25 Indian Bun Hairstyles for weddings, parties…or just chillaxing

Indian bun hairstyles come in a variety of sorts.

Firstly, you have hairstyles that are appropriate for traditional clothes and Indian functions such as weddings, pujas and parties. These juda buns are grander with poofs at the back and puffed bangs at the front.  Moreover, formal occasions are usually accompanied by a lot of volume around the bun itself with decorative curly strands of hair.

Next you have bun hairstyles suited to partying it up. These are appropriate for when you are dressing up in gowns or dresses and going out to party with friends

Furthermore, another category of Indian bun hairstyles are those that are appropriate for the office. In the workplace you would probably want something more mature and less flashy that will command respect and keep that hair out of the way.

Finally, there are those days where you might be looking for a more relaxed look. Maybe you are meeting friends for coffee or simply chillaxing at home not doing much. Or maybe you are looking for something to wear to college. On these occasions you can do some pretty cool hair bun that don’t require much preparation. In addition, Lazy loose buns or hipster top knots match these occasions.

I’ll be showing you a  bit of both. First of all lets start with the formal stuff

Formal Indian bun hairstyles for weddings and receptions

#1: Classic braided bun with flowers

This braided bun will look beautiful in a any type of traditional Indian clothing wether it is a salwar kameez, a lehenga or a saree. It requires some plaiting but skilled hands will find it relatively easy to do. Just braid on either side of the head starting at the crown. Next tie you hair up in a bun at the back and wrap the braids around. Finally add a garland of jasmine flowers and you will look magnificent.

#2: Classic Indian juda hairstyle

This is one of those traditional Indian bun hairstyles. The right hair accessory can really make a hairstyle stand out. Note how this double back juda bun is relatively easy to copy. Just add beads or flowers and bow shaped clips to mix in a good amount of cuteness.

#3: Elegant Indian donut bun hairstyle with flowers

You can look marvelous in a air hostess hair bun like the one in this pic. The red flowers add volume and give the hairstyle a more festive look. Most noteworthy is the low bun at the back. This is a simple donut bun that is wrapped around by some side strands of hair.

#4: Funky bun hairstyle with braid and swerving poof

If you want to make a grand entrance at a wedding or party then consider this beautifully braided updo. Clearly the work of a professional you might want to print this photo and take it to you local hair salon to copy it.

#5: Hair bun for curly hair

This is another classic Indian hair bun look. Most noteworthy is the curly pattern at the bottom which is kind of unique and will make for an impressive appearance at whatever event you are attending.

#6: Indian bridal bun hairstyle with maang tikka

Some of the most glamorous Indian bun hairstyles are meant for brides. This beautiful curly updo consists of a large bun at the back that is accompanied by a raised poof at the crown of the head. In addition, combed back bangs and the maang tikka and chain frame the forehead.

 #7: Indian bun hairstyle with loopy curls

If you are looking for an old Bollywood style look check out this retro hair bun. Strands of hair delicately decorate the periphery and meet at the back in a curling crescendo. Moreover, the exaggerated front puff takes us back to those black and white Bollywood movies.

 #8: Indian side parted hair bun

If you want to mix an element of tradition into your hair bun consider raising the back of your hair into a poof. Furthermore, this has Indian tradition written all over it. The rest of the hair can be styled as you please. In this pick the hair bun is a low one and the side parting at the top has been given some volume as well.

  #9: Juda with high poof and side parting

This hairstyle is along similar lines to the one above. First of all the front bangs have been parted and puffed to one side and the poof at the back of the crown suits traditional Indian clothing perfectly. Also, the hair bun is close to the nape of the neck. Finally, having curly hair will help create a lot of texture especially if you have highlights in your hair.

#10: Layered Indian bun hairstyle for round face

This tousled sassy bun hairstyle look beautiful on this Marathi bride. The curly ringlet bangs look splendid as they fall to the side of either cheek.

 #11: Side swept bun hairstyle with Indian hair jewelry

Many Indian bun hairstyles are accompanied by hair jewelry. So if you want to take your hairstyle back to another era consider this old school hair bun.

 #12: Traditional bun hairstyle for wedding reception

This traditional retro hair bun looks pretty awesome.

#13: Traditional bun hairstyle from India

Tangled layers of hair and curly strands are what define this beautiful hair bun. In addition it is perfect for running a maang tikka along the middle parting this hairstyle is lovely for a bride or anyone attending a wedding reception.

#14: Bun hairstyle for saree

This untidy hairstyle will look splendid in a saree.


Indian Bun hairstyles for partying in

The hair bun here are somewhat different. If you are going out to a club you are probably not going to wearing maang tikkas and the like. Furthermore, hair buns are perfect for partying in as they keep the face clear and they can look splendid in party wear.

#1: Easy party bun hairstyle

What makes this bun hairstyle so elegant are the wispy side bangs. In addition, the side parting at the front also adds to the appeal. The hair bun is beautifully layered at the top part of the back of the head. You may need some professional help to get that blooming flower effect.

#2: Indian messy bun hairstyle

Messy hair can look extremely elegant when done the right way. This tousled bun adds height and will look marvelous in bridal apparel or party gowns.

Indian bun hairstyles for the office

There are many Indian bun hairstyles that are appropriate for the workplace. Here are a few ideas that are easy to do when in a rush which will look “proper” at the same time

#1: Indian office bun hairstyle

This bun hairstyle has business professional written all over it. If you are searching for something that will look good for a business meeting, job interview or event presentation consider a hair bun such as the one in the pic below. The hairstyle consists of a donut bun over which curly strands of hair have been layered. A poof at the back makes the hairstyle more formal.

#2: Low Indian hair bun for the workplace

This low flight attendant hair bun looks proper and mature. Wear it when you want to be taken seriously. Most importantly, it will look especially good when presenting at business meetings.

#3: Traditional bun hairstyle for work

This knotted bun is perfect for looking neat and keeping hair out of the way to get work done.

Easy Indian bun hairstyles for more chilled occasions

#1: Top knot bun with double French braid

If you are in a hipster mood then consider this top knot bun. You will need to braid two reverse French braids (check out this post for more on braiding). The remaining hair can be wrapped up into a high top knot bun. This is a stylish hairstyle for any college campus.

#2: Loose bun hairstyle with head chain

You can bring out the inner princess in you  by combining a simple low bun with a head chain.

#3: Simple low bun hairstyle with twirling strand

This is one of my favorite Indian bun hairstyles. Basically, I love this hair bun for its simplicity and the unique twirly strand of hair that is layered over it. It is relatively easy to do for when you are in a rush this hairstyle is somewhat innovative.

#4: Top knot poof and front braid

This lovely too knot is from a bridal pic but you can wear it on any occasion. The top knot is styled in  kind of funky fashion. A four stranded braid starts from the forehead and meets the bun at the back. Wear it with a gown or jeans and top if you are in hipster-ish mood

#5: Easy low Indian bun hairstyle

Flowers always make hairstyles look better even when they are fake. The banana clip adds a lot of cuteness and a flair of tradition to this conservative bun. Perfect for occasion where you need to look proper this bun hairstyle is easy to do and matches any clothing.

#6: Bow tied Indian hair bun

This unique hair bun is kind of cool. If you are looking for retro hairstyle ideas consider this one.

Bun hairstyles come in a variety of sorts. As a result you can go retro with poof, puffs and curly strands or you can go for a more minimalist no fuss look. I hope you will agree that even though it’s a basic concept there is a unique hair bun that is appropriate for every occasion.

In conclusion, I hope that by reading this post you have found yours.