Bridal hairstyle for long hair

This bridal hairstyle is great even for an evening reception or sangeet, cocktail or mehendi party if you want a fancy looking up do style. This works for girls with long straight hair, however if you have curly hair, just iron it out or blow dry it straight before styling. It works for both thick hair as well as fine hair. Highlighted hair will look particularly nice too!

Do get a good competent friend, cousin, sibling or stylist to help you out with it.

Steps to create this loopy bridal hairstyle:

Like I said, start with blow dried straight hair. Section your hair into two by parting from ear to ear. Secure the front portion with a loose rubber band to prevent it from losing it’s straightened look.

Starting from the top of the bottom section, pick out a small section of your hair and spray it with hair spray to eliminate frizz and add sheen and hold. Then, using three fingers, gently twist it in to a loop and set it against your scalp, securing it with a bobby pin. If you have thick hair, pick more hair in each piece, but not too much that the pin can’t hold. Not all of your length will fit in to one loop. with the hair that remains below the first loop, do the same, use your fingers to make a loop and secure close to the first loop. Depending on your hair length, you may be able to make 2 or three loops with each piece.

Finish off the bridal hairstyle by going around the rest of your head doing the same thing – picking pieces, using your fingers to give the loop a size and securing at the base with bobby pins. If you use one of two fingers to make the loop, the curl will be smaller and tighter. Women with fine hair may prefer bigger loops for more volume. You can use the back of a parting comb to lift each loop once secured, to add further volume. Pull only lightly.

Don’t forget to use hairspray before making each loop. Comb flyaways with a fine comb to maintain shiny look.

Once you have arranged all the bottom section in loops in a beautiful arrangement and your hair is beginning to attract honey bees, open up the front section that was tied and backcomb it. Tease the crown more than you would the sides and secure all the hair just above the point where you began setting your loop bouquet. Make sure flyaways are all combed in and set with hairspray. You now have the front section looking smooth and voluminous. But the tail of this section still remains loose over your hair bouquet. Pick out sections of this ‘tail’, spray it and loop it like you did with the bottom half. Arrange all the loops very beautifully, close to each other.

Set the bridal hairstyle with a lot of hairspray. You could add diamante stickers for added glam on a special occasion. Enjoy the compliments. You just saved yourself a whole load of money by doing it yourself.

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