20 Outstanding Hairstyles by Shraddha Kapoor to Inspired You

Shraddha Kapoor’s hairstyles are varied and wonderful. From sassy braids to classy front hairstyles Shraddha knows how to wear it and flaunt it. Side plaits, ponytails, open hairstyles, loose buns and cornrows are just some of the hairstyles you will find her in. We have presented many other Bollywood celebrities’ hairstyles in previous posts such as Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and more. None of them however exhibit the variety and experimentation that Shraddha Kapoor’s hairstyles do. That is why we recommend that if you are into hairstyles you watch and learn from Shraddha. She definitely has a thing or two up her sleeve to teach us about styling hair.

20 Shraddha Kapoor hairstyle ideas to really get inspired by

#1: Hair band hairstyle

Get Shraddha’s easy girl-next-door look by popping on a headband! Add a backcombed pouf to take it to the next level. This hairstyles has that classy 60s retro aesthetic to it and will look superb in a plain dress or gown. The bow in the head band sends out cuteness vibes. It’s also really quick to do. Go all Bollywood within a few seconds.

#2: Open layered hairstyle

Layers for the win! Here Shraddha has used a curling tong to give her chin to mid-back layers a bit of a wave 80’s style. The middle parting gives it that classic college girl hairstyle. You will probably need to visit a hair salon to get the layers made properly. But once that is done you are set to get heads turning without much fuss in preparation.

#3: Reception hairstyle

This sassy updo is perfect for any function such as a mehndi party or wedding reception. The hair has been straightened and tied up in a high bun. Leave a side fringe loose to frame one side of your face and free some strands of hair to cascade over and to the front of one shoulder.

#4: High ponytail

Shraddha Kapoor looks supremely elegant in this high ponytail. Adding height to a ponytail is a clever trick to make more of an impression. Combine that with a front puff to get that really classy look. The cool thing about this ponytail is that it works for a variety of situations from formal functions to working out at the gym.

#5: Shraddha’s loose bun hairstyle

This loose bun has chic and chillaxed written all over it. The cool thing about loose hair buns such as this is that they do not require much preparation. Combine it with western clothes such a skirt and shirt or jeans and top.

#6: Front puff hairstyle

This front puff is uber cool. You will just need to backcomb your hair to get the puff. Then all you really need to do is to brush the rest of your hair and let it fall neatly on your shoulders. Shraddha wore this with a silky blue dress to match it but it could equally work well in a maxi dress or gown.

#7: The hun hairstyle

Half bun hairstyles, otherwise known as hun hairstyles, have become really popular. They send off those hipster vibes. Shraddha Kapoor is clearly aware of that given the more hipster type of clothes she is wearing to match the hairstyle. This hairstyle is a cool modern style that suits Indian women given the front puff.

#8: Shraddha Kapoor’s messy side braid

Now we are talking messy! This untidy side swept braid has been brought forward in front of the shoulder. Intertwine a colorful piece a string and loosed some strands to form side bangs on the other side. This side parted plait is for those who want a really nonchalant messy look.

#9: Ringlet bangs

This hairstyle of Shraddha Kapoor’s will suit any formal occasion perfectly. If you are attending a gala event or a formal evening party then this hairstyle will fit the bill perfectly. The side fringe and curled ringlets frame the face nicely and give it that professional fashion model look.

#10: Side swept hairstyle with cornrows

This is one of Shraddha Kapoor’s signature hairstyles. I have seen this hairstyle being copied literally everywhere. Here we see Shraddha flaunting the side corn rows with the rest of her hair open and worn to the side. This suits the strapless dress supremely well. Watch and learn girls! Watch and learn

#11: Curly updo

Draping the saree in a different way is what the whole look is about here. Hence Shraddha does not need to do anything overcomplicated with her hair. Wear a high hair bun when your clothes are already making a statement on their own. It keeps the hair out of the way, look chic and you can show off you earrings as well!

#12: High bun with loose bangs

I really love how well this simple high hair bun goes with the fashionable dress. Shraddha is excellent at combining the right hairstyles with the appropriate attire.

#13: Gown hairstyle

Shraddha looks simply spectacular in this gown and simple hairstyle. If you like this hairstyles you might also want to check out our post on hairstyles for evening gowns.

#14: Curly pony hairstyle

I love the simplicity of the outfit being combined with a high ponytail and loose bangs.You can use a mini claw clip to achieve the high ponytail effect. The minute you do a high ponytail you add a touch of class to the hairstyle.

#15: Lehenga hairstyle with head chain

Head chain hairstyles can look really amazing as Shraddha shows us here. They also go really well with lehenga cholis.

#16: High ponytail

The high ponytail is one of Shraddha’s favorite hairstyles. If you are wearing jeans and a top then this a really chic hairstyle to suit it.

#17: Shraddha with middle parted open hairstyle

Sometimes one needn’t do too much to their hair. In the pic below Shraddha has simply let her hair loose with a middle parted open hairstyle. Keep things simple to draw attention to the face and clothes you are wearing. It’s also useful for when you are in a hurry.

#18: Cute as ever with mini claw clip hairstyle

Claw clips can do wonders. In a hurry? Just clip on one of those small butterfly clips and you have cuteness guaranteed.

#19: Shraddha with rainbow hairstyle

This half bun hairstyles really stands out for the rainbow layers. If you feel bold enough head out to your favorite salon and get this party hairstyle.

#20: Side swept hair do

This side swept hair do looks beautiful. The hair is twisted or loose braided on one side. It will suit any kind of attire whether its a saree, gown, maxi dress or gown.



Ok we hope you enjoyed these Shraddha Kapoor hairstyles  and that they gave you some food for thought and inspiration too. Keep looking up Shraddha because she is bound to continue experimenting with her hair and inspiring us all. If you enjoyed this post you might also want to check out our post on Naynthara hairstyles or other celebrities whose hairstyles we keep a tab on. And remember when it comes to Indian hairstyles follow Hairstyle Monkey!