30 Amazing French Roll Hairstyles to Get Inspired

French roll hairstyles can make you look super elegant. To be honest, the French roll or French twist hairstyle is rather simple. The hard part is keeping the rest of your hair tame and sleek and classy. But nothing that cannot be done! The style is super elegant and can be worn over a flowing gown or a formal suit. They also suit the Indian aesthetic perfectly. So lets begin.

Here are 20 different hairstyles with a French roll

#1: Original French Roll

The French twist hairstyle is one hairdo known to impart an amazing grace and sophisticated charm to the women. It is considered to be stylish and formal which suits women of all age groups. Apart from this, it can be also styled in various manners like with bangs and highlights to spice up the look and style.


#2: Authentic french roll from the 60s

This is the most basic form of a traditional French roll. The updo is quick and easy, featuring hair twisted low at the back of the head. It’s an easy, no-hassle style.

#3: French roll on black wispy hair

Try this elegant version for your next formal occasion. It can be worn anywhere from an anniversary dinner to a night out at the bar with your friends from work. No matter where the night takes you, this style will be sure to catch everyone’s attention and envy.

#4: French roll vertical updo with a twist

This twist shows off those highlights as well as puts a unique spin on the classic twist updo. Everything is pulled together in back, giving the wearer a fantastic profile and gaining the look a standout style descriptor.

#5: French twist Ornamental style

The elegant French twist updo adorned with small beads is looking pretty and classic.

#6: French Roll from the Sixties

Here is a polished updo style for fans of a refined, hair-to-hair hairstyles. The style is going to give you a beautiful profile plus your hair is going to look flawless.

#7: Low-hanging twist

With loose strands framing the face, an effortlessly poofed bouffant and a tight, twisted bun hanging low in the back, this look has many layers to it, and you’re going to love the outcome.

#8: Indian vertical roll

This look is designed to be a large, full on top, vertical French twist created to achieve a very classic up look. Wide draped bangs and a single tendril on each cheek makes this a beautiful sexy look that make a round face look slender, show off an oval face, add height and balance to a long face and soften a square face. This look would work with just about any face shape.

#9: Tucked in classic twist for short hair

If you have shorter hair, twist updos become a bit harder to pull off. The key is a twist that falls low in the nape of your head. Even the shorter hairs in the back fittingly blends into the style, so baby hair doesn’t become problematic, but rather adds to the look


#10: French roll with side parting

Elegant bun made in a French twist style drooping on front and with side parting.

#11: French Roll Criss-crossed hairstyle

You can put up your hair in a formal updo like this. This is a gorgeous criss crossed French twist with a glossy finish

#12: The French Roll twist and pin hairstyle

Starting from the top section, pull your hair back. Twist it it into a hair bun and pin it in place along the back of your head. Do this all the way down until you’ve used all of your hair, which could be as little as three buns or as many as six.

#13: French Twist with wispy bangs

There seems no a constant hairstyle that Rihanna usually rock. Rihanna looks sassy with this French twist hairstyle. The wispy bangs touch her face lightly and give off a brisk vibe.

#14: French waves hairstyle of Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale’s simple but gorgeous waves are nothing short of timeless and romantic. Kate Beckinsale is looking amazing in this French roll updo made in a swirly manner.

#15: French Roll Brown in a Bridal Backcombed Arc-Shape Bun

Here’s a French roll updo with the perfect balance of messy and formal. The look twists tightly in the back, leaving that small amount of freedom up top for the messy look that’s a modern go-to

#16: Classic Side French Twist Hairstyle

This beautiful and classic take on the French twist is the version you should turn to if you want it simple and classy.

#17: Modern French Roll with Loose Braid

Braids are just universal, and this braided French twist updo is a brilliant idea to update your favourite classic twist style. Simply plait a side section of hair and feed the braid into your twist.

#18: Bumpy French Roll with a high puff for Indian Brides

One of the most popular types of simple updos is the casual French twist. This style can be achieved by gathering the hair at the nape of the neck, twisting the strands upward, and securing at the back of the head with a hair accessory.

#19: French Bun with High Crested Curls

This hairdo looks stylish on highlighted brown hair. Put a twist on the classic French braid to go perfectly with a LT dress

#20: French waterfall bun

The waterfall plait is one of the most captivating hairstyles, and when woven into a simple side bun it manages to transform a normal bun into an elegant masterpiece. The waterfall sections of this style combine into a bun to create a soft, yet chic, effect. The waterfall bun is a stunning hairstyle for a wedding or formal occasion.

#21: French Braided Doughnut Bun

This is a French braid done upside down from the back and the ends are tied in a doughnut bun on the top of the head.

#22: Double French Messy Bun

This hairstyle is pretty versatile, and can be worn dressed up, or dressed down. A lot of it depends on how tightly or loose you create the style, and if you want a more sleek wet look or a somewhat messy look. It is perfect hairstyle to get that cute girl look


#23: Twisted Updo with Blonde Highlights for Afro hair

Twisted updo’s and buns are great work styles for the Afro-textured hair since they can be very difficult to maintain when you don’t have enough time. They don’t take a lot of time in the morning they’re protective and still allow for a lot of creativity within a professional look.

#24: Unique Woven French Twist

If you’re looking for an absolute showstopper, you’ve found it. Featuring a gorgeous back bun with single strands seemingly woven through each other. This look is a fantastic and completely unique take on the more traditional twist.

#25: Fabulous French roll adorned with flowers and beads : Indian Bridal Hairstyle

This fabulous French roll adorned with fantastic flowers and exclusive tiny beads, is an amazing Indian bridal hairstyle for Indian brides. There is also a pouffe in the front decorated with beads.

#26: French Twist with wavy bangs

This French hairstyle with wavy bangs swinging along the face create an alluring look.


#27: Funky French Braided updo

This funky updo is unique, innovative, and striking. Its also easy to make if you have thick and rough hair. The highlights in this style give it a unique definition.

#28: French Messy Bun with Braids Updos

This updo with the French Messy Bun can be dressed up or dressed down whether you are heading to work, a night out, or to a more formal occasion like a school dance. This looks stunning on highlighted hair especially if your hair is shiny and lustrous.

#29: French Messy Bridal Side Bun

This modern French twist updo not only features a classy look perfect for any elegant event, but it also has a messy, big haired touch, inherent for a standout style. The updo suggests tousling and twisting your hair and then pinning it into the chic final product.

#30: French Braided Doughnut Bun

This updo is straightforward, stylish and undoubtedly, easy to complete. The long side bangs in the front are left loose on one side to give it an elegant look. Check it out for the next official occasion!

Recommendations for French roll hairstyles

If you would rather watch than read then this is a pretty good video on how to do a French roll. Here’s it is in writing for the more academic amongst you!

  1. Start out with pin straight, glossy hair. Use a shine serum and blow dry your hair straight.
  2. Then divide off the top section of your hair and section it off with a jaw clip. We’ll deal with that later.
  3. Take the bottom half of your hair and begin twisting. We often do this to our hair before we get in the shower or go to bed. Before I learned to do this style I always wondered where the messy end bit of the twist went to. The secret is – it gets tucked under the roll! Haha. So you twist is from the bottom and go up, then take the ends and tuck them behind the roll. If your hair is long, all of it won’t go under in one go. So go zig-zag as you tuck the length under the roll.
  4. Use a bobby pin to secure the top of this roll and voila! That’s actually your roll right there.
  5. Now let’s go back and deal with the top section. It needs a lot of back combing. Go section by section and back comb until your hair has enough height. Gather all of this section at the back above the French roll and smooth out the top and fly-aways with a fine-toothed comb. If it feels like messy cotton candy, it’s okay, don’t worry. Hold it and spray on some hairspray to hold the look and keep fly-aways tamed. Learn how to back comb by watching this video.
  6. Once all your hair in the front is tamed, tuck it in along with the rest of your hair into the french roll. Don’t twist it before you do this. Secure the sides with bobby. pins. Girls with thicker hair will need more pins to keep their French roll hairstyles in place.

This style is perfect for anyone and especially girls with thin and fine hair as it adds volume and is also much easier to do on such hair.

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