20 Office hairstyles that suit the workplace

Sick of wearing your hair the same way to work every single day? Looking for a new hairstyle? Try a new office hairstyle to work this week. Good office hairstyles make you feel comfortable and respectable – we need to be taken seriously at work, right girls?

Simple Indian hairstyles for office

#1: The 30 Rock office hairstyle

This is a classic can’t-go-wrong option. Perfect for hair that is not too short and not too long. Loose long hair may get in your way at work (especially if you work in a lab) or while making a presentation. Use a good moisturizing shampoo like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. A list of shampoo for dry hair can be found on Stylecraze. Use a leave-in hair conditioner for added moisture if you have dry hair.

If your hair is fine or oily, skip the extra moisture. Ensure your hair is freshly washed. Try to use a hair powder if your scalp is oily.

Take a side parting, and using a hair curling tong, twist random sections of your hair into curls. Hold for about 5 to 10 seconds with the iron. Read this post on how to curl your hair without using heat. Loosen your curls a little, spray on a setting spray and you’re good to go.

Who doesn’t want to go to office looking like Tina Fey?


#2: The sleek bun office hairstyle

The sleek bun. It has ‘respect me’ written all over it. Try a few different ways to wear your hair up. It’s a good option for bad hair days, hot days and for women with longer hair. Watch this tutorial by Lilith Moon on how to create a rolled bun office hairstyle.


#3: Knotted half updo workplace hairstyle

This is a slightly more casual looking hairstyle for those of us who don’t have super business-style jobs. I would imagine editors, designers, journalists and the like wearing their hair like so to work. To do this style just tie half your hair in a ponytail. Use the pony to create a knot. Hide the ends under the pony by tucking or using a bobby pin.


#4: Wrapped ponytail for workplace

If you clicked on the link to the Lilith Moon hairstyle tutorial in the bun hairstyle above, you will know how to create this hair.

Girls with long straight hair, this is your best bet for professional hair that is also fun.


 #5: Simple but formal updo

A gibson tuck done to one side with a hair accessory. This juda hairstyle that is perfect for functions also suits the workplace well.


#6: Get down to work with this no-slip bun

Apart from being no-slip, this bun also looks super cool and like a lot of effort went in to its styling. Because it is a no slip bun you it’s also a hairstyle that you can keep when you hit the gym after work.


#7: Updo for short hair

Separate a top section of hair. Gather the lower hair together and secure with sliding pins. Arrange the top layer over the pins and fasten at bottom with black elastic. This is a great hairstyle to wear under helmets if you are a moped/two-wheeler rider.

 #8: Formal interview braided ponytail

One of the easiest ways to do up your hair in the morning and look nice is to braid it into a French braid. This type of hairstyle is very neutral so it is perfect for when you have an interview and want to look professional but not have the interviewer focus on your hairstyle too much (as that shouldn’t matter).

formal interview braided ponytail


#9: Client meeting bun

A classic bun that can’t go wrong. Loosen some strands around your face for a softer look. If you want to go for a more relaxed look then you can choose a looser fitting bun hairstyle as well.


#10: Creative braid

People in creative jobs, get creative with your hair! If you have long hair there is a variety of long hair hairstyles you can choose from. This braided loop looks classy and unique.


#11: Business presentation French roll

The French roll is a classic hairstyle that unfortunately takes a little extra time to create. If you are presenting or are working in a very formal office then this is definitely a hairstyle that you want to learn. You can also learn how to be quite quick while making it.


#12: Intricate office braid

A cute hairstyle for creative professionals and service industry folks meeting people, like receptionists and restaurant hosts! This one is one of those classic air stewardess hairstyles that we all love.


#13: Deskjob hairstyle

A fun job to keep you cheery all day! This side swept hairstyle is super easy to make


 #14: Fun daily hairstyle

A hairstyle with a high pony and flicks for daily wear to work. Looks good with Western casuals as well as kurtas and salwar kameezes.


#15: Office braid

For a day when you really need a lift and have woken up early enough to create it. Braid hairstyles look beautiful if you know how to do them right. This tutorial will surely get you close to being a pro.


 #16: Office hairstyle for women

Straighten hair the previous night to save time in the morning. This looks very professional as the long hair is super neat and tidy. It’s also one of those hairstyles that are really quick to do if you have had a little practice before hand.


#17: Knot and twist bun


#18: Simple office updo

This is such a cute hairstyle that will look nice with sarees and trousers alike!


#19: Twisted braid for interview

When you need to dress to impress!


 #20: Formal french braid

workplace fishtail hairstyle


Tell us what you think of these office hairstyles! If you liked this post you may also like to check out how to create a french roll hairstyle too or you can take a look at our hairstyles for other formal occasions