31 Best Nayanthara Hairstyles That Will Inspire You!

Nayanthara’s hairstyles look great on South Indian women. If you compare Nayanthara’s hairstyles to other Bollywood celebrity hairstyles she definitely has her own unique style. Nayanthara looks especially beautiful in pony hairstyles, simple puff hairstyles, Indian braids and open hairstyles.

Other actresses such as Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra each have their own style but none of them do a hairstyle like Nayanthara does.

Thick, bouncy and lustrous, Nayanthara’s hair has ceaselessly managed to add an extra oomph to the actress’ overall looks. The best part for Indian women across the country, however, is that Nayanthara hairstyles have always been easy to replicate and effortless to carry off.

So if simple yet great hairstyles are what you have been looking for, make sure to take inspiration from some of the best hairstyle sported by Nayanthara. Let this ‘Malayalee Pennu’ lead the way while you sit back, relax and shake your tresses!

31 Amazing Nayanthara hairstyles you will get ideas from

1. Side parted and combed long hair from Nayanthara

If one had to pick the best Nayanthara hairstyles this would be one of them.

A Simple yet sexy long hair hairstyle, all it requires is sleek hair that has been blown dry or straightened and arranged in a very flattering way.

The key to achieving this perfect side swept look is a side partition with some lift to one side. You may also add highlights to give some extra depth to the hair.

Nayanthara is looking pretty suave in this side swept hairstyle. Source

2. Side combed Nayanthara style hairdo

In this no nonsense hairdo, Nayanthara is seen sporting hair that has been swept to one side of the face. This accentuates the other side while making the neck appear longer and more graceful. To ensure that the look remains intact throughout your busy day, you may tie a ponytail with the remaining hair. Low slung ponytails seem to deliver better results.

Nayanthara looks pretty cool in this sleek side puff. Source

3. Nayanthara saree hairstyle

This can easily be deemed one of the most stylish Nayanthara hairstyles. The elaborate updo that looks so effortless, accentuates the elegance of Nayanthara’s saree.

If you’re looking to replicate this hairstyle, a high bun with a few loosened strands and some texturizing spray, is all it will take you.

Nayanthara in mature saree hairstyle. Source

4. Nayanthara with sunglasses as hair band

Getting the perfect holiday look has never been so simple. All it takes are beach waves and some stylish accessories.

Nayanthara looks stunning as she carries off this hairstyle with ease.

Make sure to try out her trick and push your sunglasses to the top of your crown to get a hair band like effect.

Nayanthara with simple open curly hairstyle. Source

5. Nayanthara with simple French braid

If a girl-next-door look is what you are targeting, nothing could be more ideal than a cute French braid. Make sure to position your braid to one side like Nayanthara here to enhance the overall effect of the look.

Nayanthara looks homely with this simple side braid. Source

6. Nayanthara with side parting and ponytail in saree

This hairstyle combines a classic red saree with loose, bouncy curls to get the perfect homely look.

Nayanthara has taken this hairstyle to the next level by clipping up half of the hair. Make sure to add a side parting to pull the look together.

Looking beautiful in a red saree and side curls. Source

7. Nayanthara with side braid and hair band

If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle to sport at a formal event or ceremony, make sure to try out this Nayanthara hairstyle. Tie your hair in a perfect braid and pull it to one side.

Add a classy hairband and a few rose hair clips and you’re set to go.

8. Nayanthara with sassy hair band

Have a relaxing day ahead? Want to look as if you are not trying too hard yet sassy? This hairstyle might be the perfect thing for you.

You can now look as cool as Nayanthara by adding a signature hair band to sleek, straight hair.

Nayanthara with a retro headband hairstyle. Source

9. Nayanthara with puff and loose locks

This is one of those Nayanthara hairstyles that has been popularized by the movie Raja Rani. The actress can be seen carrying off this hairstyle with ease  across the movie.

To achieve the look, just tease a few strands of hair on the crown and make a puff. Let the remaining hair loose and you’ll get the most amazing hairstyle that fits every occasion.

Nayanthara with simple puff and straight hair. Source

10. Nayanthara with mermaid side braid

Make sure to try out this mermaid hairstyle that Nayanthara sports with such elegance at a popular awards ceremony. Pull a few strands loose and place the braid to a side to make the hairstyle look effortless.


11. Nayanthara with hair chain and braid on loose hair

If you have a night of partying planned ahead, make sure to try out this gorgeous hairstyle. Simply make two braided headbands by taking hair from both sides and pinning them to the other side. Let the rest of the hair loose in perfect beach wave. Jazz up the hairstyle by adding a hair piece like Nayanthara here.

Nayanthara looks superb with this party braid and hair chain hairstyle. Source

12. Nayanthara with curly down do and red saree

If you have a round or oval face, this hairstyle be the perfect fit next time you dress up in a saree. Tie half of your hair in a down-do or a pony while letting the remaining hair flow as waves or ringlets. Make sure to take a side partition on the crown to polish off the look perfectly.

13. Nayanthara top knot yogi style

This hippy hairstyle looks really amazing on Nayanthara. Section a bit of your hair from the crown and loosely tie in into a bun to get the perfect yogi style knot. Make sure to use some texturizing spray to ensure that the rest of your hair falls in perfect waves.

14. Nayanthara messy side braid hairstyle

Braids are amongst the most preferred hairstyles in India. If you often find yourself in braids, make sure to try out this twist on the hairstyle. Pull a few strands apart and loosen the braid while positioning it to one side. This ensures that you get the perfect messy side braid that looks effortless yet chic.

15. Nayanthara puffed ponytail hairstyle

This hairstyle looks best on oval and diamond shaped faces. A mega puff on the top with the rest of the hair featuring bouncy curls forms the perfect combination for even the most special of events. You may choose to either braid your hair or pull it together in a ponytail.

16. Nayanthara puffed hairstyle

This hairstyle would be perfect for official events or formal visits. This look too features a puff on the crown. The remainder of the hair, however, is tied in a well-polished fishtail braid or a five-strand braid. Nayanthara looked simply fabulous in this hairstyle as she wore it to a recent awards ceremony.

17. Nayanthara office style ponytail

It can be hard deciding on a go-to hairstyle for work. If that’s the case for you, this Nayanthara hairstyle has come to your rescue. Part your hair to one side and tease a few strands on the crown to give it some lift. Simply pull the remaining loose ringlets into a high ponytail. Similar effects can also be achieved with a low-slung ponytail.

18. Nayanthara messy down do hairstyle

If you’re wearing traditional Indian clothes, be sure to try out the messy down do hairstyle. Nayanthara sports this look with a classic saree. The effect can be brought out in braid, bubble ponytails or buns. However, make sure that the messiness is maintained at just the right amount.

19. Nayanthara loose side braid and saree

Loose side braids seem to be another of Nayanthara’s go-to hairstyles. Why not?! With a few loose strands and the braid pulled to a side, the homey effect sported by Nayanthara seems to be paying homage to the average Indian woman.

20. Nayanthara long open hairstyle with puff

The beauty of this hairstyle is that it would suit hair of every texture and face of any shape. Hair does not have to perfectly styled or polished. This hairstyle is super quick. Simply wash and condition hair and add a puff on the crown. Voila! You are now good to go.

21. Nayanthara in symmetrical puffed ponytail

Puffs seem to look especially good on Nayanthara. However, this hairstyle adds a certain twist to the classic puff. Rather than just lifting the hair on the top, Nayanthara’s hair has been pulled up in a symmetrical puff on both sides of the head. The rest of the hair has been tied into a low-slung ponytail. Use a fair amount of hairspray to ensure that the look lasts for long

22. Nayanthara in messy top knot

The sophistication of a top knot is simply undeniable. Pull all of the hair together in a bun on top of the head and secure the decorative knot with some bobby pins. If a casual yet stylish look is what you are after, an organized mess might be the perfect thing to pull off.

23. Nayanthara in maxi dress hairstyle with high puff

If you have a cute maxi dress waiting for you in the wardrobe, you might find this vintage hairstyle to be the perfect match. This look  lets your ringlets flow unbound. Meanwhile, you may take inspiration from this Nayanthara style high puff to amplify the exquisiteness of the hairstyle.

24. Nayanthara in bridal hairstyle with exaggerated puff

This Christian bridal hairstyle makes Nayanthara look unquestionably and astonishingly beautiful. The high puff on the top provides the perfect base for positioning the beautiful veil. Further enhanced with sleek hair falling to the sides of the face, this breathtaking hairstyle could be yours on life’s most important day.

25. Nayanthara hair band hairstyle in Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

This is another hairstyle that gives the girl-next-door effect on Nayanthara hairstyles. Popularized in the hit movie ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’, all it requires is the perfect colorful headband to match smooth and bouncy waves.

26. Nayanthara fishtail and head chain hairstyle

This striking look might not be your average cup of tea. However, if you are part of some high-end festivities, put all your fears aside and follow this southern beauty’s lead.

Though the side fishtail braid looks amazing, the signature component of this hairstyle is the head chain. Get ready to turn heads as the hairstyle  brings in a Greek goddess style look.

27. Long hair don’t care hair band style from Nayanthara

If there was a one hair fits all style, this would be it! Shoulder to medium length waves that have some texture but look sleek and sophisticated. However, the effortlessness of this look gives Nayanthara a very cute ‘I don’t care’ college vibe, making her appeal increase exponentially.

28. Improvised puff with hairband Nayanthara

This is one of the most simple Nayanthara hairstyles to pull off. Enhance exquisite beach waves by adding a headband. Nayanthara has managed to create a beautiful puff by pushing the headband tightly back. Make sure you try out this trick next time you sport loose ringlets or waves.

29. Hair bun and band by Nayanthara

If you have informal plans for the night with friends or family, this hairstyle could be your best bet. Pull all of your hair together in a top knot. You may even experiment with a messy bun. However, to add get that added girlish effect, make sure to include a colorful hair band of your choice.

30. Fishtail braid by Nayanthara

Nayanthara looks absolutely phenomenal in this dress coupled with a fishtail braid. The look has been taken to the next level by pulling a few strands loose from the braid. You may even sport long fringes swept to one side of the face to enhance the overall result of the look.

31. Fishtail braid Nayanthara style

This hairstyle represents Nayanthara’s personalized take on the classic fishtail braid. Unlike the regular form of a fishtail, this hairstyle begins on the side of the head and continues crisply downwards. You may always add on to the look by accessorizing the hair with bows or flowers .


Nayanthara hairstyles are gorgeous. Nayanthara’s simple girl next door looks make her a really good model to get hairstyle ideas from.

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