23 Amazing Juda Hairstyles That Will Inspire You – Blog Post

Juda hairstyles, also known as jura or ambada hairstyles, are classy bun hairstyles that are imbued with Indian tradition.

You can wear juda hairstyles with bangs, flicks, highlights or even braid a bit of your hair on the top and add it to the pony! Create juda hairstyles with ease and feel confident and sexy!

 23 Juda hairstyles you should take a look at

1. Bubble bun with hairpiece

Try this hairstyle for dramatic look at an engagement party or a wedding. This looks great on brownish or golden highlighted hair where the bubbles in the bun stand out because of the color. The bun gets a coverage with a braid and is decorated with small hairpins while the front fringes are middle parted and pinned to both the sides making space for the decorative maang tikka.

2. Traditional low Indian juda with flowers

Try this simple elegant low hair bun that is a great hairdo for traditional Indian brides. Looks beautiful on long hair and is accessorized with gajra tied around the bun and an exclusive kundan hair pin. It is a very fast and easy hairstyle and looks great on sarees. Looks great on women of all ages.

3. Beehive bun hairstyle

This is an easy way to create volume for thin and short hair for an Indian bride. This hairstyle changes the look of the bride completely. The puffed look is a vintage style and works wonders for brides with a round face as it gives the face a longer look. It can be decorated further with flowers or other hair pins to complete the look.

4. High juda hairstyle for short hair

For the summer season, this high juda is easy, comfortable and convenient and can be done in less than 2 minutes! Get rid of hair touching the neck & back. Preity Zinta was seen carrying this hairstyle in her short hair and looked beautiful when she wore it with an evening gown.

5. Waterfall braid bun

This stylish bun with a waterfall plait entwined looks like you have spent a good amount of time doing your hair up for an evening party. This hairstyle will go very well with a maxi dress and minimal jewelry. Will certainly make you look smart and elegant.

6. Loose French twist roll

This loose and modern French twist hairdo works wonders for women with thin or finely textured hair. It looks casual since it has a messy look to it and can be carried out with grace at a wedding. If you have light hair, be sure to look stunning in this hairdo.

7. Low curly bun with side wisps

Very princess-like wedding hair up-do for a bride with short to medium Indian hair. Makes the bride look beautiful and innocent as the side French braid gradually comes and mixes into low curly side bun touches the neck. The side wisps make the bride look marvelous and it is decorated with a hairpin to look like a perfect dulhan hairdo.

8. High braided bun updo

This complicated hairdo is made of waterfall and French braids and can look beautiful not only on brides but can also be adorned for other parties. It is time consuming and should be done very carefully. And if done well, it can get you special attention from everyone!

9. Messy loose juda for short hair

This chic and stylish looking messy buns make Priyanka Chopra look so relaxed and pretty. The loose up-do juda hairstyle gives her a very casual look and the golden earrings pair perfectly with it to give it a modern Indian look. This hairstyle is popular among college and school girls too as it is simple and quick.

10. Lace braided bun

This looks difficult but is a very simple sock bun with a lace braid. You can use a donut to make your bun look bigger, but if you already have long hair, you can make the bun using them alone. The French plait is taken from one side and goes to the other and the end of the braid is wrapped around the juda to give it this perfect look.

11. Messy and curly juda for Indian wedding

Indian curly hair give you a gorgeous look when you tie updo bun loosely. Leave some fringe of hairs on your face with curls and make a puff in front. Use small pins in light are also enough to show the beauty of natural hair curls. This hairdo looks great on black, brown or golden hair.

12. Loose bun with loose hanging curls


Juda hairstyles work very nicely with curly hair too. Keep those long and sometimes unmanageable curly locks looking stylish yet comfortable in this loose juda with a few curls hanging down loosely. The fringes in front also add a touch of grace to the one wearing it.

13. Marathi juda with real flower

This marathi juda hairstyle with a front puff looks perfect for a traditional wedding with middle parting for a white maang tikka and the bun is decorated with lovely white flowers. This hairdo looks graceful with the traditional cream sari.

14. Simple bun with hair sticks

Simple easy and DIY hairstyle for school girls or any age women that can be made on short to medium hair. Just twist the hair at the back and tie them up with 2 hair sticks from both the sides. The bun will be tightly secured by these sticks. This is an ideal hairstyle for summer days.

15. Dutch braid into messy side-juda

This side bun looks very stylish and makes a great hairdo for a function. The braid is simple and makes her ethnic look amazing. This looks neat and tidy and will stay in place.

16. Flower braided juda

This is a very typical school girl hairstyle that looks cute and innocent both on girls. It is very popular among high school girls and can be worn to the prom too! Try it on your daughter’s hair and make her look super cute.

17. Braided juda for party

This Indian hairstyle is perfect for girls with good skin and beats the heat as it is tied to the top. There are 2 braids that go criss cross giving it a messy yet formal look. Great for wedding parties. Can be given a messy look or hair spray can be used to keep the hair in place.

18. Zipper braid bun


This braid is very tricky, not a new technique, but the stranding does take a little mental exercise to get down. All the steps have to be carefully followed for it to look perfect. If done nicely, this plait is sure to draw a lot of attention, especially when worn in a combo! We can imagine this as being a perfect updo hairstyle for a prom, homecoming, or any other formal occasion.

19. High juda hairstyle

This one is a last minute bun made on the top of the head! It is a good bet for medium sized hair for women who are already late for work. It looks messy but can also be done neatly.

20. Braided juda hairstyle

This looks like a stylish hairstyle for blonde hair. The high bun is a sock bun carefully done and then a braided strand is fixed like a donut around the bun. This would look great on an evening gown.

21. Ponytail Bun

Random messy bun made out of a ponytail to give a different style to long thin and straight hair. The loose strands are fluttering on all the sides.

22. Simple High Bun

This is a simple pulled up high bun that is great for any occasion and can be pulled off easily with a polo neck t shirt. Looks lovely on her any color hair. Is also convenient for finely textured hair.

23. Knotted Bun

This is one of the fastest and simplest juda hairstyles. Even your little sister can do it in less than 5 minutes. It is an easy summer updo and can give a casual messy look too.

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