50 Best Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

Going out partying tonight? Poolside party? You’ve just looked at yourself in the mirror and are wondering what to do with all that long hair, right? Well, Hairstyle Monkey has come to the rescue with some pretty cool party hairstyles for long hair.

I’m guessing you’ve just stepped out of the shower and are tired of  seeing all that long hair. You may even be thinking of cutting it.

Stop that thought right there! Long hair is extremely versatile and if you are going out partying now it the time to showcase it.

There are so many options for hairstyles with long hair: French braids, top knots, puffs and poofs, plaited judas, fishtail braids, waterfall hairstyles and much more. A nut shell party hairstyles for long hair can be pretty fascinating.

Check them out below and get inspired!

50 Awesome party hairstyles for long hair

#1: Braid wrapped high bun with hair piece

We’re starting off with one of the more formal hairstyles for partying. We love this hairstyle because  it combines  French coiffure with Indian tradition. Depending on your hair type you might need to iron out your hair before hand. Also make sure to add extra conditioner when you are in the shower.

#2: Sixties poof with long loose locks

No matter what you hair type, thick or thin, you can go all sixties and add a simple volumized poof to make you stand out from the crowd.

#3: Plaited crown with loose locks

Party hairstyles for long hair are invariably going to involve some braiding. With this hairstyle you will surely be the queen of the party. The big milkmaid plait is accompanied by a small fishtail braid. The loose princess locks add that hippy goddess feel to them.

#4: Curly locks chignon

If you have the time to style your hair before going out tonight you might consider this elegant chignon. For the chignon bunch up your hair in a low bun but leave some strands loose. Use a hair iron to curl the locks and  pins to keep them in place.

#5: Loose messy  curls

This hairstyle is awesome for its simplicity. The abundance of loose curly strands of hair is sire to get the guys to notice. This is one sassy party hairstyle!

#6: Double fishtail and regular braid combo

If you are going out clubbing and want to be a looker then choose this hairstyle. The long hair is parted into two separate braids. One is a regular double braid and the other is a high fishtail braid. We love this hairstyle because it is cute but has girl power written all over it at the same time.


#7: Party hairstyle for long hair

Channel your Parisian energy with this French roll. If your party is more formal such as a wedding party or a reception function then wear this hairstyle. Glamor and confidence are the words that come to mind

#8: Wispy curls updo

USing hairspray can do wonders. We love this updo because the curls are long and large.

#9: High ponytail

A high ponytail is an excellent complement for a gown or backless dress. This one is stunning and simple at the same time

#10: Intricate knotted bun

This intricate knotted low bun is truly unique. Your hair does not require much prep beforehand though you will have so spend some time weaving strands of hair into place.

#11: Half ponytail with poof

This hairstyle will show off your long hair at the party but not let it get into the way while dancing. The layered strands and side bangs will look extra nice with highlights and the poof at the back just gives it that extra oomph!

#12:  Long loose strands

Channel your inner shakti energy and let that long south Indian hair loose. Sometimes just letting out hair loose and showing it all off  is beautiful in itself. Weather you have long curls and fine thin hair wear it like you don’t care and let the partying start!

#13: Loose princess locks

If you want to let your hair loose but want something neater then you can use a hair iron to make some ringlet locks. This will give you that regal princess look at the party.

#14: Long straight hair with trailing locks

If you have fine long straight hair then you can slightly curl the bottom part from the neck downwards. This is relatively quick and easy but will give you a polished look without being too over the top.

#15: Low front puff

Showcase your forehead and eyes by combing back the front.  Give it a small boost if you like to make a puff and let the rest of your hair hang loose. This one is neat and fast.

#16: High juda with braid and puff

If you have the time you can look a stunner with this high juda party hairstyle. This hairstyle combines a high bun with an interwoven braid as well as a poof and side swept bangs. More suitable for a wedding reception or party this hairstyle also leaves enough hair to hang loose on the side. You will probably need someone to help you with this one and if you don’t have long enough hair you will need to get some extensions added. All the same, I think you will agree that the final result is worth it.

#17: Poof with long flowing locks

This party hairstyle is super elegant. The poof ads that extra bollywood kick to it while the long flowing locks are sassy and bold.

#18: Chignon with poof

A good look for girls with thin hair – bunch up your hair into a chignon for a more poetic look and slightly buff up the back to add some glamor.

#19: Party ponytail

An elegant side part, with locks twisted and pinned up to give the illusion of a ponytail leaves those luscious locks cascading like a waterfall! This is a good hairstyle to pull of using extensions as well! So add the length if you feel like.

#20: Pouf with low bun

You can’t go wrong with the classic 60’s bollywood-esque side part with a pouf and low bun. Add flowers or other accessories to take it up a notch. Wear with both Indian and Western party outfits.


#21: Half updo with curly locks and side bangs

This is a super simple party hairstyle that you can do with or without bangs. The half-updo always adds that extra oomph. Use a curling tong to give the lower half of your hair some bouncy curls, or leave as is if you’re strapped for time – it will still look incredible.

#22: Princess curls

Use a curling tong to curl the lower half of your hair in sections and get yourself those fairy tale princess curls in no time! This is easiest for girls with straight hair. You can also start off by ironing straight if not. Great for all lengths.

#23: Half updo with loose curls ala Margaery Tyrell

Channel your inner Game of Thrones character with this royal and elegant hairstyle – twisted side locks for a sleek look, while keeping it soft with curls cascading down your back.

#24: Messy party updo

This messy half updo works for short or long hair. Just twist up the sides and fasten with a rubber band. Section hair from the half pony, twist and pin around the base of the rubber band. Leave the rest as is or use a curling tong for some loose curls.

#25: Braids within a braid

There a lot of braiding that can be done with party hairstyles for long hair. This detailed and elegant take on the classic French braid will certainly have you standing out in a  crowd! The fact that it incorporates lots of little individual fishtail braids into the french braid itself takes it to the next level.

#26: Chignon with diagonal fishtail braid

This is a unique combination of the classic low bun with the top half in an elegant fishtail braid. You will need the help of  a hairdresser or a very talented friend for this, but it will definitely be well worth it! Just start fishtail braiding from one side across the back of your head and secure it around your bun.

#27: Loose waves to one side and accessories

Accessories for the win! Be it flowers or lace or a even a little bobby pin with sparkly beads, accessories will give you that added oomph with little or no effort. To take it up a notch with a side part and use curling tongs for some loose curls on the bottom half of your lovely locks. Pins and other hair accessories are always a part of party hairstyle for long hair.

#28: Side part with half updo

This hairstyle is suitable for both western and traditional outfits, especially if there is Bollywood dancing involved! Simple and classic – a side part and half updo with loose curls at the base. Girls with shorter hair can buy curly extensions from the store but since party hairstyles for long hair involved long hair well, I’m guessing your hair isn’t short!

#29: Thick fishtail braid

This teased fishtail braid has that tousled look while still somehow managing to look super elegant! Suitable for girls who have mighty thick hair. You can also do this on ombre hair like below for an added edge. Wear this with Western outfits and maybe add Indian hair accessories for an Indian do.

#30: Classic updo with pouf

This take on the classic pouf and low bun has princess bride written all over it! Jazz it up with accessories or leave a few locks astray and it will still look incredible. This is great for a Christian wedding or just any time you want to feel like a princess!

#31: Chignon roll with hairpiece

Go traditional especially if you are attending someone’s wedding reception party. This hairstyles combines classic chignon elegance with our Indian heritage. You can jazz it up with an accessory like below of just wear fresh flowers or fake ones.


#32: Low bun and high poof

Buns are excellent party hairstyles for long hair. This low bun can be buffed up with a high bouffant if you want that extra attention. Add a bun at the back for that classic ballroom feel. The ringlets can be achieved even with the thinnest of hair if you have a fake placeholder bun underneath. Just coil the outer bits of your hair into circles and secure with bobby pins.

#33: Updo with braid and side bangs

If you have thick long hair then this hairstyle is a winner. Let your bangs loose, braid them on the side. Then add a bouffant and tie up those thick locks into a half bun and. The side bangs will really elongate a rounder face. The pouf adds extra classiness and makes a stunning appearance!

#34: Beach waves with middle parting

When thinking about party hairstyles for long hair think bollywood! You can go bollywood just by letting you hair loose. Think Kajol from the 90s when big hair was in! A lot of us Indian girls struggle with frizzy and curly, big hair. They key is to work with it instead of against. You’re welcome.

#35: Uniform curls with thin braid

A recent trend is to make curls more uniform. This gives an extra popstar feel to your look. Adding two small side fishtail braids makes the look more interesting. Remember to leave out some hair from the mid top section to secure underneath with the left fishtail to complete the look.

#36: Free flowing locks with classic headpiece

If you are heading to a more formal function or party then you can consider adding a head piece. The separated curls will give you a more official regal look. This is a great look to opt for sangeet parties if you’re going to be dancing – on stage or off. Come, let’s check out some more party hairstyles for long hair.

#37: Side swept hair and ringlets

We love this hairstyle because it is simple and suits traditional attire. Adding ringlets on the side gives it more appeal. That said, it can also look great on Western outfits minus the maang tika. Great for short and medium hair lengths.

#38: Zig zag braid and curly locks

You can go all out and curl your hair into long locks. The braided crown and snake like pattern highlights the locks further. This is one stunning look for a party thought it may require a little extra preparation time. Remember to secure your braids with bobby pins!

#39: Messy side bun with wispy bangs

This is a good look for a semi-formal or formal party for medium length hair with bangs. Just pull your hair up in a casual side bun and partly iron your bangs to complete this look. Maybe try to match your earrings and lipstick like in the photo?


#40: Chic updo with scarf

For when you’re having a bad hairday or if its just too hot to let your hair down, this party hairstyle is quick and easy to pull off. Works well for day and night occasions. All you need is an elastic, a colourful scarf or bandana and a lot of oomph to carry it off!

#41: Boho Princess

For those of us who are bold, and depending on the kind of party you’re going to – say one at a beach or in Goa for instance choose to make your own head gear. Works well for daytime parties – just find some good string and some feathers and beads to look unique as ever! Who said party hairstyles for long hair had to be boring!


#42: Beautiful loose curls with middle parting

When I think of party hairstyles for long hair I think of Sonam Kapoor. I can’t even begin to talk about how gorgeous I think Sonam Kapoor looks with this hair and this pearly saree. Her middle parting with side braids and curls are great to wear with sarees and formal Western dresses.


#43: Curls and braids

Braids, curls and flowers – this look has it all! Oh, and a pretty fluffy bun too. It’s a beautiful summery part hairstyle for day time wear. For nigh time add a more flashy ornament instead of flowers.


#44: Beautiful loose curls with middle parting

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will look good on your as well as your mom, this is it! It is especially great for big fancy wedding parties.



#45: Front ironed hair for clubbing

This is a cool look because of the way the hair is ironed to point forward instead of away from the face like is usually done. Front comb some hair over your face and iron it to set it in place and you’re all set to set the club on fire.



#46: High bouffant with maang tika

This is one of those party hairstyles for long hair that is simple and easy enough to do. Use a lot of shine spray and pick a small or large maang tikka for any Indian occasion. The rest of your hair can be straight or curly.



#47: Hippie Braids

For beach parties, do up your hair in this style to get heads turning. Set with hairspray. Don’t forget to wear an attitude with this look!

You can also choose to add a wreath of flowers to this look.

#48: Laila to your majnu hairstyle

This thick braid, bun and rosa have romantic evening written all over it. Whether you’re celebrating the love of another couple or love of your own, wear this to make the evening more special.

#49: Side puffs and middle parting

This is an engagement hairstyle that has carefully teased side buffs that come together in a bun. It is a look that’s meant to show off your jewellery too!



#50: Summer yarn party hairstyle

For a hot summer’s day or a pool party, add bits of yarn to your hair before braiding or fishtail braiding. Great for Goa bound girls, or any beach side destination party!


Party hairstyles for long hair come in a variety of forms. We have seen some great ideas and hopefully you have found some to inspired for your night out.

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