Hairstyles for thin hair

This post on hairstyles for thin hair gives girls a few ideas on the kind of cut and style they can sport to make their hair appear more full and voluminous.

Needless to say, the cut is most important when it comes to giving extra volume to thin hair. Get choppy layers or a step cut. A fringe or bangs are always great. In the above picture, Cristin Milioti has her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her bangs that frame her face so perfectly add volume to the style. Back comb the hair on your crown a little to add volume and height to the pony tail.

#1: Feather cut for thin hair

You could get a cut with side parted bangs with a feather cut like Hilary Duff. The layers add volume and the bangs cover any thinning on the side. A large forehead or receding hairline too can be covered this way.


#2: Pixie hairstyle for thin hair

More daring girls and those who prefer a short crop can go the pixie cut way. Get a choppy pixie cut, maybe get highlights or lowlights in it, texture it with volumizing spray and get it to cover your forehead at an angle. Read this post on volumizing hair shampoos available in India. Be sexy like Halle Berry!

pixie hairstyle for thin hair



#3: Feathered look for long thin hair

This feathered look is great for thin hair and adds an illusion of volume. For added volume, you can add extension hair.



#4: Dutch side braid with bun for thin hair

If you decided to wear an elegant bun to an outdoor event or wedding, you can add an extra braid to the side to add dimension to an otherwise flat look.


#5: Thin, straight and long

Thin hair is the best kind of hair to wear long and straight! Thicker hair is much harder to handle (and heavier too). So go ahead and flaunt those Rapunzel-locks!


#6: Thick curls for thin hair

Curls are another great way to add dimension to flat and still hair. Curl using curlers left on overnight or using twisties to prevent hair damage. Set with a spritz of hairspray to hold curls.


#7:  Side swept bangs for thin hair

This side swept bangs is a nice look for medium length hair that is thin and wavy. It adds volume to the top of your head and prevents it from looking flat on the top.



#8: Messy bun for thin hair

This is a cute and voluminous messy hairstyle for thin hair. Don’t pull your hair tight while creating this bun and be gentle with it to let it move naturally. The few stray strands add dimension.


#9: Top knot bun for thin hair

This top knot bun has been created using a sock bun. Sock buns add the volume that thin hair lacks and looks great! Go ahead and try it!



#10: Twisted chignon for thin hair with hair pin

A cute twisted juda with a hair accessory is a nice option for a wedding or evening out. Fasten the curls with a bobby pin.



#11: Short layered bangs for fine hair

An asymmetrical haircut would work to camouflage thinness the way layers do. Your hair doesn’t have to be straight. This cut works well on wavy and curly hair just as well. Backcomb some of the crown section for added volume and height

#12: Straight fringes for fine hair

For short or medium hair that is thin and pin straight, consider getting long cut bangs and adding highlights to them. Add layers to the rest of your haircut and use a volumizing spray for added movement.



#13: Long ponytail for thin hair

This hairstyle can be created with your own long hair or with added extensions. Wrap around a lock of hair around your ponytail to give that some volume as well.



#14: Fishtail braid for fine hair

This fishtail braid is going to take you time to create, but it’s going to be worth it! This is a cool hairstyle for a summer party, lunch or day out. Pair with a summer dress and get heads turning!


#15: Messy French braid for thin strands

This is another one of those French braids that will take time but will be worth it. Braid the top section of this style in a waterfall way and the bottom section as a regular braid. Pull out and loosen the strands with the back of a parting comb to create the messy look.



#16: Sleek updo for wedding

A neat and chic hairstyle for fine hair, this one definitely uses a bumpit at the back for added height and volume. The side braid is French style and the hair accessory looks great!





#17: Choppy hairstyle for long thin hair

A nice choppy hairstyle for thin hair, you can consider buying a tick wig to add on top of your hair for it. If the wig is one shade lighter than your own hair, it makes for a great ombre look as well! Try it out!


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