7 Best Ishita Hairstyles by Divyanka Tripathi You Must Try Out

Ishita hairstyles are all about traditional looks that go with sarees. When actress Divyanka Tripathi, who stars as Ishita, got married in the show she started doing these amazing saree hairstyles.

Ishita Hairstyles you are going to love

#1: Bridal updo hairstyle by Divyanka Tripathi

This beautiful updo is perfect for weddings and other occasions where you need to look chic. You will need to tie your hair up into a high bun and tease the hair at the front for that beautiful knot.

#2: Chic juda and puff by Divyanka Tripathi

This is on of those Ishita hairstyles that combine sophistication with tradition. Ishita shows us how it’s done with this beautiful volumized updo and low bun combo.

#3: Divyanka Tripathi with cascading side locks

Ishita hairstyles are world famous for long cascading locks. Those cascading side locks look supremely elegant. The hair has been side parted at the front and swerves effortlessly to one side. The hair at the crown has been teased to add volume.  Combine this hairstyle with a saree when going out with friends or to some semi formal occasion.

#4: Divyanka Tripathi with saree hairstyle

This hairstyle is pretty simple to do but sometimes simple hairstyles are the best ones. Ishita look stunning in this minimalist half bun hairstyles. Just use a butterfly clip to clasp your hair at the back and you are good to go.

#5: Ishita with braided bun hairstyle

This hair bun is perfect for a saree. Tease you hair at the front and the crown to add volume. Plait a simple braid a the back and wrap it around the hair bun. Combine this traditional hairstyle by our beloved Ishita with a saree or other traditional garments.

#6: Ishita with gown hairstyle

This hairstyle is super chic and elegant. Tie the hair at the back into a French roll or low bun. At the front you will need to tease your hair to make the puff. Leave some side bangs for added effect. These can be curly ringlets or you could have them straight for a more fashionable look.

#7: Ishita with puff and curly updo

This simple bushy hair bun has all the signs of tradition while being very easy to do. As you can tell, Divyanka loves those poofs at the crown of the head. The curly hair bun look splendid.

All these Ishita hairstyles are perfect for mature looks and go well with sarees.  Ishita’s preference for poofs and puffs is evident. When it comes to elegance and updos Ishita definitely knows what she is doing. I hope these hairstyles have inspired you to try something new. If not, check out more Indian hairstyles on Hairstyle Monkey.

Happy hairstyling!