21 Indian Hairstyles Perfectly Suited for Round Faces

It can often be difficult to find good hairstyles for a round face. Many Indian women have a round face with full cheeks and curved chins. They often wonder which hairstyles best suits their shape of their face. The trick is to create a harmonious balance between the length and width of the face. The good news is that there is the perfect fit out there for round faces with every kind of Indian  hair texture from wavy, to curly and straight. It’s also pretty cool that long hair hairstyles and as well as short haircuts can suit a round face.

Having a circular face can actually give you an upper hand. Curved faces are defined by symmetry. Incorporating a slight angle to your hairstyle with the help of layers and fringes can, in fact, make a nice contrast and enhance your overall look.

Many of Indian cinema’s most beautiful women from Anushka Sharma to Gul Panag and South Indian siren Priyamani,  boast a round face. Offsetting the width and making the cheekbones more prominent seems to be the key to the perfect Indian hairstyle. Take inspiration from the hairstyles below and get ready to show off your round face to its best strengths.

21 Hairstyles for round face you will love

#1: Anushka Shetty feather cut with bangs

This layered feather cut hairstyle by Anushka Shetty is perfectly suited to her round face. With feathery bangs swept to the side and enhanced by further layers at the back, this hairstyle ensures that the breadth of the face is reduced. The bangs help to bring the beautiful cheekbones into prominence.

#2: College pigtail braids

Nothing could be further from the truth than the notion that braids don’t go well with round faces. A high four-strand or three-strand braid elongates the overall length of the face and does perfect justice to the Indian round face. Try out the two-sided college-style pigtail braids to add more spunk to your overall look.

#3: Curly down-do with side parting

A deep central or side parting is another perfect solution to bring out the best in your round face. The parting gives more dimension to the face by adding steep angles. Let out the rest of your hair in a curly down-do to get the perfect romantic look like Sri Divya in the pic below.

#4: Front fringe hairstyle

Angular or blunt, bangs are the perfect ice-breaker for a round face. Try out this shoulder-length haircut with layered bangs, to make the dimensions of your face seem more proportionate. this hairstyle looks great on straight or wispy hair.

#5: High ponytail for South Indian round face

High ponytails are ideal for fuller, South Indian round faces. Priyamani sure know what she is doing with her hair here. This hairstyle looks best on straight, sleek hair. Make sure to couple the  hairstyle with the right pair of sunglasses to get a perfectly polished look.

#6: Indian headband hairstyle for round face

Adding the right accessories to your hairstyle could do wonders for a round face. If you sport choppy or layered bangs, make sure to try adding a stylish headband. The headband ensures that the bangs frame the face more prominently. This draws focus towards the cheekbones and adds an angular edge to the face.

#7: Indian updo with side fringe

This is a simple hairstyle that really complements curved faces. To get this amazing look, simply twist all of your hair, except your fringes, to half its total length. Then pull the twist upwards and clip it at the half-way mark to the back of your head. Let the rest of the hair at the back and your fringes, fall freely and you’ll be left with a perfect casual look that highlights the beauty of your faces curves.

#8: Medium length curly locks

Loose shoulder-length locks skillfully cover up the width of the face and turn it  into a pretty oval shape. The shoulder-length edges bring in some much-required asymmetry to the face. The partition at the front sweeps the hair to one side and flatters the hairstyle brilliantly.

#9: Medium length feather cut

This pretty hairstyle maintains hair at the most optimum length for round faces. The gentle graduation of layers narrows down the width of the face while framing it beautifully. The side swept bangs are sure to flatter your gorgeous eyes and cheekbones. This hairstyle requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for women with straight or wavy hair.

#10: Open curly hairstyle

Textured hair pairs up with round faces perfectly. The shoulder length curls bring in some much needed diagonal lines into the hairstyle. The key feature of this hairstyle, though, are the highlights that bring in some much-needed depth to the hairstyle. The side-swept bangs add another beautiful touch to the hairstyle.

#11: Priyamani South Indian ponytail

This  look could be a go-to hairstyle for most South Indian girls as it elongates the facial profile and brings in just the right amount of edge. This hairstyle is extremely low-maintenance, thereby making it one of the top choices for South Indian actresses like Priyamani.

#12: Short Indian bob and puff

A blunt cut bob could bring with the right amount of slimming effect for round faces. Chin-length hair with clean-cut edges helps in drawing focus away from the cheeks and more towards the chin and the cheekbones. Add a front puff to turn the hairstyle seamlessly from casual to chic.

#13: Side braid for Indian round face

Braids are another great option for women with long hair and round faces. Loosely braided hair with a few long fringes framing your face helps to achieve the much-coveted Indian Goddess look. Make sure to take a slight side partition at the front so as to enhance the look.

#14: Simple open curls

This hairstyle is ideal for women with long hair and round faces. The luscious curls help to add volume and texture into the hairstyle without making the face look bulky. A deep partition coupled with a simple side braid will help to shift the focus towards your beautiful eyes.

#15: South Indian fishtail side braid

If you have been blessed with long and thick hair, then this hairstyle will ensure that life is never too boring again. This luxuriant fishtail braid that has been swept to one side, brings out the softer features of the face. Pair it with some gorgeous lip and eye color and you’ll definitely be the belle of the ball!

#16: Simple medium open hairstyle

Round faces don’t always need layered hairstyles to enhance them. If you like having short hair but are afraid to go overboard, make sure to try out this neck length bob. Enhanced by a deep side partition, the hairstyle brings in just the right amount of vertical lines required to visually elongate the length of the face.

#17:  Traditional South Indian hairstyle for round face

If you are looking for a more formal hairstyle that goes well with round faces, this hairstyle might be what you have been looking for. With a side-to-side puff at the front, the hairstyle lifts up the roots to add an extra dimension to the face. Let the rest of our long hair frame your face loosely to get the best results.

#18: Stylish Indian feather cut for round face

One of the best ways to update long hair to match your round face without losing too much length is to incorporate a feather cut. The cut brings in some straight edgy layers that augment the silhouette of the face. A good hairstyle for corporate meetings  but could also work for holidays on the beach.  This is the ultimate hairstyle for practically any event or function.

#19: Stylish side braid

Another elegant hairstyle option for round faces is a three strand side braid with some loose locks. The hairstyle helps in enhancing your natural beauty while making the face appear more oval. The hairstyle keeps in check the volume of the hair and ensures that it doesn’t seem bottom heavy. Upgrade the look by encompassing a deep side partition.

#20: Surabhi hairstyle

This captivating hairstyle breaks up the symmetry of a round face beautifully. With one part of the hair swept completely to the side while the other part is pulled back, the hairstyle incorporates multiple dimensions into a round face. So next time you are looking for a hairstyle make sure you try out this Surabhi inspired look!

#21: Topknot and fringe

The versatile bangs in this hairstyle help in covering up the fullness of the face. Meanwhile, the topknot hair bun lifts up the crown and adds a whole new element to the hairstyle. You can further enhance the depth of the look by letting a few strands loose and offsetting the topknot with a different hair color.

Many Indian women have fine round faces. It’s great to see how versatile a hairstyles can be when it comes to having a curved face. The high cheekbones and curves in your face can often work in your favor as you have seen with the hairstyles above. If you enjoyed this post check out more hairstyles for Indian women or read out post on oval hairstyles. Happy browsing!