17 Best Mermaid Hairstyles Suited to Indian Women Like You

Mermaid hairstyles are perfectly suited for long thick Indian hair. Remember the first time you watched “The Little Mermaid” as a girl? That must be precisely the first moment in our lifelong fascination about mermaids, isn’t it? And why not, they are an embodiment of beauty and mystic. So here are a few hairstyles to find out if you have a bit of the mermaid in you.

Long Hair Mermaid Hairstyles

#1: Neon blue step by step mermaid braid

Doesn’t this gorgeous shocking neon hairdo look like is a mermaid’s tail? You can get the glossy-finny look too! This is one more hairdo that looks complicated but is very easy to pull off. What you are doing, basically, is a length of twisted ponytails from top of the head to the length where a braid starts. And you tie and braid and ever so lightly pull the twists to get a puffy, feathery look.

#11: Purple fishtail braid fit for a mermaid

Bringing in more colors of the ocean is the purple fishtail braid! Mermaid hairstyles look fantastic when dyed. You wouldn’t mind putting in some work when something looks that beautiful? Here is a hairstyle for you. This is an upgrade on the Double Plaited Mermaid Hairstyle. Just like the hairdo, start with a middle parting and tie two plaits only this time softly tug out the twists to create a fishtail like effect. Continue with the second layer the same way and then the third. Finish it up with a fish tail braid.

#3: Double plaited mermaid hairstyle for long hair

Need a hairstyle for a long healthy mane? What better hairstyle to show it off than with double plaited mermaid hairstyles! And although this looks intricate it is very easy to tie. Start it off by parting your hair in the middle and tie two lose plaits on the top of your head for half the length. Tie the two parts of the plait into a single one in a loose shabby way. Tie two more plaits from the lower part of hair and bring them all together and tie them into one plait till the end.

#4: Intertwined messy mermaid braid for long hair

There are many options for thick black hair, one way is to tie them in the combination of plaits and rope braids. At the length of the plait twirl sections around the braid till the end. This hairstyle is more of a freehand hairstyle and you can tie it as you wish. All you need is the skill to intertwine. This messy hairstyle is perfect for when you are having a bad hair day!

#5: Interwoven mermaid hairstyle for medium length

This is a hairdo that looks intricate but is easy to tie. All you need to do is give it a good finish. Leave the sides of the hair untied including those that form long fringes at the top of your head. From the centre tie a regular three strand braid. After this take portions of loose hair from the sides and tuck them in the regular braid in the centre and keep going till the hair’s length. An relatuvely simple hairstyle right?

#6: Long flat mermaid plait with flowers

A simple but intricate looking hairdo can look even more beautiful with the right accessories. Case in point, this gorgeous hairdo! Keep the top hair simple. Tie up a 5 stranded braid and softly pull out the twists for a fish’s fin look. Accessorize the plait with delicate flowers or hair pieces.

#7: Long layered mermaid hairstyle with twisted crown

There are many ways to show off those long tresses. And nothing says feminine like this mermaid hairstyle. Start by styling your hair into a wavy look. Leave the top of the hair for the rope braid style crown. In the lower part of the hair tie braids leaving alternate portions of hair. After you are done, tie the hair on the top into two rope braids on two sides. Tie the two braids into a knot behind the head.

#8: Mermaid Bun Updo

Want the mermaid hairdo but don’t want the tresses hanging down? This mermaid  hair bun comes with the cuteness of mermaid hairstyles and the simplicity of  hair buns. Part your hair on the side and tie a regular braid in a puffy style. Part the rest of the hair in a half pony way. Tie a loose plait with the top hair and twist into a puffy bun. From the lowest section, tuck in the hair in a wavy pattern and tie the side puffy braid around this bun.

#9: Neatly folded mermaid braid for long hair

The twisted ponytail is a very versatile hairdo if you know how to do it right. Want to get into the mermaid mode but no time for a complicated hairdo? Fret not, this series of twisted ponytails will serve you well. What you need to do is tie a twisted ponytail starting from the top of your head with small portion of your hair. And keep adding more portions and create more twisted ponytails to get a cascading effect. Keep going till the hair’s length, spray it hair spray for that polished finish.

#10: Cascading mermaid hairstyle

Wear the waves of the sea! This classic mermaid hairstyle is full of flirty waves that can be tied up in an  intricate hairdo. Part the hair in the middle and create 3-4 sections of rope braids. Next just follow the pattern of a French braid but instead of braiding, you tie it into loose big curls in the centre. The best part is that this hairdo looks good even on medium length hair.

#11: Cute blue and pink mermaid braid

If you are bringing in the waves, you might as well bring in the blue, or any of the beautiful azure shades of the ocean. And while you are at it just blend in a bit of the feminine pink. Tie it up in the simple yet chic braid and you have your mermaid hair ready!

#12: Tangled strands in long mermaid down do

If you have wavy hair or currently wear them in a wavy style, there are a lot of mermaid hairstyles you can try! Start with a simple braid, then tie as many plaits from the outer line of your hair. Leave a few to tie up into rolls of waves and let them fall down along with the plaits!

#13: Thick mermaid braid for medium length hair

Think mermaid hairstyles are really for those with long tresses? Have a look at this hairdo. Just tie a braid starting from the top the head. Next instead of tying in a second layer like a French plait, just stuff loose bits of hair into the first plait. Keep going in this manner till the end of hair’s length to get that soft mermaid hairdo look.

#14: Thick mermaid braid hairstyle with loose curly locks

Yet another hairstyle that will look good with wavy hair with soft curls on the sides. This hairdo looks great on the layered hair cut. Curl up the length of hair on the side of your hair into soft curls and let them fall on the shoulders. With the rest of the hair on the centre, tie a French plait, but spray a glossy hair spray and tuck out soft waves from the plait. Keep going and leave the ends of the layers open and curl them all in the end.

#15: Topsy tail mermaid braid

Bring in the graceful movement of a fish to the hair. All you need to do is sweep your hair to one side, so that you get to work your hair into a plait. Keep pulling  new portions of hair from the inside of the hair and puff it up for the fish tail effect. Keep going half the distance. Then tie two loose rope braids from the sides of the head and continue to tie a loose regular braid till the end.

#16: Untidy mermaid braid with dotted flowers

Want to give the regular ponytail a glam spin? This mermaid braid is for you. Tie regular braids from the side of your hair. Style half length of your hair into a wavy pattern. And tie a half pony in the centre. Style the braids around the pony tail. From the loose lower section of the half pony tuck in the hair in a criss-cross pattern around the braids. Accessorize with beautiful hair pieces and glam up this pony tail.

#17: Wide plaited mermaid hairstyle

While we have many mermaid hairstyles that look intricate but are easy to pull off here is one hairdo that will require some work.

But it looks so much like a perfect mermaid’s tail that one is tempted to try it. Start it off from the top of your hair with two plaits and two rope braids on the sides.

On the lower section of the hair, tie two plaits leaving an equal section for a braid in the centre. Now with the loose section of hair in the centre, tie a plait by weaving each strand on the either of the two braids and continue to the hair’s length.

What you need really is the skill to weave the middle braid and you have a beautiful hairdo!

All in all mermaid hairstyles are a great look for long thick hair that most Indian women have. If you want more long hair hairstyles check out our waterfall hairstyles or other hairstyles for Indian women.