11 Step by Step Puff Hairstyle Tutorials for Indian girls

Puff hairstyles are one of the most defining features of Indian hairstyles. I think the reason they are so popular in India is that while they are easy to do they can add a touch of class and chicness to any look. Moreover, it’s a style that suits multiple outfits: lehenga cholis, sarees, anarkalis or a simple combination of  jeans and top. Finally, it is worn across the country and by many celebrities such as Shraddha Kapoor, Deepika Padukone,  Priyanka Chopra and many more.

There are a few ways to puff up your hair.  Most commonly  the puff is done at the front.  Ponytails, high buns, loose buns and half buns are a good combination for such front puffs. An alternative option is to poof up your hair at the back. Usually  on this site I use puff to refer to the front and poof to refer to the back. But you might find various terminologies while browsing. In any case you, below, you will also find some puff tutorials for poofs at the back.

Step by Step Pics for Different Puff Hairstyles

#1: The simplest way to do a puff

The simplest way to make a puff is to pull the whole front section of your hair back. Form a wave and secure it place with a bobby pin or hair clip. It might require some even brushing to get that smoothened effect. Let the rest of your hair down. As you can see in the pic below you end up with a tidy look that can worn anywhere from college to the office.

#2: How to combine a Puff with a ponytail

The next most simple thing to do after making the basic puff is to combine it with a ponytail. In the tutorial below the hair is first middle parted and then a rectangle of hair is used to create an exaggerated quiff. Once you have your quiff all you need to do is tie up the rest of your hair into a ponytail or half bun for a classy look.

#3: Retro puff tutorial

If you like old fashioned hairstyles then definitely give this one a go. You’ll need a bunch of curlers to get this look. Although not pictured here curling iron might also come in handy. Overall while this hairstyle looks as if it might be a little tedious to do the result is quite stunning. If you have the flexibility of time then it is definitely a hairstyle worth trying out.

#4: Hairband and poof tutorial

For a cool 60s look you can try this head band style. The hair is puffed at the back by wearing a hair band at the back so as to prop the hair up. Next a hair band is worn at the front. This hairstyle is ideally combined with a summer dress but it can also work well with jeans and a simple top or even a saree if you want to get that retro Bollywood look.

#5: High bun and puff instructions

This bouffant tutorial requires some careful study. There are various layers moving in diagonal and opposite directions. It will be worth the effort though because the final result is amazing.

#6: High ponytail with puff tutorial

If you have long and thick hair then this tutorial is for you. This hairstyles with its double ponytail and  sideways swerving puff takes up back to the 80s. Thick and somewhat messy curly hair will work in your favor here. All that is required is to twist the front hair to one side and then form two ponytails at the back as described in the pic below. This is a nice puff hairstyles to wear at college or work or if you are just going out to coffee with friends and want to look some chic and relaxed at the same time.

#7: Ponytail and quiff tutorial

This simple quiff and ponytail has been made interesting by adding a simple braid on either side. A nice way to spice up a quick and easy hairstyle. The side braid does not take that long to make and is a nice addition to bring up the cuteness levels.

#8: Poof and fringe tutorial for short bob

While most Indian girls have long hair of late short bobs such as the one in the pic have become more and more common. Poofs are not only reserved for long hair and can look very becoming on short bobs as well. This short messy bob with a fringe and poof make for a nice hipster look.

#9: Poof and hair bun tutorial

Poofs and fringes are a favorite combination. Backcomb you hair and use some hair spray to keep the poof in place. Secure it with a bobby pin. Next braid you hair into pigtails and use them to create a hair band. You end up with a wonderfully trendy updo that will surely get heads to turn.

#10: Puff and braid hairstyle tutorial

Instead of a ponytail a nice way to combine a puff is to make a thick French braid. A balayage or highlights will do wonders here to make the hairstyle more interesting.

#11: Simple puff and half bun tutorial

This puff tutorial is king of cool because it shows you how to make a simple puff and then uses the side locks to create and additional side layer to the puff.  Combined with a half bun the overall effect is quite unique.

These puff hairstyle tutorials showed us how make some really unique hairstyles with step by step instructions. If you are looking for more tutorial be sure to check out our tutorials section on long hairstyles. We hope you enjoyed the post! Check our more Indian hairstyles on Hairstyle Monkey.