10 Best Hairstyles for Lehenga Choli to Inspire You in 2019

Ideas for lehenga choli or ghagra choli hairstyles are not always easy to come up with. In 2017 we expect the lehenga choli to be as popular as ever. While traditionally the lehenga or ghagra choli has been worn in the Northern belt for many centuries by women of all classes we’ve observed that, of late, it has emerged as a key fashion statement at weddings and other formal functions.

As this piece of clothing makes a come back, it becomes all the more relevant to know what hairstyles are appropriate when wearing a lehenga choli. We have described lehenga, anarkali and ghagra choli hairstyles before. In this blog post we hope to categorize all the various types of hairstyles you could do for lehenga choli: plaits, hair buns and judas, side swept styles, open hairstyles, front puffs and mid poofs as well as using various hair accessories such as head chains and claw clips.

We hope that this post will be a comprehensive guide for you. Read on to get inspired about the various lehenga choli hairstyles you could do.

Types of hairstyles that suit lehenga and ghagra choli

#1: Side Braids with lehenga choli

One of the most becoming hairstyles for lehenga choli are side braids. Flat fishtail braids can do wonders to create a nonchalant sassy look. You can combine these with loose wispy bangs like in the first two pics below or thicker curly ringlets like in the third pic. Shilpi Sharma does a messy variation of this hairstyle by letting thick bangs loose and combines it with a side swept fringe for a sexier look.

You also have a lot of options in doing up the front of the hair. This could be a pronounced puff for more formal occasions or a simple twist on either side for that more chillaxed look. If you are wearing a lehenga choli you can definitely improvise a lot on the side braid theme to get looks that range from playful to sophisticated.

Example medium length fishtail braid with wispy bangs Source


In this pic a long fishtail braid is brought forward to cover the whole ghagra choli on one side. The front hair has been twisted to meet the braid at the back. Source

Wearing a lehenga choli with a side braid and high puff with long curly ringlets Source

Shilpi Sharma in her sexy loose bangs braid and sassy lehenga choli. Source

 #2: Mid parted open hairstyles

If you do a quick search you will see that most Bollywood celebrities let their hair loose when they wear a ghagra choli. So maybe there is a trick or two we can learn from them. The lehenga or ghagra choli are such beautiful garments in themselves that sometimes it makes sense not to overcomplicate a hairstyle. An open hairstyle for long hair suits the long flowing pattern of the lehenga perfectly. Letting your hair down will also allow you to cover your back. After all, a lehenga choli exposes quite a bit skin so it is comforting to have something beyond your dupatta to cover an open back.

To get this look, middle part you hair and let it flow evenly on either side or let it fall to one side for a sexier look. If you iron your hair straight you will get a more even flow but you can also show off your curls if you have curly hair like Shriya Saran in the third pic.

Example of open hairstyle with ironed hair. Source


These open wavy curls match the lehenga skirt nicely Source


Shriya Saran shows us how it’s done with a curly open hairstyle to match her lehenga choli. Source

#3:Loose bun with lehenga choli

Another idea to try with ghagra or lehenga cholis is a loose bun. This can look very classy and nonchalant. A low and loose hair bun matches the flowing lines of the lehenga well. There are any number of ways to make a loose bun. Leaving loose strands will make the overall look more sassy. Adding hair accessories such as hair jewelry or flowers will make the look more formal and classy. Below are two pics to serve as ideas but if you are considering a low loose bun you might also want to check out our post on loose bun hairstyles.

Combine your low loose bun with hair accessories to get a more classy look with your lehenga choli. Source


Alia Bhatt in a low hair bun with free stands of hair and long earrings. Source

#4: Front puffs

Puffing your hair up at the front can really dazzle a crowd. A front puff will make a good match for a beautiful lehenga. It will also keep hair out of the way if you really want to show off your choli. You can either do a diagonal puff combed to one side or if you wanted added height you can do a straight up one. You’ll want to tie your hair up at the back with a simple claw clip and let the rest of your hair flow loose. Here also you can choose to use a hair iron and keep your hair straight like in the second pic below; alternatively use a curler to get those cascading locks like in the first and third image.

Example of a diagonal puff with loose flowing hair that has been curled just above the choli. Source


An almost straight up front puff and straight loose hair covering the back of the choli. Source


A side swept puff and loose curly locks brought forward on one side over the ghagra choli. Source

#5: Use hair accessories

If you’ve chosen to wear a lehenga then this is probably somewhat of a formal occasion and a great opportunity to wear some hair accessories. You can go for a fully formal and regal look by wearing a head chain. Alternatively consider decorating your hair with flowers which can also look really beautiful.


Lehenga choli with head chain accessories. Source


Braid and hair jewelry with lehenga choli. Source


Lehenga dress and choli with side swept hairstyle and flowers. Source

#6: Hair buns with loose side bangs

Another very becoming option is to sport a hair bun with loose side bangs. This can be in the form of loose wispy strands or shiny ringlets if your hair do is more formal.

Braided buns with wispy loose bangs for lehenga choli. Source

These models wear their lehenga cholis with high intricate buns and long loose ringlets. Source


The long heat curled side bangs match this lehenga choli perfectly. Source

#7: Braided hair bun

Braids and buns send out Greek goddess and hipster vibes. There are loads of variations to try. Jacqueline Fernandez looks beautiful in this braided bun. The braid separates a short fringe and loose bangs from a raised poof at the back. This gives space to show off the lehenga choli. The next pic showcases a different ideas for a braided bun with the braid passing from below and the bun being made in the form of a top knot.  The third variation re-creates a classic 60s hair bun with the braid passing from above. Use the hairstyles below as templates for your own unique style. There are literally hundreds of variations one could do here.

Jacqueline Fernandez with braided bun and fringe for lehenga choli. Source


Top knot with braid passing from below. Source


Retro style bun for lehenga choli with the braid passing from above. Source

#8: Judas with middle puffs

In this section we will discuss some very formal hairstyles. These are suited to formal functions such as wedding receptions, mehndi parties, gala events and the like. The juda with a mid poof brings out all that is traditional about Indian hairstyles. By adding height it adds gravitas. It also gives you that feeling that this hairstyles has been unchanged since ancient times. You can go for a traditional juda rolled up in an intricate braid or banana hair clip like in the pic below or you could opt for a more modern version with loose curls bunched together beyond the poof.

Example of mid poof and juda for lehenga choli Source


This middle poof is combined with loose curls at the back. Source


#9: Loose curly down dos

If you have some curls in you hair wearing a lehenga choli can be a great opportunity to show them off. I know that women with curly hair often get bored with their curls and choose to iron it out to get a refreshingly different look.  However if you do have curly hair you should think of yourself as one of the lucky ones. The grass is always greener on the other side and there are girls out there with straight hair who are longing for a bit of bounce in their hair. So here are some ideas for lehenga choli and curly hairstyles. The first pic showcases a mermaid type of hairstyle with thick curly locks cascading across the shoulders. If you like this hairstyle we encourage you to take a look at our post on mermaid hairstyles. The second pic is an example of wispy curls twisted and turned to one side. The third hairstyle is a simple and quick hairstyle with loose bangs framing the face. There are loads of options for Indian curly hair here. Don’t be afraid to innovate and try out a few options to figure which style represents you the best.

Cascading ghagra choli mermaid hairstyle. Source


This hairstyle has been side combed and twisted at the back to one side.


Quick and easy lehenga choli hairstyle for curly hair.

#10: Beehives

Our final recommendation for hairstyles for lehenga choli is this classical beehive style. You will probably need some help from your local hair styling salon to achieve this look but you can be sure it will look fabulous. Depending on the volume of  hair you have naturally you might need a hair piece but you hair stylist will know all about that. Get classy with this retro Bollywood look and heads are sure to turn.

A medium beehive updo combined with a red lehenga choli. Source


A high beehive inspired by the French roll with a red ghagra choli. Source


I hope you have come out of reading this post with loads more ides for hairstyles to sport with your lehenga choli. If you enjoyed this post you may want to check some of our related posts below or go back to our home page to see different hairstyles for Indian women.