19 Best Bob Hairstyles for Indian Women: Ideas for You

Bob hairstyles are becoming more and more common in Indian. They can look great on those of looking for a short to medium length hair cut.

Your options are endless here. We will examine various bob hairstyles that play with symmetry, length, volume, curliness, texture and color.

All of these bob cuts are specially chosen for Indian women looking for a short hairstyle.

Happy browsing!

19 Indian Bob Hairstyles You Will Love

#1: Angled bob for straight hair

Angled bobs can look really amazing. Wether you have straight, wavy or curly hair this shoulder length slanting bob is cut symmetrically and in line with the body.

#2: Asymmetrical Indian bob haircut

This trendy bob by Mad o Wot hair salon looks beautiful. The asymmetrical emo bob will look stylish on any Indian woman with thin hair.

#3: Curly bob with undercut for Indian women

Undercuts are pretty cool especially when they have funky shapes shaved into them. An undercut also allows the head to breath and especially suits warmer South Indian climates. The model’s curly hair has been side parted and looks awesome.

#4: Curly Indian Bob Haircut

The curly frizzy bob has been cut at an angle. I just love how anyone can do a bob no matter what their hair type is.

#5: Curly Indian bob with bangs

This curly bob has the perfect balance between tousled flicks at the back and an imposing smooth front fringe. The front bangs reach all the way to the eyebrows giving the bob a 60s retro look.

#6: Cute neck length bob with side parting

This tousled chin length bob has cuteness written all over it.

#7: Dyed blue bob haircut on Indian hair

This angled curly bob looks supremely trendy with the dyed blue highlights. Make your bob more interesting by making it asymmetrical so that you have a longer fringe hanging on one side.

#8: Electric green bob hairstyle

This swanky chin length bob goes all out with electric green tones. The long front bangs cover the eyes giving the look a mystical aesthetic.

#9: Extra short bob for Indian women

Go extra short with this angled bob for Indian women with straight silky hair. Super cute and easy to maintain this bob boy cut looks fabulous.

#10: Feather cut bob hairstyle for Indian women

This shoulder length bob is for those of you who don’t want to go too short. The v -shaped feather cut layers look awesome. The sun-kissed tone is also very chic.

#11: Purple and blue slanting bob haircut

This neon purple angled bob looks super trendy. Suitable for fine thin hair these multicolored purple blue rainbow highlights will surely get heads to turn.

#12: Shaggy bob with front bangs

Wavy bobs with fringes are beautiful. This shoulder length bob is slightly asymmetrical and side parted at the crown while the front bangs are swept to one side.

#13: Shoulder length bob hairstyle

This neck length bob is one of the more popular hairstyles. It is long enough but still belongs to the short hair category. Note the simple middle parting and no fringe.

#14: Silky Indian bob hairstyle

For those of you with silky straight hair you can consider a super short chin length bob.

#15: Simple neck length bob

This mature look is for those of you who want a bob that is stylish but that can be worn confidently at work too. The stepped fringe meets the bob gradually and covers part of the eyes to give it a more mysterious look.

#16: Slanting bob hairstyle for Indian women

This angled Cleopatra hairstyle is exotic and chic at the same time. The hair curls inwards at the end which will give you that super model look.

#17: Straight Bob with front fringe

This is a more dramatic look with straight neck length bob and bangs.

#18: Wavy Indian bob hairstyle

This high angled bob is perfect for curly hair. The hair starts of straight and ends in some beautifully wavy curls.

#19: Wavy messy bob hairstyle

This side parted curly bob looks super cute. The face looks much clearer compared to when the hair was long. What a difference a bob cut can make!

Bob hairstyles look great on Indian women. No matter wether you have straight, curly or frizzy hair there is always an appropriate bob hair cut you can do.

We have seen lengths ranging from ultra short cheek length haircuts to shoulder length bobs.

In terms of looks you can consider wether you want symmetry or asymmetry,  wether you want an angle or not, wether you want front bangs with a fringe and finally wether you need an undercut on the side or at the back in order to get some more air flowing.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that you try one of these bob hairstyles soon.

Happy hairstyling girls!