16 Best Ponytail Tutorials That Will Make You a Pony Hairstyling Expert!

These ponytail hairstyle tutorials will show you some tricks and techniques you may not be familiar with.

Ponytails are really simple to do but in these guides you will find a number of ways to make ponytails more interesting and varied.

Braids, knots and poofs are just some examples of variations you can make. You will also learn how to make ponytails more perky and how to make them more voluminous and bouncy.

Hope you have fun learning and that you try some of them out!

16 Ponytail hairstyles with step by step instructions

#1: Big high ponytail step by step

Lift your spirits with this  high ponytail. The key here to back comb underneath one section of your ponytail to get that extra volume.

If you like you can turn it into an Indian ponytail by backcombing and puffing up the front as well.

#2: Braid and ponytail instructions step by step

This side ponytail trails a braid that starts at the crown. It looks super cute when combined with a ribbon.

Take a sections of hair on the side and start a French braid. If you don’t know much about plaiting check out our post on braiding hair hairstyles for complete instructions.

When you reach the nape of you neck tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail with a bow.

#3: Bushy ponytail tutorial

This ponytail is all about the volume.

Follow these steps:

  1. Cordon off a section at the back and make a high ponytail.
  2. Backcomb a section close to the crown and add to ponytail using a rubberband
  3. Twist the side sections and wrapt them around the ponytail
  4. Secure with bobby pins
  5. Tease ponytail hair and then smooth with a brush

This is a great hairstyle for a party, farewell event or college.

#4: Directions for low ponytail with step by step pics

Look like a fashion model with this runway ready low ponytail. This hairstyle is super easy to do. Just follow the instructions.

Steps you need to take:

  1. Part your hair into two side sections and one at the back
  2. Backcomb the section at the back to create some volume
  3. Lightly comb to smoothing bottom half
  4. Use and elastic band to make a low ponytail
  5. Wrap the left section of hair over the ponytail. Use bobby pins to keep it in place
  6. Repeat for the right section.

If you want you can use some hairspray for extra grip. You can literally do this hairstyles in seconds and look smashing. Give it a go!

#5: Directions on how to fasten a ponytail with your hair

Learn how to fasten a ponytail without an elastic band by following these simple steps.

Steps to take

  1. First section off the hair at the crown of your head
  2. Tease the hair with your fingers
  3. Twist the sections on on the side
  4. Cross and wrap them around the ponytail
  5. Tuck in any loose ends.

You can use bobby pins if you feel there is not enough grip for the hair to stay there on its own. This wild goddess look is excellent for when you are going out partying or heading out to meet friends.

#6: Double ponytail pictorial with steps

This double ponytail is super easy to do. Just follow the steps below to make two ponytails that are vertically aligned. This will create that high volume effect you are looking for.

#7: How to weave a simple ponytail with a topsy tail

This ponytail is really cool and does not require any elastic bands. You will however need a topsy tail to weave the hair and keep in place.

Steps to take

  1. Section off your hair at the top and make a ponytail
  2. Part the rest of the hair in two sections
  3. Use a topsy tail to pull the right sections diagonally across and through the left side of the ponytail
  4. Repeat for the left
  5. Use the topsy tail one last time through the middle to tidy up the remaining section of hair.

The result, as depicted in the middle image below, is a wonderful ponytail with a beautiful knot at the beginning of the pony.

#8: Guide on making a ponytail bow hairstyle

You will look stunning in this beautiful hair bow once you are done

Follow these steps:

  1. Part you hair into two sections at the crown
  2. Join the two sections, fold them and tie them up with an elastic band
  3. Separate the two sections and secure them with bobby pins
  4. Loop the remaining hair through the middle

And Voila! You have a beautiful bow ponytail that others will envy!

#9: How to make simple bow ponytail hairstyle

Here is an alternative take on the same hairstyle.

#10: Instructions on how to make a knotted ponytail

This side ponytail is knotted in a beautiful manner. Follow these steps to get a super stylish and disheveled look.

Follow these steps:

  1. Apply a styling mouse for grip and texture
  2. Separate your hair into two sections on one side. Bring the section at the back forward and over the shoulder
  3. Tie the two parts into a simple knot
  4. Use an elastic band at the bottom of the knot to keep things in place

If you want extra volume backcomb the hair on the ponytail section a little.

#11: Pretty ponytail with step by step pics

The steps to make this ponytail are pretty simple. The result is a simple low pony hairstyle with the twisted side sections wrapped around the knot.

Follow these steps:

  1. Cordon off your hair into three sections
  2. Tie the middle sections into a low ponytail with an elastic band
  3. Separate the section on the left into two and twist the front section and fold it over the ponytail
  4. Similarly for the right side
  5. Next repeat for the remaining strands of hair and you are done

This hairstyles matches chic clothes and occasion where you want to look stylish without complicating things two much.

#12: Simple ponytail with poof instructions

This is pony hairstyle is perfect for second day hair. Combine with a backless dress to get some heads turning or simply when you are heading out to party.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use a curling iron to curl your hair into ringlets (you can skip this step if you are in a hurry)
  2. Backcomb your hair under the crown to add volume and make a poof
  3. Part you hair at the back and and tie into a ponytail
  4. Take the right section of hair and fold it over the pony with a single twist
  5. Repeat on the left
  6. Secure with bobby pins and add hairspray for grip

#13: Step by step guide for mid level ponytail

This ponytail is perfect for when you want volume. It looks professional but is actually really easy to do at home on your own.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use a curling iron to make some beautiful barrel curls
  2. Backcomb the hair beneath the crown in order to poof up the hair.
  3. Take a large section of hair at the back and tie it into a ponytail.
  4. Set your ponytail at the middle of your head where you feel the head curving outwards and up. This will make the pony more perky.
  5. For extra perkiness use three elastic bands.
  6. Wrap the hair on the left over the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.
  7. Repeat with the right section

This hairstyle will also look great with highlights. Happy pony-tailing!

#14: Step by step pics for extra long double ponytail

A double ponytail can do wonders to add height and volume to your look. Follow the simple steps to copy this hairstyle. If you like you can make the second ponytail somewhat diagonally to get a nice side parting at the front.

#15: Tutorial on hanging ponytail technique

This is a neat trick to get a ponytail that hangs nicely. Just place two bobby pins on the elastic band beneath the ponytail. This will perk the ponytail up.

#16: Vintage ponytail tutorial

This hairstyle tutorial from thebeautydepartment.com is simple  to do and the poof matches the Indian aesthetic.

Follow these steps:

  1. Part your hair so that you have a front and back section
  2. Tease and backcomb the hair at the back to make the poof
  3. Secure into a ponytail with an elastic band
  4. Next take a section from the front and bring around the back and wrap it around the ponytail
  5. Repeat on the other side
  6. Curl the remaining hair in the pony.
  7. Brush the ponytail curls to get a fuller and more bouncy look

If you like, depending on your hair, you might want to use some hairspray to keep thing in place.

I hope this collection of ponytail tutorials as inspired you to try something new. Most of the tutorials are pretty easy to follow.

Ponytails are usually no-fuss and can be done in seconds. You can look professional and stunning with very little effort.

If you enjoyed this post you might want to check out our tutorials for hairstyles for long hair too!

Happy pony hairstyling!