30 French roll hairstyles and how to make them

French roll hairstyles can make you look super elegant. To be honest, the French roll or French twist hairstyle is rather simple. The hard part is keeping the rest of your hair tame and sleek and classy. But nothing that cannot be done! The style is super elegant and can be worn over a flowing gown or a formal suit. They also suit the Indian aesthetic perfectly. So lets begin.

Recommendations for French roll hairstyles

If you would rather watch than read then this is a pretty good video on how to do a French roll. Here’s it is in writing for the more academic amongst you!

  1. Start out with pin straight, glossy hair. Use a shine serum and blow dry your hair straight.
  2. Then divide off the top section of your hair and section it off with a jaw clip. We’ll deal with that later.
  3. Take the bottom half of your hair and begin twisting. We often do this to our hair before we get in the shower or go to bed. Before I learned to do this style I always wondered where the messy end bit of the twist went to. The secret is – it gets tucked under the roll! Haha. So you twist is from the bottom and go up, then take the ends and tuck them behind the roll. If your hair is long, all of it won’t go under in one go. So go zig-zag as you tuck the length under the roll.
  4. Use a bobby pin to secure the top of this roll and voila! That’s actually your roll right there.
  5. Now let’s go back and deal with the top section. It needs a lot of back combing. Go section by section and back comb until your hair has enough height. Gather all of this section at the back above the French roll and smooth out the top and fly-aways with a fine-toothed comb. If it feels like messy cotton candy, it’s okay, don’t worry. Hold it and spray on some hairspray to hold the look and keep fly-aways tamed. Learn how to back comb by watching this video.
  6. Once all your hair in the front is tamed, tuck it in along with the rest of your hair into the french roll. Don’t twist it before you do this. Secure the sides with bobby. pins. Girls with thicker hair will need more pins to keep their French roll hairstyles in place.

This style is perfect for anyone and especially girls with thin and fine hair as it adds volume and is also much easier to do on such hair.

Here are 20 different hairstyles with a French roll

#1: Original French Roll

The French twist hairstyle is one hairdo known to impart an amazing grace and sophisticated charm to the women. It is considered to be stylish and formal which suits women of all age groups. Apart from this, it can be also styled in various manners like with bangs and highlights to spice up the look and style.