37 Best Short Hairstyles for Indian Women: Ideas You Will Love

Short hairstyles look great on Indian women. It takes guts and valor to chop off the locks you have grown for years! Some do it out of obligations, some do it to manage less hair and some just do it to appease their free spirit!

A lot of Indian women think that having short hair limits your choices of hairstyles. Well, this article is going to prove them wrong!

There are a variety of short hairstyles Indian women can opt for: boy cuts, undercuts, bobs and pixie cuts are just some of the textures you can go for. In addition you can explore using various dyes and highlights in your hair. It doesn’t matter wether you have straight or curly hair. If you are planning on going short there are plenty of options.

Let’s examine some of the best short hairstyles for Indian girls below.

37 Awesome short hairstyles for Indian women

#1: Bright pink short undercut for girls

This is a very dramatic look! Pink represents so many things: Punk, fun, femininity are some of the words that come to our mind when we see this color. So be bold and add some fluorescent under color to your hair. Use a little bit of bronze highlighting to add some volume to the hair.

#2: Classy Indian pixie cut

This cut is a portrayal of attitude, determination and confidence. Let your hair scrape the top of your neck and let a section cover the length of your ears. Add a liberal front fringe until your eye brows. This hairstyle suits dark hair most.

#3: Cool short Indian hairstyle with close shaved side

Do you wish to surprise your loved ones with an unexpected makeover? Or perhaps you wish to sport a hairstyle that’s more of a statement than a mere cut? Here is your answer. Cut your hair very short, leaving just the hair at the top of your head. Now, gently work on this hair and align them into a nice side bang sort of a cut. Lastly, draw some dramatic signs by shaving sections of the hair.

#4: Curly side swept hairstyle for short hair

Women with wavy hair are always searching to create new looks with their hair. You will thank your stars after looking at this short and curly hairstyle. Pump up the curls in your hair to make them very very messy.

Now cut the hair short, just leaving a twirl starting from one top corner of your head until the earlobe of the opposite corner. Finally use a bright color to enhance the overall look.

#5: Frizzy asymmetrical indian hairstyle for short hair

Everything in one hairstyle! Curls, frizz, style, oomph! This hairstyle is for the whacky little lass, who does not have much time to tame her hair. This out-of-bed look will sail you through the parties and get-togethers!

#6: Indian asymmetrical short hairstyles

Here is a step by step tutorial to asymmetry. Cut a really long side swept bang on the side that suits your profile. Trim the rest of the hair really short. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to curl the length of the hair or just let it be straight.

#7: Indian pixie cut for short hair

Simple, messy and very low maintenance, this hairstyle is for the woman of the 21st century. This literally takes no time investment on your end. Mostly suited for women with long and oval shaped faces, this hairstyle is a favorite of those who are always on the run. Just make sure the layers are done right!

#8: Pink and blue side swept pixie cut

A pixie cut with a twist! This hairstyle is a longish version of the traditional pixie cut. Use different hues of pink and blue to accentuate the various lengths of hair. Leave some of the original color of your hair just at the scalp, so that the fresh colors blend in well. Use some gel to style your hair every time, to make sure you highlight just the right strands.

#9: Short and curly Indian bob

Highlights do magic to plain hair, don’t they! And what is a good way to emphasize those highlights? Curls! Make sure your hair are cut into a nice bob. Highlight your hair liberally, and prep them up. Finally, curl your hair into some big bold twirls and you are ready! This hairstyle can be worn on almost all formal occasions.

#10: Short bob for round Indian face

Indian faces are usually oval to roundish in shape. Add layers of hair, or long bangs that fall on the sides to add a nice line to the sides of your face. Any hairstyle that does this, gives a more chiseled look to our face and a simple bob cut not only adds immense volume to the hair but also adds oodles of style! Ask for some waves when you get this cut. It will enhance the overall look of the hairstyle.

#11: Short boy cut with red highlights

This short boy-cut look gorgeously fashionable. While you can combine it with any style of clothing it will look particularly good in an loose 80s style top and washed out jeans. Consider adding red highlights for extra oomph. Red highlights look surprisingly good on Indian women.

#12: Short ear length boy cut for Indian girls

Here is a boy cut with a twist. Yes, literally a twist. This hairstyle will be perfect for women with rough hair. So ask your hairdresser to give you a boy cut but leave the length covering the ears. This is an absolutely zero maintenance hairstyle. All the no conditioner, no serum days will only add to the look of this hairstyle.

#13: Short Indian hairstyle with shaved pattern on one side

Make heads turn with this beautiful Indian hairstyle! Divide your hair into a 70:30 ratio. Give a bob cut to the 70%. Shave the scalp to make patterns. Choose a design of your liking. Maybe something that reminds you of a story or something that defines you? Go ahead and get that shave!

#14: Short indian neck length bob

Your search for the classic, trendy, ageless, timeless and all occasion hairstyle ends here! Not too short, not too long, this hairstyle is just the perfect length to be adorned with just about any outfit. Swoon in a saree or tango in a skirt, this hairstyle will complement just about any piece of cloth you call a dress! Don’t forget to experiment with some color and highlights.

#15: Short red bob Indian hairstyle

All of us with short hair have had times when we wondered, what else I do with my bob cut. Well, a simple 15 minutes job can do amazing things to your personality. Paint it red! Red is bold, powerful and fearless. Make sure to make a statement with this color!


#16: Simple Indian pixie cut

Short hair, don’t care! Lovely black straight hair can give a very appealing feel to the simple Indian pixie cut. Not only is this easy to carry but it’s also easy to maintain. Make sure you get regular trims to keep this hairstyle in shape. A very dress neutral style, you can end all worries about what will this go with!

#17: Simple short hairstyle for indian girl

This is one of the most trending hairstyle amongst students and young professionals. All of us must have noticed that this hairstyle appears in every second TV commercial and every third print ad. A little different from its brother boy cut, this style has a very girly feel to it. Cut the hair at the top of your mane in a longish manner. It should give the look of a side bang reaching up to your cheek bone.

#18: Simple short hairstyle with curved side fringe

Leave a slightly long section of hair when you get this cut. The hair should just about reach the middle of your neck. It is especially important to make sure you check on both sides of your face and choose the side that suits you better. Even your earrings can play a little hide and seek with this one!

#19: Simple short indian hairstyle for round face

Some hairstyles are a bit trickier to pull off than others. So be sure about this one before going to the hair salon. It is most suited for the round oval face as it really brings out the best of your features. There is a short front fringe, one ear covered complete, the other ear covered and some hair left dangling around. The back of your head will be more or less like a boy cut. How about wearing a large earring only on one side?

#20: Trendy short boy cut for round Indian face

This is another one of the short hairstyles that is perfect for a round face. First of all, the frontal hair and the top hair is much longer than the back of the head. Also, this hairstyle gives an illusion of a very thick and bouncy bunch of hair. It’s easy peasy to carry this hairstyle all day long!

#21: Trendy short haircut with long side fringe

This hairstyle is last on our list but it is definitely one of the sassiest short hairstyles we have seen! The key here is for the long side fringe should cover your eyes and just tease the jawline. Let there be a peek-a-boo for the ear that hides behind the fringe. You may add a hint of bronze highlights to up the style quotient.


#22: Simple boy cut hairstyle

This simple boy cut will be easy for your hairstylist to copy. It’s a no nonsense hairstyle that you can feel comfortable wearing around friends and colleagues alike.


#23: Very short haircut for Indian women

If you are feeling adventurous then consider this super short hairstyle.


#24: Aishwarya Rai’s pixie cut

In this rate photo Aishwarya sports a unique pixie cut hairstyle. The hair is short all around apart from the feathered mullet cut at the nape of the neck. Try this pixie cut if you want to look like a Bollywood star.

#25: Anushka Sharma’s pixie cut

Anushka’s pixie cut frames the face beautifully. The hair covers the ears brining out the pixie in her. This short hairstyle is truly elegant and will look spectacular in any style of clothing. Perfect for those of you with thin and somewhat straight hair.

#26: Indian Pixie cut with long fringe

You can still do this hairstyle if you have curly hair. This short boycut has a beautiful fringe that drops in front of the right eye. Adding some color to your hair can make the pixie cut even more interesting to look at.

#27: Kangana Ranaut’s pixie hairstyle

Kangana Ranaut pulled off an amazing pixie cut at this fashion show. The front fringe is beautifully cut in varying lengths. It will look great in any type of clothing and especially business attire. Of course you might need to loose the funky bow in a business presentation!

#28: Natalie Portman’s hairstyle

It wouldn’t be a complete list of we didn’t include Natalie Portman. Famous for her red carpet pixie cuts Natalie Portman shows us how it’s done. This hairstyle has a more boyish look and looks beautiful in an evening gown.

#29: Pixie cut by Vurve Salon in Chennai

If you are ever in Chennai make sure you visit Vurve Salon because they definitely know a lot when it comes to hairstyling short hairstyles. The sharply shaved sides make a nice contrast to the rest of the hairstyle.

#30: Pixie cut for thin face

If you have a thin face then layer your hair over your ears and have a nice side parting at the front.

#31: With clip for grown out hair

With pixie cuts you can afford to wear hair clips especially when the hair it growing out. It looks super cute!

#32: With feathered edges

This version is slightly longer than the rest. Cut the bangs at eye length to get a more mysterious look. You can always pin them back with a tic tac pin if the hair gets too annoying with being in the eyes.

#33: Boy cut version

This one brings the front right over the forehead reaching the eyebrows. Boy cuts like look especially good on long thin faces.

#34: Pooja Bhatt’s version

One the first Indian actresses to sport a pixie cut was Pooja Bhatt. The curly side bang that rolls on the cheek has 70s written all over it. Go for this hairstyle if you are looking for a more mature and retro look.

#35: Side swept pixie cut

This side swept pixie cut is short on the sides and at the back and longer on top. This hairstyle has been around for a while and the cross earring takes us back to the 80s.


#36: Short stylish Indian bob

This stylish blunt cut bob looks super trendy. Brush your hair forward and get in style!


#36: Short bob with side fringe

This straight bob with a side fringe looks marvelous. Perfect for straight shiny hair you can wear this to work or partying with equal appeal.

Short hairstyles look beautiful on Indian girls. All in all they are still unusual and it will surely catch your eye to see an Indian woman with short hair. There are loads of hair salons that specialize in short hairstyles. Hopefully you have gotten some fresh ideas for trying something new.

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