16 Pics Studying Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Hairstyles: Ideas to Copy

In this post we’ll study some of the best Samantha hairstyles. From elegant updos to wild open hairstyles Samantha Ruth Prabhu has experimented with a little bit of everything.

Drawing inspiration from the actresses’s hairstyling technique you will hopefully come up with some similar ideas for yourself.

Let’s take a closer look.

Samantha Hairstyles that will inspire you

#1: Elegant hair bun for saree by Samantha

Samantha looks exquisite in this updo hair bun and a saree. The wavy side parting at the front elevates the look to that famous actress level.

#2: Elegant updo by Samantha

This chic updo by Samantha is a great idea for when you need to look good in a gown or dress. The side parting keeps things neat.



#3: Loose updo by Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Loose hair buns such as the one Samantha is sporting here can do wonders!

#4: Open curly hairstyle by Samantha

If you have curly hair you should definitely consider letting it loose and showing it off. Samantha can teach a thing or two when it comes to open hairstyles. In this pic Samantha’s curly hair fall beautifully on her shoulders and her saree.

#5: Open hairstyle by Samantha

Here is alternative rendition of Samantha’s open hairstyle. The hair has been side parted at the front and the loose curly strands fall on the right shoulder. This is a good look to sport with a simple dress or a tank top.

#6: Puff half updo by Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha looks gorgeous in this medium length hairstyle. The front puff add a level of chicness to an otherwise simple hairstyle.

#7: Samantha in low hair bun and saree

This braided low hair bun looks perfect on Saree. With the hair out of the way you can afford to wear some pretty impressive earrings.

#8: Samantha Ruth Prabhu with open hairstyle

This open hairstyle for straight or wavy hair look beautiful. Consider taking a hair iron to your hair if you don’t have straight hair.

#9: Samantha Ruth Prabhus high hair bun

This messy high hair bun is one of the best Samantha hairstyles I have seen. It is ideal for a gown or evening dress. The front side fringe make things interesting.

#10: Samantha with feather cut hairstyle

This one of those rare occasions where we see Samantha in a more western looking hairstyle. The feather cut hairstyle suits her perfectly and works with any type of clothing.

#11: Samantha with fishtail side braid

This fishtail braid looks beautiful on a saree. It is very simple to do and will match a necklace or earrings nicely. Check out our post on braiding hair to find out how to do it.


#12: Samantha with medium open hairstyle

This medium open hairstyle and overall look take us back to the 80s. Wavy shoulder length hair works extremely well when worn open and loose over a tank top. Show us how it’s done Samantha!

#13: Samantha with puff and half open hairstyle

Half buns and half updos are all the rage these days. In this pic Samantha has done a pretty cool half updo hairstyle by pinning a puff at the top of her head.

#14: Samantha with side braid hairstyle

Another version of the side braid. This time Samantha has done a simple braid rather than a fishtail braid like in the previous pics.

#15: Samantha’s open cascading hairstyle

One the best Samantha hairstyles, this twirling waterfall hairstyle looks exquisite. The side parted front and drop on one shoulder has creates that fashion model look. Consider copying this hairstyle especially if you are planning on wearing an evening dress.

#16: Simple ponytail by Samantha

Sometime all one needs to look like a Bollywood star is a simple ponytail. The front bangs make the hairstyle extra sassy. Wear it with Jeans and top if you want to copy Samantha.

I hope this hairstyles by Samantha have given you some inspiration to try something for yourself. If not feel free to browse more hairstyles on Hairstyle Monkey and get inspired! Happy hairstyling!