Hairstyles with saree:18 ideas

Here are 18 hairstyles that we think will go well with a saree

#1: Bun with Kundan hair pin saree hairstyle

A fairly easy hairstyle to create on a limited time budget. Create a nice sleek bun and add the hair accessory. This is a great hairstyle for an iftar party or mehendi ceremony. This is also a good style for ladies over 40 or 50 too!

#2: Wavy hairstyle with saree

Create glossy tousled waves with a middle parting to wear a maang tika. You can wear your hair in the front or back.

 #3: Half updo with puff

This puffed hairstyle adds height to your face as well as overall look. A great look for saree hairstyles at any occasion.

#4: Messy high bun for wavy with fringes hairstyle

Create a high messy bun and set it with setting spray. This gives you an opportunity to show off your large earrings and maybe a good backless or halter blouse.

#5: French braid tied into bun hairstyle

Create a couple braids and gather it all into a bun to add texture to an otherwise normal looking bun. If you want to learn how to do this saree hairstyle then make sure to check out this video on saree hairstyles that has step by step instructions.

 #6: Curly hair side swept with high puff hairstyle

This look calls for a lot of crown teasing, hair twisting and pinning.

#7: Low messy bun with side Maang Tikka

Create a deep side partition and gather it on the side into a braid. Gather that braid into a braid-bun. Adorn with side maang tika. This hairstyle will look beautiful on a saree.

 #8: French braided side bun with curly fringes

Start of like a regular french braid but after two sections, begin coiling up your hair sections and pinning them up like a bouquet of flowers.

#9: Side partitioned puff with Indian bun for saree

You can use a bumpit to achieve this look. Also using fake juda hair if you have medium or thin hair can make this bun large and attractive.

 #10: Half up half down with curls

This look takes time to curl. Setting it with the right spray is essential in maintaining those perfect tendrils!

#11:  Bun hairstyle for saree

This is another style created using a large bumpit and other hair accessories for saree.

#12: Half updo with puff for side parting with curly hair

A slightly heightened fringe is a cool look for pairing with your saree. The curls in this hairstyle for saree does not require stiffness, rather they are loose and flowy.

 #13: Fishtail braid and coils

This high and elaborate bun is a great hairstyle for saree. I involves a fishtail braid wound over coiled hair. This is a great look for youngsters as well as a good hairstyle for aunties.

#14: Half updo with plaits for curly highlighted hair 

Make a couple braids and fasten them across the middle of your head to create a natural separation.

#15: Messy bun updo hairstyle

This is a cool hairstyle for saree for summer weddings. Add some oomph by adding some hair accessories or fresh flowers.

 #16: South Indian bun with fresh jasmine flowers

Gorgeous and quintessentially Indian hair bun with fresh jasmine flower garland. Wear this look with a heightened crown to your own wedding or engagement or to a family member’s.

#17: Plaits updo with twists and decorated with stones hairstyle

This is an extremely easy look to create yet looks like you spent a lot of time on it. Make three inverse pony tails and add hair jewelry to make a great hairstyle for sarees.

 #18: Bun with curls decorated with flowers hairstyle

This beautiful look is a bun with coils and fresh jasmine flowers. Great to wear with traditional kancheevaram and other pattu sarees. The special part is the front hair combed over from one side.

If you are wearing your saree for a formal occasion such as your wedding you might also want to check out our hairstyles for lehenga or hairstyles for ghagra choli. Overall saree hairstyles carry and air of regalness and formality but if you are looking for something more casual there is a wide variety of different hairstyle for girls on Hairstyle Monkey.