring in hair from the side and fold it over the bun to create that whirling effect. Secure with bobby pins.

You should be able to do this in just under 3 minutes and it looks fabulous.  You can check out Divya Katna’s video for this hairstyle here.

#10: Simple jura updo hairstyle with flowers

This jura hairstyle is completely unpretentious and perfect for when you need to attend a somewhat formal occasion but you do not want too many frills. Perfect for wearing sarees to wedding receptions, pujas and office events.

#11: Easy top knot and wrap for Indian hair

Embrace the sadhu in you with this delightfully simple top knot.

Catch your hair in a ponytail, pull it through a bun maker and then twist and wrap the rest of your hair around the centre.

You can watch the video here for full instructions.

#12: Straightforward Indian top knot hairstyle

This is on of the classiest simple Indian hairstyles which is perfect for a hipster look when you are in a hurry.

Wear it with trousers or long flowing gowns or dresses.

To make this hairstyle just tie it up in a ponytail at the top and twist it around. Secure with bobby pins and you are good to go.

#13: Triple twist side swept Indian hairstyle

It doesn’t get easier than this when it comes to making interesting hairstyles.

To copy this hairstyle take a strand of hair on the side, twist it and secure with bobby pins. Repeat two times and you look super chic.

The look is effortless and uncomplicated. You will surely get admiring looks and will hardly waste any time in preparing it.

#14: Undemanding Indian top knot hairstyle

When in doubt top knot!

Top knots have that awesome beach holiday feel to them. Wear them with a short summer dress and you will look amazing.

#15: Nice and easy low bun hairstyle

This simple braided bun is super easy to do. It’s also a stunner especially when worn with a dress. However it can easily accommodate most types of attire.


Hopefully these simple Indian hairstyles have have inspired you to try some of them out.

There really are endless variations when it comes to hairstyling even when you are in a hurry or just want a no nonsense look.

If you enjoyed these basic hairstyles you might want to take a look at our post on quick hairstyles for when you are in a rush.

Remember to keep checking Hairstyle Monkey weekly for the latest Indian hairstyles.