9 Spectacular Hansika Motwani Hairstyles You Will Love

Hansika Motwani’s hairstyles are varied and cutting edge. If you are into fashionable hairstyles then you can definitely learn a thing or two from Hansika. From curly bobs to intricate braids Hansika has tried them all and gives us a taste of each. Check her hairstyles out and get inspired on how to style your own hair.

9 Dazzling Hansika Motwani Hairstyles that look awesome

#1: Hansika’s Feather cut

This cool feather cut hairstyle suits Hansika Motwani’s long heart shaped face perfectly. The side parted hair makes for a nice exaggerated fringe and the inward curling tips of her hair frame the neck nicely. Wear this hairstyle if you are going out partying or if out for coffee with you friends.

#2: French braided updo

This braided hair bun will suit any Hansika Motwani fan.  The braid at the back of the hair creates a sophisticated look that could work well in the workplace or at college. The top knot keeps the hair out of the way if you are working out and the little bow clips lend it that touch of cuteness.

#3: Claw clip and puff hairstyle

The front puff hairstyle will suit a décolleté top or a maxi dress. Backcomb your hair to create the bun and use a claw clip to keep it in place at the back. This hairstyle works well with medium length hair like Hansika’s and is super easy to do.

#4: Side swept hairstyle with cornrow

This side swept hairstyle is really chill and modern. The single cornrow braid gives it that slightly hipster twist. The wavy curls looks beautiful as they cascade on top of the shoulders.

#5: Ironed open hairstyle

This classic Hansika Motwani hairstyle looks really beautiful. The hair has been middle parted and sleekly combed. Go for this 70s look with a simple open neck top and jeans.

#6: Sangeet style hairstyle

This Hansika Motwani is perfectly suited for a sangeet or wedding ceremony. The mermaid hairstyle cascades beautifully down Hansika’s back. The hair has a poof at the back giving the overall look more volume and making it more imposing. Try this lehenga choli hairstyle next type you are going to some formal function.

#7: Side braided ponytail and puff

We love this hairstyle because it has it’s a cool twist on a classic ponytail. The twin combed lines and puffed hairstyle look supremely cool and will go well with modern western clothes.

#8: Waterfall hairstyle

Hansika looks really nice in this braided waterfall hairstyle. Works well with medium length hair and looks good on a saree or salwar kameez.

#9: Side braided loose hairstyle

This side braided hairstyle works well with traditional attire. It’s nice to contrast modern hairstyles against traditional clothing.

Hansika Motwani hairstyles are varied and beautiful. Hansika is definitely a source of inspiration for all women when it comes to fashion and hairstyling. If you enjoyed this post your might want to check out our page on other Bollywood celebrity hairstyles.