20 Best Side Side Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

Side bun hairstyles can look super fashionable on Indian women. Hair buns and judas suit Indian women well. Side buns, in particular,  suit sarees, lehengas and other traditional Indian clothing perfectly.

There are many variations to choose from when wearing a bun to the side. You can combine them with braids, twists, and curls to get a look for almost any occasion.

20 Side bun hairstyles suited for Indian women with long hair

#1: Crown braid and twirling side locks

This hairstyle consists of a braid that starts at the top of the forehead and curls around to meet to bun on the side. The hair has been teased at the back to make that raised poof. The bun has been beautifully curled to one side. To achieve this look you might need to help of a friend with some hairstyling experience or you might need to visit a hair salon.

#2: Curly left sloping bun hairstyle

This messy loose bun is perfect for lazy afternoons when you want to get all that hair out of the way. Ladies with long hair look and learn.  The hair has been braided first and folded into a disheveled bundle to one side. If unkempt hairstyles are your thing this is surely one to try.

#3: Curly side bun hairstyle

This curly side bun hairstyle is supremely elegant. Perfect for a wedding or sangeet the hair bun has been beautifully arranged into an exquisite assortment of curls. You will need a bunch of bobby pins to keep things in place but the result is outstanding.

#4: Diagonal braided updo

It’s always nice to combine hairstyles together. This multi strand braid runs along the side of the head and meets a twirling bun at the bottom right hand side.

#5: Funky side bun for Indian hair

This Indian hair bun is superb. Dutch braid along the top and then fold the braid into the bun at the back.

#6: Indian loose side swept hair bun

This Indian side bun will match a saree or salwar perfectly. Side part you hair and section off some hair at the front. Tie the hair at the back into a curly loose hair bun. Then twist the side strands and fold them into the bun.

#7: Indian messy side bun with flower

For added effect you can add a flower to one side of your bun to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Part your hair into two sections. Tease the hair of the back section at the crown to raise a poof. Then make a thin braid running along the top. Curl any leftover bangs into twirling ringlets for added effect.

#8: Knotted trendy low side bun

This sleek side bun is pretty innovative. Once you have tangled a ponytail into a low hair bun at the back you can wrap the side sections around the back. Secure with bobby pins. Then fold any remaining side sections into the buns to cover the bobby pins.

#9: Loose mermaid braid worn to one side

This loose braid hangs loosely over the shoulders. The curls on the side will match a summer dress perfectly.

#10: Loose messy bun on one sides

This side down do is perfect for relaxed looks. Add a bejeweled hair clip for extra aesthetic.

#11: Low side bun with braids and flowers

This is one of the chicest side bun hairstyles. A dutch braid runs along each side of the head. The hair has been bunched up and folded beautifully. The flowers decorate the hair really nicely.

#12: Princess Leia double side bun hairstyle

When it comes to listing side buns no one can miss the Star Wars princess Leia double side bun hairstyle. Get your inter galactic look mojo with the cute twin side bun hairstyle.

#13: Side bun hairstyle with side braid

This side bun is joined by a beautiful braid that starts at the top of the head and wraps itself around the bun. Leave a curling ringlet on either side for added effect.

#14: Side bun with Dutch braid

Here is a similar concept only this time the braid starts on the same side as the bun. French braid your hair until half way and then continue with a normal braid. Wrap the normal braid around the side bun and voila you are done. If you like you can tease the hair at the crown beforehand for that added volume.

#15: Side bun with ringlet bangs

This side bun look beautiful with the double ringlets on the side.

#16: Side juda updo with braid

This knotted side bun hairstyle is joined by a braid that starts near the forehead. Merging elements of tradition and fashion this hairstyle is perfect for a saree or lehenga choli.

#17: Simple braid and side bun

This simple loose bun leans toward on side while a thick French braid forms a wreath for the hair above. Add flowers into the braid itself.

#18: Simple Indian side bun with poof

This simple side bun is classy and super easy to do at the same time. Tease your hair at the top for added volume and let the bangs decorate the face.

#19: Simple side juda with bow

I love how twirled side bun sits so effortlessly  above the shoulder. The polka dotted bow adds a layer of cuteness. To do this side bun make a ponytail and then loop it through the middle of the hair just above the elastic band. Repeat a couple of times and twist any remaining hair into a bun. Secure with bobby pins and you are ready to party!

#20: Twirly curly side bun for Indian women

This twirling side bun is majestic and graceful. Appropriate for formal occasion where you want something cutting edge but traditional at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed browsing these side bun hairstyles and that you got a few ideas you can try. Side buns usually require quite a few bobby pins to be kept in place. There are a number of options: twirling, braiding and bunching up are all techniques you can use. To add layers of cuteness you can combine side bun hairstyles with hair accessories such as bows or flowers.

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Happy hairstyling!