17 Best Indian College Hairstyles to Wear on Campus

College hairstyles can get repetitive. Everyone kind of copies each other and sometimes it is hard to develop your own unique sense of styles on campus.

Also you are probably looking for a balance between hairstyles that are fashionable but won’t draw too much attention by the teachers. Furthermore you need something practical for studying in without too much hair getting in the way when trying to complete those assignments.

Below are some ideas for college hairstyles to break out of that monotony and to try something new.

Best college hairstyles for Indian girls

1. Braided mohawk

This unique hairstyle will surely get heads turning on campus. It’s a great hairstyle for studying in or taking exams in as the hair is completely out the way. And hey you get to look like a Bollywood start while you are at it. The knotted braid can be kept in place by bobby pins or tic tac pins.

2. Chignon bun for the campus

The classic low chignon bun has college days written all over it. This is a mature hairstyle that teachers will approve of but that also looks stylish at the same time. It will look best in a simple top and jeans but you can combine it with more traditional attire as well. The only thing it isn’t very practical for is when you hit the gym after class. But otherwise this hairstyle is getting top marks all around.

3. Easy ponytail

This ponytail looks supremely elegant. You can always learn a thing or two from Sonam Kapoor especially when you are looking to sport a stylish hairstyle at university. The ponytail is extremely easy to do. Simple tie your hair up into a high ponytail and use a long clip to make the loop and pin it at the back of your hair. This hairstyle will get the seal of approval from teachers without having to look too conservative or nerdy.

4. Essential college going braid

We are all familiar with the quintessential Indian braid. It’s a classic look so we couldn’t not show it here. If braiding is your thing then you might want to check out our post on plaiting hair where you will get a dozen of other ideas. Braids are an easy win for college. They are simple. They are traditional. And they keep that hair out of the way.

5. High pony and puff

This high ponytail and puff is perfect for going to the library to study or for a coffee with your crew. All you need to do is form a puff at the front by backcombing some of the hair underneath. Next you need to tie you hair up into a high ponytail and voila! You are done. While the person sitting behind you in class might not be able to see the board well you are definitely going to stand out in a crowd with this hairstyle.

6. Low college bun with side parting

If you want a somewhat more chic look you could always go for this side puff look. Perfect for those of you who are looking for an elegant look this hairstyle has “responsible” written all over it.

7. Messy loose braid

This messy French braid is a classic hairstyle worn by the likes of Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor. Wispy strands add texture to this somewhat loose braid. It will make for a perfect look at college or when meeting friends for study later.

8. Pigtail boxer braids

These thin braids look super cute and can be worn at lectures and beyond! Boxer braids have become very trendy in the US and Europe and slowly this trend is hitting India as well. So if you want to impress you friends consider copying this hairstyle.

9. Side braid and bun

Wearing you hair up in a bun looks tidy and allows you to focus especially when you are busy jotting down lecture notes. Add a braided headband to make the look more stylish.

10. Twisted top knot for college

If you are the more adventurous type you could always try this side top knot. Side part your hair at the front and then tie and twist the rest of the hair to one side. Secure with bobby pins. Th

11. Simple fringe and open hairstyle for college

You can look super sexy if you let you hair loose and get a fringe cut in the front. There is not much else you will need to do. This hairstyle is a winner and will surely be popular at university. Add highlights for more color and texture.

12. Simple topknot

This simple topknot has been inspired by the half knot or hun hairstyle. Half buns have become extremely popular on Instagram so no wonder they are becoming popular in India as well. These are very simple and low maintenance and perfect for when you are running late to a lesson.

13. Sonam Kapoor style ponytail

This is one of the most popular college hairstyles these days. You can get inspiration from Sonam Kapoor and go for a corn braid on the side that ends up in a ponytail hairstyle.


14: Twin top knot hairstyle

Go for this playful look that has college days written all over it. If you feel it’s too daring for the campus then you can certainly wear it later while partying.


#15: Indian Front fringe for chic college hair

This front fringe that reaches the eyebrows is super becoming. There is nothing complicated about it and yet it will look super chic and cute when attending class.

#16: Relaxed Side bun hairstyle for college

A chilled nonchalant look like this one is perfect for studying and hanging out with friends on campus.

#17: Stylish ponytail top for university

This playful ponytail is perfect for getting noticed. The hair has been side parted at the front and frames the face nicely.


Hopefully these college hairstyles have given you some inspiration to hit the campus with. Check out more hairstyles on Hairstyle Monkey for more hairstyles for Indian women!