19 Jaw Dropping Open Hair Hairstyles by Indian Women

Whatever the length and texture of hair, open hair hairstyles are the best way to flaunt them.  Often requiring only slight touches with styling tools, the right open hairstyle is often easy to achieve and carry off.

Whether cut, cropped or colored, every type of hair has its own inner beauty that has to be let out. Open hair hairstyles give you some much-required versatility while, also being suitable for practically any occasion. Whether it’s just a normal day at work, a formal event or even a friend’s birthday party, open hairstyles will ensure that you look casual yet sophisticated.

It can often be difficult to narrow down on the perfect open hairstyle, though. Which is why we have put together this list of the most flattering, yet amazingly easy to perfect hairstyles that will tide you through any event. So ladies get inspired and show off those long, luscious locks!

19 Open hair hairstyles for Indian women

#1: Bow style open hair hairstyle

If you have medium to long hair, this hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions and celebrations. All it requires is styling your beautiful hair into loose curls. After that, just pull hair from either ends to opposite sides and tie it up in a classic knot.

#2: Braided poof open hairstyle

If you are on the lookout for special and beautiful open hair hairstyles, this could be the one for you.The hairstyle is easily obtained with a curling iron, a teasing comb and some hairspray. Just tease the hair into a poof at the crown. Couple this with braids on either side and some loose curls, and you are good to go.

#3: Cascading side swept open locks

Cascading locks have always retained a timeless charm. If you have been blessed with long and thick hair, style your hair into locks and sweep it to one side. Incorporating layers as part of the cut, helps to prevent the hairstyle from becoming bottom heavy.

#4: Claw clip open hairstyle with saree

This is one of the easiest hairstyles that goes oh! so well with a saree. Simply, pin up half the hair with the help of a claw clip while letting the rest of the hair cascade down. Incorporating highlights and lowlights enhances the overall look of this hairstyle.

#5: Eyebrow fringe and open loose hairstyle

If you have a round or square face, including fringes in your hairstyle might be a wonderful option for you. These eyebrow level fringes will draw the focus towards your beautiful cheekbones, while at the same time minimizing the width of the face.

#6: Layered and middle parted

If your hair has already been styled into long layers, this open hairstyle is something you must definitely try out. Enhance your waves or curls with some texturizing spray and let them flow freely. Meanwhile, simply divide your hair equally on either side and bring in a deep central partition. The net effect will leave everyone spellbound!

#7: Loose flowing hair with highlights

Highlighting hair is an amazing way to bring in some extra depth and dimension to it. Try out this gradual balayage to create a sun-kissed natural look. A good balayage will suit your skin tone and highlight your features beautifully.

#8: Loose ombre hairstyle with side parting

Ombre is a great color option for warm Indian skin tones. Apart from being extremely easy to maintain, the color has remained one of the top choices for highlights across the world. This bold look works brilliantly in an open hairstyle with a special side partition.

#9: Multi layered Indian open hair hairstyle

Layers are honestly a must-have for heart, round and square-shaped faces. This multi-layered open Indian hairstyle incorporates layers of short length that allow the face to be framed ever so attractively. Let the hairstyle flow in gorgeous locks or waves.

#10: Ombre open hairstyle with front fringe

Subtle ombre open hair hairstyle are great for any season. Try out brunette or red ombres that look amazing on Indian skin tones. Combining fringes and layers with the hairstyle adds an extra touch to help polish off the look.

#11: Ombre side parted open hairstyle

Another ombre hairstyle  for long hair that can be easily pulled off. Contrasting warm brown to black hair with burgundy is sure to make your hair pop while making heads turn wherever you go. The hairstyle looks great on shoulder-length and long hair. Make sure to include a side partition in this hairstyle for enhanced effect.

#12: Open cascading hairstyle for curly hair with side braid

This hairstyle could be a little tricky to master initially. However, it is an amazing choice for a special occasion and can even be used as a wedding hairstyle! Show off some beautiful locks by replicating this look with the help of styling tools and some hair spray.

#13: Open hairstyle for long hair with puff

Whether you are wearing a lehenga or saree, this hairstyle pairs up perfectly with traditional clothes. Tease the hair on the crown into a puff and pin it up. Simply let the rest of your hair tumble down to re-create this beautiful look. This hairstyle is an easy transition from day to night.

#14: Open loose locks hairstyle

Locks are not jus for long hair. If you have chin or shoulder length hair, this open hairstyle gives you a perfect option for flaunting your locks. Remember to keep your long bangs straight and swept to one side.

#15: Princess locks open hairstyle

What girl doesn’t want to look like a princess?! This hairstyle makes that childhood dream of yours come true. Simply section hair off into medium length strands. Let three-fourths of the strands fall straight and curl the bottom fourth into perfect locks.  Voilà! You are left with princess locks in an awesome open hairstyle.

#16: Side swept

This hairstyle is simply the stuff of fashionistas’ dreams. With gorgeous waves pulled to one side, the rough yet striking look is sure to make heads turn. The hairstyle also helps to show off any hair coloring that you may have incorporated.

#17: Simple loose locks

Is there anything more timeless than perfect locks with open hair hairstyles? Which is why it is essential that you flaunt them off in this breathtaking hairstyle. arrange the hair at the front so as to frame the face. This simple hairstyle has often found its way to the world’s most sought after runways.

#18: Simple open hairstyle for silky long hair

Sleek, silky long hair is simply a timeless classic. This amazingly shiny and striking hair is simply stunning to look at. There are a kaleidoscope of options to showcase this beautiful hair. Choose any one and let the hair flow in a beautiful, silky mass.

#19: Simple open hairstyle with poof and bangs

Enhance the effect of an open hairstyle for wavy hair by embracing side swept bangs. The poof in this hairstyle brings in extra dimensions by lifting the hair from its roots. The hairstyle can be easily carried off with hair of any texture and shape.

All in all there are multiple ways to wear open hair hairstyles. By definition they are super easy to do and can be used for any occasion. Wether you are lazing about at home or are about to head out to party. If you enjoyed this article you might also want to check out other various hairstyles for Indian girls.