21 Dazzling Head Chain Hairstyles for You to Look Stunning

Head chains hairstyles have been around for many years. Many cultures and traditional hairstyles boast of these lovely accessories. A lot of women have worn a head chain at some point in life, sometimes because of tradition, sometime because of recommendations and sometimes just by chance! We are bringing to you some fool proof ways to sport head chain hairstyles that are sure to make heads turn!

#1: Braid and head chain hairstyles for short hair

Yes head chain hairstyles  work fro short to medium length hair as well! This hairstyle looks very tricky and complex but is actually very simple. Ideally suited for short and medium length hair, this would roughly take you 10 minutes! Start braiding your hair from the side of your hair parting. Keep braiding to form a U shaped braid until you reach just behind the ear on the opposite side. Divide the hair on the other side into small sections and curl them. Put on a head chain right alongside the braid.

#2: Braided crown and head chain hairstyle

Talk of fairytales and the lovely fairies. This one would definitely fit your imagination! Center parted hair, tied into a light braid. Twist the braid to make a crown on your head. Use the double string maang tikka to achieve this look. It’s very much an amalgamation of Indian and ancient Greek hairstyles. This hairstyle will suit most Indian face shapes.

#3: Classic side parted hairstyle with maang tikka and chain

We all have seen this hairstyle in weddings. This is chic, simple and does not go wrong. When your head is going to be covered with the chunni it leaves very less playing ground for the hairstyle. Side part your hair and puff up the top of your mane. Use gel to hold the hair in place. Put on this single chained maang tikka to accentuate the hairstyle.

#4: Classy hair bun with head chain

What a beautiful piece this is! Look how simply this head chain has lifted the style quotient of a simple jooda hairstyle. Make a donut style jooda at the back of your head. Choose a head chain that matches your outfit. This hairstyle needs no hair prep. It looks as fabulous on simple, long, uncut hair as it does on colored, highlighted and styled hair.

#5: Clip on head chain with short retro hairstyle

Check out this head chain! The leaves, little flower and the lovely silver color! This simple piece will match almost all outfits. Tie your hair into a curvy twisty twines and lock them on the neck. Clip on the head chain over the back of your hair. Some fringes and frizz control will complete the look.

#6: Curly bridal hairstyle with head piece

We all want to dress up in unique ways as a bride. A huge part of the overall look is the hairstyle one adorns. This lovely Dulhan hairdo looks just like the climbing spirals of a beautiful plant. The two string head piece just adds a crown to the top of your head to make you look no less than a diva!

#7: Five piece head chain hairstyle

Head chain hairstyles is where sophistication meets beauty, elegance meets mischief! This look is so royal that it would definitely make people walk behind you, to admire the grace of this hairdo. This hairstyle is very suited for dark long hair and is very simple to create. Just make sure you hide the corners of the head chain under a layer of hair.

#8: Gold head chain hairstyle

Remember all the days when everyone said, boho chic ? It was all for the day when people wanted to see this hairstyle! Simple messy hair, center parted and left to kiss the wind. Let some hair fall on the sides of your face, until the length of your neck. Tie the rest of the hair into a loose low bun. Choose a head chain that runs across both sides of your head.

#9: Head chain with loose bun

A headband? A head chain? A bun accessory? All in one! This simple hair bun can be converted in a classy bun, just by the use of a simple head chain. You might have some struggles to find such a head chain but all that effort will be worth it if you can find something similar to the one in the picture. Be sure to leave some strands of hair falling on the sides of your face!

#10: Indian actresses with head chain hairstyles

So you know who is making the head chains famous! Our Indian actresses always show us the way when it comes to the latest trending hairstyles in the industry. In the pictures, you can see multi-chained maang tikka of various designs. Some have a huge maang tikka, some very small and some have nothing on the forehead! Choose a design that matches closely with your outfit. Make sure to puff your hair to bring the best out of this hairstyle.

#11: Indian hair chain for juda hairstyle

This one is very similar to the one we discussed in style 4. The difference here is that the jooda is made a little bit higher on the back of the head. This is to make space for the little longish hair chain that we would use in this hairstyle. Choose a head piece that runs from the center of your head to your shoulders.

#12: Indian head chain chignon

Here comes the famous chignon in some messy hair. What better than a simple silver head chain to add that silver lining to the hair! This hairstyle will look most elegant with a gown or an evening dress. Remember to backcomb and puff up the hair to maintain the messy look of the style.

#13: Long hair don’t care hairstyle with hanging head chain

Once in a while, along our busy lives, there comes a hairstyle that needs absolutely no styling! Yes, you read that right. For women with simple, straight, non-frizz hair, this hairstyle is a blessing. Stock up on the most longish, hanging styled head chains. Keep a variety of them in color, number of strings and thickness. Just wake up in the morning, wear your crown (head chain!) and be ready to rule the World!

#14: Maang tikka hairstyle with hairpiece

This particular hairstyle is very famous, especially with Punjabi women. Big maang tikkas are a rage amongst women from Punjabi families, within India as well as abroad. Choose a heavily embellished maang tikka. Along with that, choose a side tikka to complete the overall look for the occasion. Save this hairstyle for important occasions!

#15: Messy bun and double head chain hairstyle

Say hello to our eternal friend, the messy bun! How do we pay our regards to our old friend? With a double chained hair accessory! Pick double chains in pearls and beads. This will strike the right balance between simplicity and royalty.

#16: Neat hair bun decorated with three way head chain

Head chain hairstyles are for the occasions close to your heart! Use some gel to make sure the neatness of the style is maintained for a few hours. Use bobby pins liberally and keep securing sections of your hair into a neat horizontal bun along your hairline. Choose a hair chain with multiple strings to bring out the best!

#17: Simple head chain on back of open hairstyle

Women who have naturally wavy long hair are a blessed lot. They don’t need to make much effort to make their hair look cool and stylish. Leave all that hair to chit chat with the wind. Just grab some hair at the top of your head and make a messy puff. Tie them loosely at the back and put on a wide a head chain to hold them in place.

#18: Simple three piece head chain hairstyle for long hair

The girly look! We all have, at some point in time, instructed our hair dresser and makeup artist to give us the cute girly hairstyle. This is what it is! Keeping hair styles simple also takes off a few years away from your look. Leave a section of the hair in the front and tie the rest in the manner shown in the picture below.

#19: South Indian bridal hairstyle with ear chain

No South Indian bride is complete without a very elaborate hair style. With head chain hairstyles there has to be flowers, volume, color, and of course some gold! Simple braid the hairline into a light braid and tie all the hair into a simple jooda. Add the customary ‘gajra’ and pin up everything together. In the end, put on your masterpiece! An earring with chains that lead up to the jooda!

#20: South Indian bridal hairstyle with head chain

Broad, heavy head chains are very traditional and in a way customary in South Indian weddings. Women wear a variety of head chains, but the most common ones are the double chains. One chain borders the hair and the forehead and the other chain divides the head in two halves. The bun is graced with flowers and some more head chains.

#21: Triple head chain ponytail

The last on our list but definitely the trendiest one! This hairstyle is for medium to long hair. Just tie your hair into a high ponytail. Make sure you condition your hair well so the hairstyle looks neat. Grab a chain with 2 strings in it and tie pull both the ends together at the base of the pony. This will form 3 U shaped strings. Rock on any formal and semi-formal occasion with this hairstyle!

Head chain hairstyles can make you look like a princess. They are especially appropriate for wedding and sangeets. Hopefully you have found some ideas to inspire you!

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