19 Puff Hairstyles to Complement a Round Face

Puff hairstyle refers to the raised hair made with the help of a comb, especially, right on the forehead. This hairstyle suits the women with a small forehead the most because it makes the forehead look bigger. No matter what kind of attires and jewelry one wears, the appeal of a beautiful hairstyle will never get any less. If you want to draw the attention of the people around, you must choose a glamorous and trendy hairstyle. Don’t worry if you have a round face because puff hairstyle is the right hairstyle for round face. It will conceal the roundness giving the face an elongating look. A well-planned puff hairstyle can transform the look in many ways which you have never imagined.

19 Awesome puffed hairstyles for rounded faces

#1: Big puff with big bun

To get this hairstyle one must have a good volume of hair that can make a big bun. At first, comb up the hair to raise it to make a puff hairstyle. Incorporate all the rest hair together and place them keeping a center in the middle. There you can create a big bun. One can use a small tiara or crown on the top of the bun to get a great hairstyle easily.

#2: Braid in the middle for round face

Divide your hair into two portions and create a braid as a border. This will give you a very well-maintained look that will impress any hairstyle enthusiast. Make sure that you are not making any mess while having the braided look.

#3: Bun and Puff hairstyle for round face

Creating a bun is the most convenient way of managing the hair like a pro within a short time. This bun will be beautified largely if associated with the charm of a puff hairstyle. Simply create a puff on the front side of the hair and a bun on the back.

#4: Curly hair puff for rounded face

Some women have curly hair and some other make it curly deliberately. Both of them can have a puff hairstyle applied to the curly hair. Puff the front side hair and let the rest of the hair remain curly.

#5: High raised puff for round face

If you have a good amount of hair that can be combed to make a big puff, this is the style you are searching for. This is mainly done with traditional Indian look. A saree can also enhance the beauty of this hairstyle to a great extent.

#6: Messy puff for round face

If you are in a hurry but have to look trendy, try this one. Tie the hair and backcomb it making a high end on the backside of the head. Create a hollowness inside the hair which will make the puff. Rock on with this simple puff hairstyle.

#7: Multiple braids

If you don’t want to go unnoticed at any cost, you can try this hairstyle. Use multiple braids to get a stunning look that will wow everyone for sure. A puff hairstyle will make these braids look more attractive.

#8: Pompadour with a puff

Pompadour is one of the most ancient hairstyles that were mainly worn by women of royal families. A pompadour will look beautiful if associated with a puff hairstyle. Guide the front side hair to become a puff and roll the hair of the back resembling a traditional pompadour.

#9: Puff at the top hairstyle

Perfect for round faces, this is a hairstyle for those who don’t like to make a puff on the front. The hair on the front side is guided to right and left exposing the puff that is on the top of the head. This is a beautiful puff hairstyle for round face.

#10: Puff hairstyle for long hair and round face

Some women like to show off the extra hair growing ability they have. Why not? They put a huge effort into growing and maintaining them. Puff hairstyle can be a good choice while adorning the long hair. Make a puff right on the top of the forehead and let the hair hang off the back freely.

#11: Puff with low ponytail for round face

One can enhance the beauty of her hairstyle by blending a ponytail and a puff together. Make a bubble of hair on the front side and hang a ponytail from the lower point of the head. Puff with a low ponytail will surely amaze the audience.

#12: Puff with neck long hair

Styling one’s medium hair is always a challenge. Short and long hair has a distinctive beauty even without styling but the grace of medium hair largely depends on how it is maintained. You can simply make a puff on the front side exposing the length of the neck-long hair.

#13: Puffy hairstyle for round face

This hairstyle is all about being puffy. Tuck all your hair in such a way so that the whole hair resembles a unified puff covering all part of the head. This style will suit you to you have a good amount of thick hairs.

#14: Round face fishtail puff

#15: Round face hairstyle with flowery bun

You can change the overall look of a hairstyle by adding a few flowers at the side of the hair. The front side of this sort of hair is combed and guided to a side and there is a puff right in the middle. The flowers are creating a classy ambiance.

#16: Round face pony and puff

Ponytail itself is a prominent hairstyle. It becomes more glamorous when blended with a puff. You can have a high ponytail with a puff hairstyle that will complement the round face undoubtedly.

#17: Side swept hairstyle for round face

This is a handy technique to look chicer. Make a conventional puff on the hair and put the long hair in any side you like making it visible on the people in front you. This will help you get the best impact of both that puff and long hair you have.

#18: Simple puff for round faces

You will never find a simpler puff hairstyle than this one. Just curl up the hair over the forehead to make a bubble. And let the hair of the other place of your head hang freely. This simple hairstyle will help you look stunning and gorgeous if done with great care. Let’s look absolutely luxe with a simple but gorgeous hairstyle.

#19: Tapered puffed hair for round face

This will allow you to get a tapered look that is the hair looks short at the beginning then becomes voluminous making a puffy look. One can try this style if she loves to highlight the top part of her head.

There are loads of puff hairstyles that are appropriate for round faces. A hairstyle can change the overall look of an individual within a minute. So there’s no way to ignore hairstyling. It will help you a little if you only care about the accessories and jewelry you are wearing without doing anything for the hair. That’s why choosing the right hairstyle for the right face is a must. You can get the best of the bests from the above list in terms of puff hairstyle for round face.