15 Old hairstyles for that retro feel

Old hairstyles can give you that classy look that you won’t get elsewhere. There is something elegant and beautiful about them that takes me back to another era.

I once had to attend a semi formal function at my office and I was undecided on what hairstyle to go for. Then someone recommended stepping and back in time and trying something more vintage. I looked up a few hairstyles and chose to go for an old-fashioned Rita Hayworth  look since her hair is kind of wavy like mine. The hairstyle was an instant hit. Since then I have tried about a dozen of them most of which I present below.

These oldie but goodie hairstyles have stood the test of time and are well worth checking out. Enjoy!

15 Oldie but goodie vintage hairstyles

#1: Audrey hepburn old hairstyle

If you have short hair then this hairstyle is definitely worth trying out. This retro look has a slightly boyish cut with a low poof at the back. Try to match with some clothes that have 50s or 60s feel to them and it’s going to be a hit.



#3: Old fashioned inspiration

This hairstyle is cool because even though it is kind of modern in its design it has clearly been inspired by old hairstyles from the 30s. The highlights and colors set it apart and give it a hip angle.


#4: Tyra banks old school hairstyle

If Tyra Banks is trying out old school hairstyles then who is to say you shouldn’t either. The big wavy curl and neat updo coupled with the black sparkly dress have old school written all over them. This is definitely one sassy hairstyle!




#5: Short and curly  1920s look

Short curly hairstyles were particularly popular in the earlier part of the 20th century. Especially amongst actresses. This 1920s cut is an excellent match for short and curly hair. The hair is combed to one side and the curly strands are left to do their own thing in that sexy and messy manner.



#6: Old short hairstyle with side parting

This one is a classic oldie but goodie hairstyle with a curly locks and a side parting. The clasp on the left keeps the hair out of the way to showcase those beautiful earrings.



#7: Old school hairstyle on saree

You can easily combine most old hairstyles with a saree since it will create that black and white movie actress effect. This curly bob  with a side parting is a perfect example of this.



#8: Wavy chin length bob

This chin length bob has the wavy strands of hair curling outward at the bottom. It’s funny how certain styles keep coming back. For example this type of bob is currently a very popular haircut in Korea (who as we all know are at the forefront of fashion trends).



#9: World War II hairstyle

This hairstyle sported by Gwyneth Paltrow conjures images of old war movies. Indeed during the second world war a lot of women contributed by working in factories. Finding ways to keep their hair out their face is how these hairstyles got so creative. This vintage look would suit any formal occasion or day at the office.



#10: Short bob with curly locks

If you go back to the swinging 20s and 30s you will come across many hairstyles such as this one. The hair is cut short with curly locks on the side. Red lipstick will add to the overall look and aesthetic.



#11: Hidden eye wavy bob

Hiding part of the eye with some strands of hair is where things can look a bit more sassy.



#12: Curly vintage medium hairstyle with ringlets

Super cool! A Curly chin length bob with extended ringlets in front and a side parting with a fringe. A very cool and vintage look indeed.



#13: Rita Hayworth old hairstyle

This Rita Hayworth hairstyle will take everyone back to the 40s and might possibly bring back some memories to your grandmothers and grandfathers. The hair is side swept to one side in wavy strands.



#14: Swing hairstyle

Super classy neck length bob! If you are into dancing swing you definitely want to give this a go.



#15: Beehive updo

A little more eccentric hairstyle! But people did all sorts of weird things then.



#16: Front puff

Long silky locks complement the headband and puff.

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