16 Half Bun Hairstyles to Rock That Wild Goddess Look

Half bun hairstyles are the latest fad here in India. Its a half up half down hair bun style that has become popular with many celebrities from actresses, TV stars, bloggers and vloggers in India. We first spotted Alia Bhatt wearing the hairstyle and then others too. The half bun hairstyle, otherwise known as the hun hairstyle, is basically just a loose messy semi top knot bun. I wrote this article to show you that it’s a great hairstyle just like any other, and that here are plenty of options to choose from. Read it to know more and improve your look.

16 Half bun hairstyles to get that messy-hair-don’t-care look

#1: Alia Bhatt with hun hairstyle

If you are an admirer of Alia Bhatt you may have noticed she is always fashionable and wears great hairstyles. The half bun hairstyle in this picture is suitable for ladies with long hair. You can wear it on all occasions so you don’t have to keep changing your style. There are no special skills needed so wear and enjoy the comfort of having your hair loose.

#2: Cool hun hairstyle

If you like wearing long hair that is kept loose and simple then half bun hairstyles are ideal for you. The only maintenance you require is to undo the bun to wash and apply hair care products before wearing it again. You don’t need any hair bands or clips to tie the hair because it needs to be completely loose and comfortable.

#3: Elvis style half bun

Half bun hairstyles look great on medium length hair too. Try this new half bun style and you will be pleased with your new look. One good thing is that it is simple to wear and maintain, and looks great. With most of your hair left untouched and a small bun made on part of it, you will get a new minimalist and creative look.

#4: Half bun for medium length hair with exaggerated puff

If you are searching for a hairstyle with  medium length hair try this simple hair bun. Provided your hair is in good condition, it’s so simple to tie the bun that you may not need to visit a salon. The style may not be suitable for you if you like attending strictly formal occasions, in this case, may need to visit a salon to get the blunt cut hairstyle freshly done but the puff is pretty easy to do at home if needs be.

#5: Half bun for medium length hair

If you need a very simple hairstyle that is suitable for all occasions and have run of ideas – try this one and you will be pleased by your new look. It’s suitable for any woman that likes growing her hair medium or full length. At times you really don’t need to wear a unique hairstyle to look great; simplicity is the best option. This hairstyle is also really quick to do if you are in a rush.

#6: Half bun hairstyle with raised puff

Have you grown long hair and would you like to try a unique bun instead? Well, start with this one. As with the other buns, you can easily do and undo this one without visiting a salon. The hairstyle will do exceptionally well if you are into modeling, showbiz, and entertainment, but you don’t necessarily have to be one to wear it.

#7: Half bun hun hairstyle for short bob

Would you like to wear a simple style for your short hair? This is another great hairstyle that I highly recommend. One of its major advantages is that it needs short hair which is relatively easy to maintain. Upon wearing this hairstyle you will realize that at times wearing a no nonsense uncomplicated look is more rewarding than somethings that stands out more.

#8: Half bun top knot for straight hair

If you like keeping your hair straight, you have not been forgotten because this hairstyle is specifically meant for you. It is fairly neat which means you can wear it on a variety of occasions that you will attend. You may need a hair band to hold the bun top knot; otherwise, it will untwist leaving your hair messy.

#9: Half bun top knot

This style is ideal for you if you like growing long hair and letting it loose. One good thing about half bun hairstyles is the simplicity to do and undo that lets you “play” with your hair the way you want. This style is so pretty that many people who you come across will admire it. I personally wore this style before and it did well so I highly recommend!

#10: Korean half bun hairstyle

What do you like about Korea and its people and what comes into your mind when the country is mentioned? I guess you will mention the great electronic brands from the country, but there is more. One can learn a thing or two when it comes to Koreans and their hairstyles. This one is fairly tidy and very creative so wearing it will make you proud of your looks.

#11: Low half bun hairstyle

There are several buns to choose from but without careful selection, you may end up with the wrong one. If you would like a lower half bun I guess this one will be ideal for you. It is very simple to tie and untie and better still you may not need a hair band to hold it in place. The hair remains all natural so the expenses of maintaining it are quite low.

#12: Middle parted half bun for medium hair

Some ladies prefer growing medium hair and one of the challenges associated with it is to choose a hairstyle that will give a great look. I guess you may have been thinking that a bun cannot be ideal for medium hair – which is wrong. Get this half bun done on your hair and you will like your new look.

#13: Rear half bun hairstyle

Do you need a larger bun but lacking ideas? Well, we have a solution for your problem here. Get this fairly simple half bun done on your medium or full-length hair in a matter of only a few minutes. By wearing it you save on your salon expenses because you won’t be incurring costs other than the ones for carrying out routine maintenance for your hair.

#14: Simple half bun with low puff

If you need to wear a half bun but are undecided which one to choose, this is a wonderful idea worth trying. Just like the other buns that I have mentioned above, you don’t necessarily have to visit a salon to get it done or undone because they are pretty simple to do without any help. Why not try a new style next time this time round?

#15: Simple half bun with puff

Half bun hairstyles are perfect for long hair. I suggest this simple hairstyle for you because you get it done in a matter of minutes, and your hair remains natural. You may wear it on any occasion so you don’t need to keep changing your hairstyles to look good while attending various events.

#16: Sonam Kapoor with puff and half bun

If you are an admirer of Sonam Kapoor, you may like to try one of her favorite hairstyle such as this one. Provided that you have long hair, you can wear it to get a great look and increase your confidence while walking around. Since this style is suitable for all women you don’t need to make a lot of consultation before wearing. I really like this one and have considered getting it soon.

I guess that after reading through this article you have found some half bun hairstyles that you can wear and enjoy your new look.

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