19 Shaved Hairstyles and Undercuts for Trendy Women

Can a woman shave her hair and still look stylish? Well, this article answers the question to satisfactory levels. Read on.

Shaving your hair is one of the easiest ways of getting an easy going style. You can finally save the hours you spend cleaning and applying different products on your hair. Further, older women always look younger and full of life with these styles.

It is important to appreciate a few facts before you go for the haircuts described in this article. They are:

  • Your hair will grow fast.

Once you have a side or undercut, be assured that the hairs will start to grow almost immediately. It may cost you a little more to go the hairstylist than in the past. Fortunately, there is a way out. Some of the styles can be maintained easily by investing in tools such as two mirrors, a good hair clipper, and guide combs. Go through online tutorials and find ways of achieving a clean and smooth cut.

  • Your perspective must change

By going for sophisticated haircuts, you will have demonstrated that you are not afraid of being different. You must adopt a bold walk and talk. At the same time, invest in products that keep your hair and skin healthy. A daily dose of healthy meals, sufficient sleep, and simple exercises will go a long way in ensuring that your hairs looks good at all times. Regular shampooing and moisturizing of your hair will also be helpful.

  • Experimentation will become a reality

Whereas you may been limited to specific styles and products, shaving your hair allows you to have one style in one week and change it in the next. Take advantage of these moments and create a cool party hairstyle. A little research opens you to a world of a never-ending fun. You also get information on styles that do not match your facial features, profession, and age.

Check out these great shaved hairstyles for ideas to try. 

19 Amazing shaved hairstyles and undercuts

#1: Straight Bob with Shaved Temple

This style is ideal for a woman who is trying to maintain a professional hairstyle for the office. It is possible to conceal the shaved part with long hair when you want to maintain a standard hairstyle. If you love to wear exquisite jewelry, you can easily showcase them. The best thing is that you don’t need a lot of resources for the process. All you need is a hair clipper and razor and you will have created a different look at the comfort of your home.


#2: Asymmetrical Undercut Hairstyle

This style will thrill anyone trying to create an illusion of twists and mystery with their hair. A young girl tired of long curly hair will particularly be happy to introduce a staggering side shave. The working and business class women will demonstrate their sense of class and creativity with this style.

#3: Star Design at the Bottom or Side of the Hair Cut

When you truly wish to stand out in a crowd, a star on the cut part of your hair is the way to go. Ensuring that the rest of the hair is straight and has a darker shade of color will enhance the look since the star is more visible to the world.

#4: A Simple Mohawk

If you don’t love the complications of stars and other shapes on your head, a simple Mohawk will work for you. The hairstyle originates from the indigenous people who inhabited America before civilization. The American troops would later adopt the style during the Second World War to intimidate their opponents. It has since been used by both the males and females from all walks of life. Anyone trying to run away from gender labels will love the style. Whereas you are unlikely to intimidate the onlookers, you will have made a statement that you are bold.

#5: Super Short Hair

If you love simplicity, just cut your completely short.  It is a bold move yet easily to maintain. You will notice a reduction of the volumes of shampoos and moisturizers you once used to clean your hair. Shave the sides shorter than other parts of the hair to create a twist. Adding some color is also acceptable.

#6: Thick Braids and an Undercut

Maintaining thick hair can be a daunting task. The professional hairstylist may have complained about how long they have to spend in creating your ideal look. You can solve this problem by having an undercut and braiding a part of your hair. You will have turned your problem into a defining element of your style. This hairstyle is perfect for college!

#7: Top Ban and Shaved Nape

When you don’t want to lose your ban and you are tired of styling voluminous hair, this style will work for you. The best thing is that you can still create an illusion that you are still maintaining your long and wavy hair by undoing the ban. If you want to keep everyone staring, come up with shapes on the shaved part. From flowers, love hearts, zigzags, the choice is yours.

#8: Bald cut

Baldness is often associated with the aging men. Women who have lost their hair due to diseases, pregnancy, and drugs are also known to go for the cut. They will hide it under a wig and hope that their shame will be eliminated once their hair starts to grow. This does not have to be the case. You can stay away from the myths and misconceptions and instead find a way to rock the style. With massive jewelry and good make-up, you will boldly make a statement. It must be maintained on a daily basis. The hair clippers used for this style must be extremely sharp for a smooth finish. Also, their ergonomic design should allow you to have a good grip of the tool and hence do away with the hair without accidents. The hair clipper guard appropriate for the cut is zero.

#9: Clipper Cut Style

A good variation of a Mohawk is clipper cut style. Adding curls to the hair ushers in a sense of playfulness and uniqueness. If you want to be different from every other woman trying the style, you can try different highlights such as grey and gold.

#10: Shaved Sides with Braids

You don’t have to completely do away with the braids just because you are cutting your hair. All you need is to hire a stylist who can come up with the right color and volume of braids to create a sense of balance and class.

#11: Long Side Braid and Cut

With one long braid and cut, you will have pushed all the edges in the styling world. Yet, you will still maintain a feminine look by allowing your long hair to grow on the other part of your head. The braided part must be done carefully and expertly since it automatically becomes a defining part of your style.

#12: Shaved and Tattooed Side Cut

When different shapes cease to work for you, find an artist who can come up with the most outstanding tattoo on the shaved part. It helps you to express your feelings in a way that simple dressing and hairstyle cannot. It can also be a reminder of difficult or happy moments of your life. Again, if you have been debating on where you should place a tattoo, then your head is one of the best places. You can hide it when your hair grows. It is also unlikely to look weird when old age kicks in. If anything, you are at liberty to go for temporary art work. You must completely do away with the hair for the tattoo to remain visible. Sharp and powerful hair clippers and razors will help you through.

#13: Shaved Nape and a Bang

Probably you still want to maintain your bang and shave your hair. Well, this is possible! All you need to do is to shave the back part of your head, leave some hair for a ban. For ideal results, you must find a stylist who will determine the right volume and length to cut or leave.

#14: The Pompadour Hairstyle

If you always wanted to show your tough and rough side, this hair cut will do it for you. It works perfectly if you find an out of the ordinary color such as grey and maroon. It is easy to maintain, allowing the party girl to go wild and steel remain chic.

#15: Side Cut with Side Burn

Side burns have long been associated with the appealing side of men. It does not, however, mean that women are completely prohibited from choosing the style. It simply means that you must be creative when going for it. You want to leave some part of your hair long and flowing while the side burn remains visible on the cut part of your head. It creates a fierce and feminine look.

#16: Pigtails Space Buns and an Undercut

It is exciting to try different hair styles all at the same time. You will create a look that no one else will dare try. This style does this for you. The pigtails have become popular in the styling world. Combined with the space buns and shaved undercut, you will not be worried about maintaining the look. Young girls trying to define their personality will look incredible in this style.

#17: Shaved and Layered hair

This style is not for the fainthearted. You must be willing to not only get stares from other women, but you must also take time to maintain it. However, in the hair styling world, anything is possible for the determined person. The underneath is shaved completely to create a chance for the layered part to look appealing.

#18: Shaved and Ready For Party Hairstyle

Once in a while, you may feel the need to have a look that indicates that life is one big party. You can shave the sides and create a rough and curly Mohawk pixie hairstyle. Combining it in a way that creates a boyish look shows the world that you can be tough and playful.  Adding a white or grey color makes it even better.

#19: Short Pixie Cut

If you are one of the ladies whose bone structure is well-articulated, then this style is a must-try. The term pixie is associated with mystery creatures in the Cornwall region. The creatures are said to be mischievous, childlike, and short. They love to dance and fight at night. The artists have created their own interpretations of the creatures, leading to the evolution of incredibly edgy hairstyles. The best thing with this look is that it is easy to maintain. Create more mystery by adding some lovely color and every head in your world will turn.


Certainly, there are many styles for women who desire to shave their hair and still remain feminine. Doing a close an evaluation of the different options is important in this regard. For more details and help, go to https://www.hairclippersclub.com/best-nose-ear-eyebrow-trimmers-for-men-women-reviews/