18 Best Maang Tikka Hairstyles for Your Wedding and Mehndi

Maang tikka hairstyles are perfect for those of you who are getting married or planning to attend a sister’s wedding.

The right hairstyle depends on the maang tikka jewelry you will be wearing: chaand tikkas, matha pattis, pure gold maang tikkas, jhoomars, minimalist or multi chain tikkas.

Depending on which of these option you go for there is an accompanying hairstyle that will look good. Most often, we see that brides opt for traditional Indian hair buns. These are sometimes combined with flowers.

You will also find some alternative hairstyles such as messy side braids and even semi some open hairstyles.

Take a look and get inspired by the maang tikka hairstyles below

Maang tikka hairstyles that will look amazing on your wedding day

#1: Chignon hairstyle with maang tikka

This beautiful chignon hair bun is supremely chic. The minimalist hairstyle matches the lightweight maang tikka. I love the matching earrings.


  1. To make this hairstyle make your hair into a ponytail.
  2. Part the hair just above the elastic band.
  3. Next separate the ponytail in five to 6 strands and twist them.
  4. Pull them through the parting that you made above the elastic band. You may need to do this a couple of time or more depending on the length of your hair.

And voila you have a beautiful minimalist maang tikka hairstyle.

#2: Elegant bridal hair bun with maang tikka

Maang tikka hairstyles are perfect for a single string matha patti. Part the front bangs to the side and tease the hair at the crown to form that quintessential Indian bridal poof. The hair bun at the back is composed of intricate curling strands. The result is a stunning maang tikka hairstyle for a perfect wedding.

#3: Maang tikka and roses hairstyle

This double stringed maang tikka matches a simple tight hair bun perfectly. Comb the hair fully straight and to the back. Tie the bun hairstyle down low and decorated with roses. The result is a perfect look for your bridal hairstyle. Check out this post for low hair bun tutorials.

#4: Maang tikka bridal hair bun with poof and flowers

Gold maang tikkas go well with traditional Indian hairstyles. In this pic the bride combines a gold chain maang tikka with a curly updo. The ringlets at the front frame the forehead and maang tikka beautifully. The poof at the top has all the elements of tradition. The hair bun at the back is decorated with red flowers. This hairstyle will go well with a red saree.

#5: Maang tikka curly updo hairstyle

Try combining maang tikka hairstyles with a  jhoomar on one side. In the pic below, the hair is curling to one side and the curls roll around the bun at the back to reach the nape of the neck. The earrings also match the maang tikka.

#6: Maang tikka hair bun with poof

This simple maang tikka hairstyle is very traditional. Raise the front part of the hair and tuck it in. Make a second section of hair with a poof on the crown and low twisted bun. Wear some earrings to match the shape of the maang tikka. This will create that perfect wedding look.

#7: Maang tikka hairstyle with mermaid braid

This maang tikka is worn with an open cascading mermaid hairstyle. The style is traditional with side bangs framing the forehead and a poof adding extra height. The curly strands of hair roll freely over on shoulder giving the whole look an audacious twist.

#8: Maang tikka hairstyle with puff

This round maang tikka hairstyle consists of a front puff while the rest of the hair is let loose. The simplicity of this hairstyle brings all the focus on the clothes, face and jewelry. This is a good strategy for a minimalist look. It is also great for wearing a very intricate saree.

#9: Matha patti updo with side braid

Well executed maang tikka hairstyles play with design of the jewelry itself. This hairstyle matches the intricate matha patti chain perfectly. A thin Dutch braid runs along the side of the forehead on either side. Learn how to make Dutch braids here. A larger braid wraps itself around the high hair bun. The matha patti is accompanied by matching earrings and maang tikka hangs low in front of the third eye chakra.   If you are looking for a very regal North Indian bridal look then this is perfect.

#10: Maang tikka with high ponytail hairstyle

This is a nice alternative to a hair bun or long open hairstyle. This high ponytail adds volume and goes well with the maang tikka.

#11: Maang tikka with puffed bun and ringlets

These tall puffy hairstyle matches the aesthetic of the maang tikka. Curly ringlets on the side frame the face beautifully.

#12: With a messy fishtail braid

This messy fishtail hairstyle is pretty cool. If you are attending a mehndi party and want a somewhat hipster and traditional look this is a great hairstyle to combine with a gold maang tikka.

#13: Minimalist maang tikka hairstyle

Thin chains and small maang tikkas go well with simple hairstyles such as this combed back low bun. The model also has thin hair which helps with the overall look. You can still get away with it if you have thicker hair. Just take a hair iron to it to straighten it.

#14: Shaadi hairstyle with Maang Tikka

This asymmetrical maang tikka hairstyle is composed of long curling bangs on one side and a high poof at the top.

#15: Combined with a side braid

Maang tikka hairstyles look great when you combine them with messy side braids. The cascading disheveled plait falls freely on one shoulder making a nice contrast to the centered maang tikka. The maang tikka extension matches the long braid.

#16: Simple maang tikka braid with ringlets

Here is another rendition of the side braid. This time it’s combined with a mango shaped maang tikka. The hair at the front has been parted to one side and the juxtaposing side has a beautiful curling ringlet.

#17: Simple maang tikka hairstyle

Combine sleek straight hairstyles when wearing a head chain maang tikka.

#18: South Indian fishtail braid with maang tikka

This South Indian style hairstyle is pretty cool because it combines a modern fishtail braid with a very traditional look.

Maang tikka hairstyles come in varying arrangements from intricate hair bun to sassy open hair looks. What you choose to go with depends a lot on what is traditional in your part of India, what you parents will agree to and of course what you feel most comfortable in.

We have seen that simple maang tikkas go well with puffs and side parting. Matha pattis on the other hand go well with sleek combed back hair which allows the chains to define the outline of your hair.

Beyond the maang tikka you can also consider accompanying adornments to the hairstyle such as jhoomars, juda pins, tiaras and flowers.

I hope you have zoned in on a couple of maang tikka hairstyles you want to try! If not keep on browsing at some of the posts below. Hairstyle Monkey is the ultimate resource for Indian hairstyles!

Hope you get inspired!

Happy hairstyling!