9 Classy Indian Hairstyles That Suit High Neck Dresses

People always ask me what would be a good hairstyles to match a high neck dresses or gowns. To answer this I took a look at some of the hairstyles various celebrities opt for with high necklines. Truth be told there is no single prevailing hairstyles that will particularly match this type of attire. You could do a simple messy bun, a puff, a side braid, an open hairstyle or a French roll. Anything goes really. Let’s take a look at how some Bollywood celebrities tackled this and what hairstyles they chose for high neck clothing.

Best hairstyles high neck dresses

#1: Alia Bhatt with ponytail for high neck dress

Alia look stunning as always in this simple high neck dress. She is sporting a simple high ponytail and has added some volume to the crown by backcombing the hair underneath. If you are not sure what hairstyle to do then go back to the basics and keep it simple.

#2: Deepika Padukone with hair bun for high neck anarkali

If you are ever looking for inspiration for hair buns then take a look at Deepika Padukone’s hairstyles. She is excellent at creating those curly unkempt updos. In this anarkali dress the high neck collar matches the look perfectly. The bun keeps the neck and collar unadorned creating symmetry. If you have a nice set of earrings now would be a good time to wear those too!

#3: Indian hairstyle for high neck gown

Anushka Sharma looks amazing in this high neck gown with open back. To match the glamour of the Filmfare awards she has opted for a splendid French roll hairstyle.

#4: Kriti Sanon’s open hairstyle

Many celebrities choose to wear their hair open and middle parted. Kriti Sanon is wearing a diamond patterned dress and looks super cute with her long hair let loose.

#5: Loose side hair bun for high neck blouse

Weather you are wearing a high neck blouse with a saree or a lehenga choli then a nice hairstyle to do is a simple loose side bun like in the pic below.

#6: Puff and side braid for high neck dress

Another option to try is this high Victorian style puff and messy side braid. To achieve the exaggerated puff you will need to backcomb you hair underneath quite a bit. The side braid can be made and then slightly pulled apart so as to get that unkempt look. This is a daring and bold hairstyle. Definitely try it out if you want to make a statement.

#7: Shraddha Kapoor high neckline puff hairstyle

Shraddha Kapoor looks stunning in this wavy open hairstyle and mini puff. The puff is created by combing the hair back and keeping it in place with  a mini butterfly clip. This keep hair out of the way for the face to show while the flowing hair makes the overall look more confident.

#8: Shraddha Kapoor high neck dress side swept hairstyle

Another hairstyle by Shraddha. This time the hair has been side parted and let loose. There is a cute hair accessory on one side that makes the hairstyle more interesting. Other alternatives here would be to use flowers or nothing at all.

#9: Shriya Saran with side swept hairstyle and gown

Shriya Saran looks super sassy in this side swept hairstyle and long flowing gown. It’s a bold and audacious look to wear when attending a formal gala event or wedding reception and it will surely get heads turning.

I hope you have now been inspired with a few ideas about what hairstyles to wear with high necklines. Essentially there is no one hairstyle that is perfectly suited to this type of attire. We see celebrities often opt for long flowing and open hairstyles, that puffs can make the look bolder and that side swept hairstyles can make the look sassier. However from hair buns to ponytail s you can try a variety of hairstyles and they will all more or less match a high neck dress. If you are looking for more hairstyle inspiration for your gown or dress check out our section on gown and maxi dress hairstyles.