24 Best Hairstyles for Girls With Medium Hair in 2019…Blog Post

Hairstyles for girls with medium hair are harder to come by in India. Most hairstyles worn by celebrities and actresses are geared towards long hair.

People mean different things when they search for medium length hair so just to clarify we’ll be looking at anything starting from neck length, through to shoulder length and down to collarbone length.

I really love this graph that illustrates the different types of hair length.

Medium length hair can be neck length, shoulder length or collarbone length. Indian women usually consider armpit length hair to be medium length as well. Source

Got it? Right let’s move on

In my search for the best hairstyles for girls with medium hair I focused primarily on hairstyles worn by Indian women and primarily Bollywood celebrities since they usually get it right when it comes to styling hair.

So if your hair length falls anywhere between the neck and armpit and you are wondering what on earth to do with it, don’t fret I have the perfect collection of hairstyles for you to get inspired by.

There is a lot you can do from sassy feather cuts and layered cuts to balayaged curls and pinned back bangs. Check them out the latest hairstyles for girls with medium hair now to get inspired!

24 Hairstyles for girls with medium hair

#1: Aishwarya Rai’s feathered curls for medium hair

Aishwarya’s tousled feather cut look is really stunning. This collarbone length hairstyle will look smashing in any type of clothing whether it’s an off-the-shoulder dress or a traditional saree you can’t go wrong. The side parting and curls also frame the face nicely.

#2: Anushka Sharma barrel curls for shoulder length hair

Anushka Sharma looks amazing in this shoulder length hairstyle. The front fringe falls perfectly in front of the left eye and the forward barrel curl has a terrific bounce to it.

#3: Balayage with curls for average length hair

What is really cool about intermediate length hair is that you don’t need to worry about it too much when you let it down. You can get a nice bounce going especially with wavy curls. Doing a balayage can do wonders to make the look more professional and interesting to look at.  So as the saying goes “When bored with your hair, balayage it!”. Actually I just made that up; there is no saying like that

But there should be!

#4: Bipasha Basu with layered intermediate length hairstyle

OK I know we are looking at an armpit length hairstyle. However since many women would qualify this as a medium length hairstyle I wanted to show it to you.

The beautiful layered effect can be easily achieved with shorter length hair as well. The hair is side parted and some volume has been added to create that sassy look.

#5: Bipasha Basu with medium length hairstyle and front puff

The layered effect is just as captivating in this pic. Pinning back your hair into a mini puff will make your face clearer.

#6: Braided half bun for neck length hair with ringlets

Prachi Desai has an interesting alternate take for neck length hair. The curly ringlets on the side frame the face while the middle has been tightly braided to meet a top knot at the back. The look is modern and will look best in jeans and a top.

#7: Curled out tips shoulder length Indian hairstyle

For shoulder length hair another nice hairstyle to opt for is this retro outward curling look. The hair is straight at the top in that classic 60s style and then curls outward at the bottom to create a pleasant and cute look.

#8: Deepika Padukone medium hairstyle with side parting

Deepika’s shoulder length hairstyle is simple and easy to copy. Just side part your hair and ask your hairdresser to create those wispy ends and layers.

#9: Half bun for armpit length hair

Half buns, or hun buns as they are alternatively known are, are super easy to do when in a rush. They will look great on medium length hair and are perfect for when you want to get things done without having locks of hair getting in the way.

#10: Layered cut for collarbone length hair

Yes I know! It’s Bipasha again. But the truth is that she is really good at layered hairstyles when it comes to collarbone length hair. If you are planning on going out to party or need to be somewhere where you will be wearing a gown or maxi dress this is a great hairstyle to get inspired by.

#11: Kareena Kapoor with feather cut medium hairstyle

Kareena Kapoor does a beautiful inward turning layered hairstyle. This medium hairstyle reaches the collarbone and the result is fabulous. If you have frizzy or curly hair you can copy the look by using a hair iron.

#12: Katrina Kaif with pinned bangs and average length curly hairstyle

This hairstyle by Katrina Kaif is one of the greatest hairstyles for girls with medium hair to get inspired by. Just side part your hair and use a hair clip to keep the bangs out of the way. Show off those curly ringlets and let the magic happen.

#13: Knotted bun for normal length hairstyle

If your medium length hair reaches you shoulder then you can consider twisting and knotting it into a simple bun. This will make for a nice change and will keep hair out of the way. A simple knotted bun would also suit a formal look when attending an event or you need to look professional for work.

#14: Mid-length Indian hairstyle with fine ringlets

This mid-length length hairstyle is very becoming. Vurve studio in Chennai are excellent at creating some pretty awesome Indian haircuts. We recently voted for them as one of the best hairstyling studios for Indian women. To copy this look, keep your hair straight at the top and then use a curling iron to create those fine ringlets that will glide on your shoulders and chest.

#15: Neck length bob for thin hair

If you have neck length hair then you should definitely consider a blunt cut bob. Blunt cuts work wonders on medium hair!

#16: Pinned twirls on shoulder length thin hair

For intermediate hair between shoulder and armpit length you can try out these funky twirls. Use bobby pins to keep in place. Perfect for partying or going to college in!

#17: Preity Zinta’s side parted shoulder length curls

To copy Preity Zinta’s shoulder length hairstyle just side part your hair and curl from the ears downwards. If you are lucky enough your hair will already match this pattern but you can always use a curling iron to achieve the effect otherwise.

#18: Shaggy look with bangs for midway length hair

This is a cool messy hairstyle if you have shoulder length and somewhat thin hair. The trick to perfect this hairstyle are the layered front bangs and the somewhat frizzy hair that sends out those rolled-out-of-bed lazy vibes.

#19: Shriya Saran wispy ends medium hairstyle

This fancy medium hairstyle suits Shriya perfectly and super easy to copy. Just side part you hair and let the front fringe do all the work.

#20: Side tossed out-of-bed hairstyle for medium hair

Priyanka side parts her hair in the sassiest manner. This is probably one of the sexiest hairstyles for girls with medium hair. Use a comb to create that elevated side parting and let the rest of you hair fall loose.

#21: Simple Indian juda hairstyle for average length hair

A simple juda is a nice way to do something different with average length hair. A bouffant at the back will make the hairstyle more suitable for weddings and other formal occasions.

#22: Simple side parted Indian hairstyle for shoulder length hair

This hair seems to wrap around the neck in this hairstyle pic below. The accentuated fringe draws attention to the eyes.

#23: Tamanna’s straight top with curly ends hairstyle for medium hair

Tamanna know a thing or two about hairstyling. This loose medium hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. Keep the hair straight near the top and then let those loose curls bounce on the shoulders.

#24: Wispy bob with side parting for medium hair

This wispy bob is an excellent option of you have neck length thin hair. Wash your hair and apply some conditioner to get that healthy sheen to it.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through these trendy hairstyles for girls with medium hair. Hopefully you found some inspiration and will try something new. If not please check out our category page with more hairstyles for medium hair and perhaps you will find something of interest to you there. Keep checking Hairstyle Monkey for the latest desi hairstyles!