Modern hairstyle – triple braided ponytail

The ponytail is our most common go-to hairstyle on most days. This happens for either of these three main reasons – lack of time, it’s so hot outside, lack of imagination – or all three! Here’s a modern hairstyle for you that beats two of those three hurdles.

The triple braid ponytail

It keeps the hair off your neck and helps with the heat plus gives you a fun and innovative way to wear your hair in a ponytail. Just looking at this style may have gives you an idea of how to do it, but I will go over it anyway. This style looks as good on freshly washed hair as it does on day two or day three hair too because the roots are all tightly braided.

If your roots are too greasy, just sprinkle on some hair powder like Bumble and Bumble’s and work the powder in to absorb the excess oil. You could use a dry shampoo but personally I find hair powders better for roots. But, what works best for you is what matters! See this post on the dry shampoos available in India to find what options you have.

How to create the modern hairstyle:

Begin by parting your hair into three sections – make two parting lines along the length of each temple. Tie up the sections on either side for the time being. Begin with the center section and make a french braid. When you reach the top of your head – use bobby pins to secure the braid. Then do the same on either side of your head. Comb all the remaining hair into a high ponytail and tie it up securely with a tight elastic. Pair with big earrings or hoops!

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