12 Best Puff Ponytails Hairstyles for Indian Women

Puff ponytails look great! Typically a puff hairstyle refers to raising the front part of the hair while a poof refers to raising the back part of the hair just above the crown. So I when I say puff ponytails I mean those hairstyles when the hair is teased just above the forehead to create that quintessential Bollywood look.

Many Bollywood celebrities sport the ponytail puff. The most  famous of these is Deepika Padukone’s. If you take a look at any of Deepika’s ponytails you will see she almost always combines it with a front hair puff.

Check out some of the pics below to see how Bollywood actresses are styling their puff ponytails.

Puff ponytails ideas from Bollywood

#1: Deepika Padukone’s puff ponytail

Deepika is probably the star of puff ponytail. She is literally sporting some variation of the puff 90% of the time. To make this ponytail tie you hair up in a ponytail at the back but leave a strand of hair aside. Wrap the strand of hair around the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. To make the puff you will need to have parted the hair at the front before hand. Tease the hair underneath and then bring the front section up and over to join the ponytail at the back. For more texture consider using highlights. You can check our more Deepika Padukone hairstyles here.


#2: Hair puff ponytail by Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka looks too dapper in this high ponytail and puff. The front side bangs make a lovely contrast. To make the high pony you might want to try using a banana clip.Tease your hair and backcomb it underneath to get the puff.

#3: Kareena Kapoor’s high ponytail with front puff

This lovely ponytail look as it if was made for a puff. You will need to know a thing or two about ponytails to to do this one. The trick is to use three thick elastic bands. This will spruce up the ponytail giving it that bounce.

#4: Nayanthara with puff and fishtail braid

Nayanthara combines a uniform puff with a fishtail braid. You could easily do the same with a ponytail if you don’t have time for braiding a fishtail plait.

#5: Ponytail puff and side braids by Tamannaah

Tamannah’s front puff and ponytail is simply rad. She looks like a heroine from a Mad Max movie.  The hair has been corn braided on either side and she has given herself a generous looking puff.

#6: Ponytail with high puff by Sonam Kapoor

You can go completely boho rad with this exaggerated puff like Sonam Kapoor. Just make a slick back ponytail and use some extra hair to raise that puff.

#7: Ponytail with puff by Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline does an excellent variation of the ponytail puff with this swerving curly front puff and pony combo. It will look extremely chic in a gown or other party wear.

#8: Ponytail with wavy puff by Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor does a similar variation to Jaqueline above. This super glamorous curly puff matches the stylish western attire perfectly.

#9: Puff ponytail collections by Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt frequently sports puff ponytail combination. In these pics you can see different variations.

#10: Puff ponytail with side bangs

A nice way to combine a puff and ponytail is to add some side bangs at the front. This make the hairstyle more interesting to look at.

#11: Puff with twists ponytail

Hansika Motwani knows a thing or two about hairstyles. Twisted strands of hair join the ponytail and the puff is quite voluminous as well.

#12: Tamanna with puffed ponytail

Tamannah’s simple puff is super easy to do. The uniform puff is candid and will suit almost any occasion wether it be work or play.

I hope these ponytail puffs by famous actresses have given you some inspiration to try something new. If you want to find out more about styling a puff you can check out our tutorials on puff hairstyles.

Happy hairstyling girls!