10 hairstyles for lehenga and anarkali

New half-saree and anarkali for diwali! Matching jhumkas and sandals! New choker necklace to go with your bag! That’s great! You know you are going to look awesome but what are you doing with your hair? That party hairstyle or formal function hairstyle is going to require some care. Yes, I think a lot of us slack on this aspect of dressing up – we forget to give adequate attention to our hairstyle. Here are a few other Indian hairstyles for lehenga and other Indian traditional outfits.

Hairstyles for lehenga and anarkali

1. Messy French braid

hairstyles for lehenga and anarkali

If you’re wearing a well fitted anarkali, lehenga or ghagra choli, or a South Indian half-saree, and you want to offset the outfit with traditional hairstyles that are slightly unusual, just braid your hair in a french braid like Alia Bhatt in the image above. Girls with messy, frizzy hair can do this to keep hair looking sane and trendy at the same time. It also adds volume to girls with a small frame.

Starting at the front of your head, grab a section each from the sides and the middle and braid it like a regular french braid. The trick it not to pick close sections and make it look neat, but to pick a little more spaced out, thinner strands over the head. Once you reach the nape of your neck, you can either fishtail braid it – if you have the time and the hair length – or just braid it regularly!



2. Puffed up, half updo

lehenga hairstyle

For anarkalis that you intend to pair with big jhumkas, or just long salwar suits, girls with wavy hair can make this hairstyle to show off their earrings and also look cool. Don’t forget to backcomb your hair crown and give it a little puff before securing it with pins at the back of your head. This will work for medium and long hair.


3. Ponytail with puff


Girls with long hair that is straight or wavy or curly can try this ponytail out for a less traditional look. Just pull your hair in a regular low or high pony tail but add one of them bumpits or back comb a lot to get the height.

Check out Deepika Padukone for similar hairstyles  and look at the rest of hairstylemonkey for more ideas too!



4. Milkmaid braid with maang tika or zari


Try the milkmaid braid with a maang-tika and matching jewellery. Watch this video to learn how to do the milkmaid braid hairstyle. If you watch the video until the end, you can modify the fabric weaving part and use a strip of zari or other material you can buy at a fancy or departmental store.


5.  Soft bun with low swept front

lehenga hairstyle

Try this neatly ironed soft hair bun with a low slung front partition. You can either pair it with a big nose ring like Shriya Saran above or just stick to pretty and sparkly earrings if that’s more your style. A maang tika would work well with this style too.



6. Messy bun with swept away bangs


Take a middle parting on fairly straight hair and pull it up in a sort of messy loose bun while leaving the front bits out. Arrange the hair in front in a nice wave and secure the ends into the bun using bobby pins.



7. Loose side braidhairstyle lehenga

Take a deep side parting. Gather hair in a loose braid. Tie it up and then twist the loose end with a hair iron or curling iron.



8. Beehive braid


Use a large bumpit and a lot of backcombing and hairspray to create a neat, smooth and high beehive. Gather hair into a loose braid or let it loose.



9. Waterfall braid

Hairstyles for lehenga

The waterfall braid can be done on medium and long hair. Add accessories as you please. Learn to do the waterfall by reading this post.



10. Backcombed, voluminous hair


Straight iron your hair. Backcomb and create volume. Curl the ends. Set with spray. Add accessories and you’re good to go!