15 Perfect Kriti Sanon Hairstyles for You to Get Ideas

We all look up to our Bollywood stars when it comes to latest trends and fashion. And why not? With the hugely qualified teams behind their back, we can totally rely on their homework and skills, to find us the hottest and the coolest of all trends. Talking of Bollywood and the new stars on the block, Kriti Sanon is now a household name in India and young girls look up to her for their next styles. Below are some hairstyles that Kriti has sported recently. Take you pick!

#1: Feather cut and fringe

Looking for a simple and chic hairstyle to rock your everyday look? Most suited for straight hair, this is the ‘always ready to go’ style. Just make sure the haircut is done well. Short side bangs and subtle layers will complete the look of this style. A very youthful style, you can wear it to any party or get together or even at home. Absolutely gorgeous for the selfies!

#2: Fishtail braid

Those who are blessed with a chiseled jawline and a slim tall neck, should look for hairstyles that accentuate these features. This style does just that! Grab your hair loosely towards the side of your bangs. Now braid into a fish tail and tie the loose end. Let the mess in the hair be there and don’t forget to add a smile!

#3: Bangs and poof

Front bangs coupled with a high puff really adds a lot of volume to your hair. If you are wearing an elaborate dress to a function and want an equally domineering yet simple hairstyle, go for this one. Leave the bangs to cover your forehead and tie the upper half of your hair into a puff. The style also leaves a playground for the big long heavy earrings that you will be wearing!

#4: Loose braid hairstyle

Heading for shopping with friends or date, this style will brighten up almost any informal meeting! Make a loose side braid and let some strands of hair fall out. The style brings out the easy going, casual, fun loving personality that is needed for fun evenings. So, go ahead and spread some happiness!

#5: Kriti Sanon ponytail

The most loved hairstyle in an office set up! Some puffed up hair and the top of your mane, followed by a high pony. It’s important to maintain the tidy and clean look of the hairstyle for the formal setups. This style goes with all dresses, formal or informal, subtle or colorful, Indian or western.

#6: Casual poof and bangs

There is so much you can do with a set of well-done layers in your hair! This particular hairstyle will be a breeze with nice layers. Just puff up the top hair, you don’t necessarily need to tie them. Leave some strands of hair to give shape to your face. Pull all the hair towards the back and tie using a banana clip or a hair band.

#7: Simple open hairstyle

Bring on the simple hairstyle! 2 seconds and a small claw clip is all you will need to pull this one! Just leave the bangs and tie the top half of the hair using your clip. It’s done! No, really! This can be your everyday hairstyle!

#8: Twisted hair bun look

Coming to a more intricate and complex of the styles that Kriti adorned, this hairstyle is more suited for very formal functions where you need to wear an Indian dress. The front hair is braided neatly into a headband, and the remaining hair on the mane is puffed up a little. The hair is then tied into a messy bun.

#9: Updo with loose strands

Now is the turn for a hairstyle that brings sass with it!  Sensual and classy, this hairdo is a more upmarket than the others we saw so far. The hair needs to be nicely blow dried and very lightly combed. Side part your hair to one side and then let some strands down the face. Loosely tie your hair behind in a bun and top it up with a beautiful evening dress!

#10: Fringe and top knot

A day at college or an evening out with your girlfriends? For the days when you want a low maintenance hairstyle to get past a busy day, a hair bun comes in handy. How to make that boring bun more interesting? Throw some bangs and let some hair fall out. This will complete the cool look while keeping your hands spared for some other chores.

#11: Mermaid braid

Aren’t mermaid braids just the in thing this season? They look as lovely on a dress as they look with a pair of jeans. Kriti wore it to the Filmfare but you can wear it on your birthday. This style looks best on well-groomed but uncombed hair. But sure to add some volume and bounce while braiding you hair.

#12: Simple front puff hairstyle

There is so much you can do with well-behaved hair! Ladies with simple straight hair are always looking for styles to add more volume to the hair. But, there will inevitably be those days when you can’t pull off an elaborate hairstyle. For those days, grab some hair on the top of your mane and backcomb them to add some volume to the puff. Then use a small clip to secure them in place.

#13: Low hair bun

Another one of those formal hair styles that Kriti has sported. Well-groomed hair, nicely gelled up, with just the right amount of shine. Side part your hair and comb them well. Use downwards stroke to comb than backwards. Make a faux side bang as well. Now tie the hair tightly into a neat bun just at the back of your neck.

#14: Straight and layered hairstyle

So what do you do when you really want to let your hair down? You shampoo, you condition, you iron and then you leave your house. That’s all you need to do to get this style. Well suited for almost all sorts of occasions, face shapes, dresses and time of the day (or night!)

#15: Straight open hairstyles

This one is the last on the list and very like the last one. It’s actually an extension to style number 14. You can take a section of the well ironed hair and pin them up. Maybe just pin one side or both, or maybe pin the centre. The world is your stage, and your hair your canvas!

I hope that you’ll agree that Kriti Sanon can teach us a thing or two when it comes to hairstyling. If you liked these hairstyles you might also like Hansika Motwani styles which are somewhat similar to Kriti’s.  Have fun and don’t forget to subscribe to Hairstyle Monkey below for more hairstyles every week.