50 Best Messy Hairstyles From Around the World to Get Inspired

Messy hairstyles are lazy hairstyles in disguise. They are easy to do and oftentimes we create some pretty unique tangled knots that look good by mistake.

Messy hairstyles are usually well suited to Indian women and girls with long or medium length hair and can come in many forms: hair buns, side bunsbraids, open hairstyles, pony hairstyles, down dos and more.

The key trick to making a messy braid is in creating a distressed look by pulling it apart or leaving lots of strands of wispy locks loose. Messy updos can look particularly appealing on long Indian hair as well.

50 Messy Hairstyles for Indian Women and Girls

#1: Disheveled updo with lace braid

This messy bun has college days written all over it. The hair is braided on one side and then brought up and around to the right hand side of the head where it is sloppily bunched up. Try this out with a tank top  or other western clothing when going out to party.


#2: Wild short hairstyle with side parting

short curly hairstyle looks spectacular. The tousled look is particularly becoming and can easily be achieved. If you have short hair there is also a pretty cool video on messy short hairstyles that is worth checking out.



#3: Wispy unkempt chignon

Messy hairstyles work extremely well with wispy bangs. This wispy purple chignon is easy to do and looks extremely fashionable. If you are fair skinned purple is a good color. If you are darker toned then you could try the same hairstyle with a bright pink or red.



#4:  Wispy long-hair-don’t-care look

The model in this pic has let her hair hang loose with wispy locks framing her face. The key here is to play around with colors. A good balayage can do wonders. Use a bleaching product such Wella’s blondor freelights to achieve the desired ombre hair.



#5: Messy open hairstyle with pigtail braids

This hairstyle reminds me a little of Princess Leia’s  hair from Star Wars. If you are going for a space babe intergalactic look then this is your hairstyle. On a more serious note this hairstyle looks superb and is really hot. The highlights add texture and make it more interesting while the rolled up pigtails have cute written all over. The thin messy braid on one side gives it that more rugged look. To mess up the braid use a backcombing comb such as this one.



#6: Messy mohawk braid

Most Indian girls might be feel a little scared of sporting such a hairstyle in public. However if you are reaming around on the college campus you might want to give this one a go. The hair is braided at the top in a mohican style and style is loose and comfortable.



#7: Messy hairstyle for long hair

This tousled open hairstyle is cool because it includes a front puff that we usually associate with tidy hair. The messy puff hairstyle adds volume and presence and the tousled strands of hair look wild. To get this look use a volumizing shampoo and mouse. To make the crinkles you will  need a hair iron. These are some pretty good instructions on how to get this tousled hairstyle.



#8: Untidy Fishtail braid

Here again we have a nice contrast between a hairstyle that is usually very proper and an unkempt look.  The fishtail braid is worn to the side and has been pulled apart.



#9: Messy bun for Indian function

This untidy loose bun is a super elegant and disheveled look at the same time. You can achieve it by making a low poof at the back and letting a few strands of hair loose on either side. It will make a nice contrast against formal western attire such as an evening gown but can also look nice in a saree.



#10: Messed up wispy braid

This is a great look for school or college. Just loosely braid you hair and make sure to stop about two thirds down. In the pic above the model is going for a hipster look by tying up the end with a piece of string. I am not sure how practical that is though it does look kind of cool.



#11: Low bun tugged loose with braid

This low rumpled bun also includes a braid on the side. To achieve it you will probably need to make a normal low bun and then start tugging at it to get the look above.



#12: Loosely tied up messy braid

Another nice way to do messy hairstyles is to let a lot of hair loose at the top almost like a normal open hairstyle. For example, in this pic the model has done a normal braid but has let loads of hair loose. This give the hairstyles a very studenty nonchalant look that’s cool.



#13: Long braid with unkempt look

Going for a long fishtail braid always goes well with an unkempt look. The cool thing about this braid is that you can tease it here and there to make it look extra shabby. Also to add to the shabbiness you can start out the braid low and wide so that it’s rather loose at the top.



#14: Long and messy down do

This down do is like an unfinished updo. The hair is bundled up somewhat but it looks like the girl in the pic has stopped halfway through. This gives it a sense of nonchalance or alternatively being in a rush. In any case it is one of the coolest messy hairstyles to try out.



#15: Lazy top knot hairdo

Top knots haves that “I’m hanging about at my beach house” kind of air about them. They are really easy to do. Use a headband for this hairstyle to look extra hip if you want.



#16: Knotted updo with poof

This knotted updo is an organized mess, if there ever was one! Hair is knotted in a braided twist. From a good distance, it looks like the top of a flower bouquet. The pouf adds to its subtle classiness. If you are working outdoors, or hiking with a cute guy, this is a great go-to hairstyle.



#17: Distressed knotted braid

There is messy, and then there is messy. The knotted braid down do falls into the second category. It keeps hair in place, without pulling it back too severely. More than a few strands spill out of the braid, making it an unintentionally sexy do.



#18: Intricate tangled braids down do

This hairstyle is a mix of different intricate braiding styles. It varies from an almost-barrette to an almost French braid, tapering down into a half-braid. There is a lot going on with this hairstyle! It is the kind of hairdo that is appreciated at girly sleepovers.



#19: Imperfect messy braid hairstyle

A nice way to make messy hairstyles is with loose braids. This hairstyle features artfully loose braiding. A few strands hang out, but other than that, it is quite neat, isn’t it? It is the kind of hairstyle that goes well with a late-night movie or an early-morning study session.



#20: Lazy half knot updo

The half-knot updo looks pretty boss, doesn’t it? It is a quick and easy hairstyle, that really brings out a person’s features. While this hairstyle probably brings yoga class to mind, it is great for several situations. Students will find it convenient and easy to style their hair into a half-knot updo even in the middle of class.



#21: Falling apart braid

Any braid naturally evolves into a half-done braid by the end of the day. But if you are going for a messy look, the half-done plait with free strands is the way to go. A half-done braid can look stunning without being too high-maintenance. It is a good hairstyle for a relaxed evening stroll.



#22: Grungy purple braids

To attract a little more attention, grungy purple braids are an instant solution. Fair warning: this hairstyle is probably an Indian’s mom’s nightmare. The braids are a rebel’s answer to mimicking a school’s prescribed way of plaiting one’s hair. It’s a great hairstyle to wear to a concert, or to any night of wild abandon.


#23: Free braid with tousled hair

A free braid gives a windswept, just-walked-out-of-the-beach look. It is a tousled French braid, that does not take itself too seriously. While it might take multiple times to style hair strands into the perfect tousled free braid, the results are worth the effort.



#24: Falling apart bun and braid

This hairstyle is an intricate braided bun that looks like it is on the verge of falling apart. It keeps hair in place, without the pressure of every loose strand falling a certain way. Whether it is a relaxed day at home or a meeting with a long-term client, this hairstyle is neither painfully formal nor offensively messy.



#25: Distressed braid hairstyle

The distressed braid hairstyle goes particularly well with bangs or layers. It works the layers to its advantage, into a tightly braided mess. The bangs are allowed to hang loose here, adding to its sass. Aside from being a really fun way to show off a new haircut, it looks cute on almost everyone.



#26: Distressed braid for wispy Indian hair

There is a lot that can be done with wispy hair and messy hairstyles, especially hair that thins down towards the end. A distressed almost-fish-braid is definitely one option. It is the kind of style that looks better when it gets thinner towards the end. This hairstyle makes for an intricate off-beat  design.

#27: Deepika Padukone messy braid

Deepika Padukone has a way of making any hairstyle look iconic. Wearing a messy side-braid is no exception. This hairstyle is loosely braided and plaited down. It is a hairstyle many Indian girls have grown up with. It looks great with a saree, and just as good in an off-shoulder sequined top.


#28: Shabby long hair look

Naturally wavy hair can be styled in a way that enhances its waves. Braiding hair tight first, before letting it get loose and relaxed with time might be a good way to get this hairstyle right.



#29: Casual scruffy top knot

Tired at work? The casually messy top knot can feel incredibly airy and satisfying! It prevents random strands from falling down a person’s shoulders, or into their eyes. For people with smaller foreheads, the top knot is a great way to show more of their forehead. The messy top knot is a no-nonsense hairstyle that helps you look good and get work done. It also is a good hairstyle to work out in as the hair is kept out of the way while you exercise.



#30: Cascading messy hairstyle

There is nothing effortless about the cascading messy hairstyle, though it sure does look natural! The casually messy hairstyle bunches up thick, fat braids. They meet at a not-so-casual, completely elegant bun. Whew! It is a wonderful wedding-friendly hairstyle.



#31: Carefree top knot bun with free strands

A carefree top-knot bun is a great way to keep hair out of a person’s face, without penalizing the lone free strand or two. It is casual and incredibly easy to pull off. It goes well with a shirt, or a cotton kurta. However old you get, the carefree top-knot never goes out of style.



#32: Tousled medium length hairstyle

Unsure of what messy hairstyles can be done with hair that is neither too short nor too long? Tousle it up! Tousled medium-length hair is hot without being hard to manage. Messy and moussed up works especially well with layer cuts.


#33: Tousled ponytail with bangs

For people with bangs, they might find it difficult to pull their hair back into a tight ponytail. That is okay, though! Embrace the messiness by finger-combing it into a tousled low ponytail. There is no need to freak out about hair being rumply and tangled because that’s the style, bro!


#34: Tousled fishtail clubbing braids

Tousled fishtail clubbing braids are intense! They are messily done fishtail braids that get more and more intricate towards the ends. These fishtail clubbing braids especially stand out when paired with casual-chic outfits.


#35: Top knot and loose hair

The top-knot is especially dynamic-looking when it is a half-top knot. The rest of the hair is left to cascade down the person’s shoulders. The half-top knot adds elegance to an otherwise dated hairstyle.


#36: Thick wild ponytail

A thick, wild ponytail sounds like a no-brainer, but how you wear it makes all the difference. A thick, wavy medium-length ponytail is perfect. A wild ponytail goes great with a casual tee paired with long, dangly earrings.

#37: Thick pulled apart braid

A thick pulled-apart braid is begging to be taken seriously. It is formal but stays approachable,  goes perfectly with a pant suit and would not look out of place in a summer dress either!


#38: Thick and messy plait

The thick and messy plait is the boss of all messy hairstyles. It cuts down on intricacy, which adds to the volume. Hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and then braided down. Whether in a pair of trendy shorts or a kurti, this is a great emergency hairstyle.

#39: Sadhu style top knot

A sadhu-style bun is just as low maintenance. For those with longer locks, it is a great way to stay cool during the summer. This top knot goes well with nearly any outfit.

#40: Quick messy ponytail

The quick messy ponytail is an easy solution to a bad hair day. All you need is a scrunchie. Braiding it at the top and pulling it back into a messy ponytail is another way to mix it up.

#41: Pulled apart distressed braid

A  distressed braid is satisfyingly messy to look at. It is tightly braided, with loose, messy strands. It is a hairstyle for the movie theater. There’s room to lean back and crunch popcorn, without worrying about messing up one’s hairstyle.


#42: Wild mohawk braid

The mohawk braid is as intricate and badass as a mohawk. It is a warrior-princess’s go-to hairstyle. It is severely plaited and fantabulous looking. If you want to look like an ancient greek goddess go for this hairstyle.


#43: Messy bun by Samantha Prabhu

Samantha sometimes opts for messy hairstyles. Samantha’s bun is one of the easier messy bun’s to pull off. Twisting up a low ponytail, and holding it with elastic is one way to make this hairstyle work. It is as low-key as an untidy ponytail!


#44: Messy top knot hairstyle

For people with longer hair, a messy top-knot is a perfect way to keep things casual. Pul the hair up and twist into a knot. It looks both approachable and sexy.


#45: Messy top knot for thin hair

Messy hairstyles can also for with thin hair. For thin hair, pulling it up results in greater hair volume. Bunching it up into a top-knot makes for a cool and glamorous ‘do.


#46: Lazy downdo

Want to do something different with your hair? The lazy down do barely takes a second. It is a half-ponytail with a (literal) twist! Just pull back the strands at the top into a half-bun, allowing the rest to hang down the person’s shoulders.


#47: Messy half French roll

The messy half-French roll looks great with dark hair. It is an elegant and simple fix to a lazy Sunday morning. It is perfect for a Sunday morning brunch date!


#48: Messy Indian updo hairstyle

The messy Indian updo involves braiding hair and rolling it into an ornate, messy bun. It is a great way to keep it classy, without getting that long sheath of hair into a tangled mess.


#49: Side French braid and bun

A side-french braid tucked into a bun is a wonderful way to mix things up. Pair it with traditional salwar kameez or an oversized tee. Watch heads turn, when you wear your hair this way on the first day of college.

#50: Slightly askew double braids

It is never too late for double braids! Double braids bring youth and freshness to the table. They are particularly suited to people with a baby-face or heart-shaped faces.


Messy hairstyles are easy to do, no fuss and can look very nonchalant. You can combine them with paty nights, lazy coffee afternoons or even formal events.

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